Bearded Dragon vs Fancy Bearded Dragon: Difference and Comparison

Regular bearded dragons, sometimes known as wild kinds, are the most frequent. They are widely available at pet shops and websites.

Fancy refers to variants or varieties that deviate from the conventional wild type. Fancy varieties are selected for brighter colours, unusual scaling designs, or more excellent body shapes.

Key Takeaways

  1. Bearded dragons are a popular species of reptile pets, while fancy bearded dragons are selectively bred variants with unique colors and patterns.
  2. Fancy bearded dragons can be more expensive than regular bearded dragons due to their special appearance.
  3. Both bearded and fancy bearded dragons have similar care requirements and make great pets for reptile enthusiasts.

Bearded Dragon vs Fancy Bearded Dragon

The difference between a bearded dragon and the fancy bearded dragon is that Regular bearded dragons are tan, yellowish, or light brown with murky yellow patterns. Still, Fancy bearded dragons have vibrant red and orange hues, dramatic zigzag designs, and fewer spikes. Different varieties of dragons are popular as pets since they are easy to maintain and hence simple to care for, as well as for the specific behaviours they exhibit in confinement.

Bearded Dragon vs Fancy Bearded Dragon

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Because of its passivity and capacity to adjust to confinement, the Bearded Dragon is a pleasant reptile that can be accepted into any household.

Beardies, as they are fondly called, are seen in the wild in Australia, dwelling in trees and on the soil, and are recognized for their mouth-wide-open “smiling faces.”

Bearded dragons are distinguished by jagged scaling across their sides and a moustache that swells up according to their attitude, giving rise to their name.

Because they are famous as pets, many morphs or kinds, called “fancy,” are accessible in the marketplace. They are lizards endemic to Australia’s scorching, dry regions and forests.

They are opportunistic feeders that feed on bugs and plant debris.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonBearded DragonFancy Bearded Dragon
ColourThey are more in the reddish category. They are ubiquitous in the market. 
ScalesThey have rough scales on their body. They have softer scales on their body. 
CostThey cost less. They cost a lot more. 
AbundanceThey are very common in the market. They are rare and take an efficient amount of effort to locate. 
GrowthThey grow one inch in 3-4 months. They grow 1.5 inches in just one month. 

What is Bearded Dragon?

Bearded dragons are native to Australia’s central as well as southern regions. They are omnivores with a life expectancy of 15 years or more. This species communicates its feelings to other animals by growing a moustache of spikes underneath its jaw.

Because a bearded dragon has cold blood, it must dwell in hot conditions. Because it is friendly and curious, this lizard is a domesticated animal. 

A bearded dragon may reach a length of 2 feet. In winter conditions, some bearded dragons slip into a state of slumber. Bearded dragons may be found in forests, deserts, and grasslands.

These lizards warm themselves and elevate their core temperature by lying on boulders. 

This reptile’s common phrase is a bearded dragon, and its scientific term is Pogona vitticeps. This reptile bears barbs under its face and down its flanks.

It also has ear openings on each side of its triangle skull. A bearded dragon has four solid legs and keen claws to scale trees. 

A bearded dragon defends itself against attackers by altering its composition and integrating it into its surroundings. Furthermore, its plates and prickly epidermis protect it against predators like snakes and hawks.

When frightened, this creature swells up its spiky whiskers and widens its jaws to seem more significant to adversaries.

bearded dragon

What are Fancy Bearded Dragons?

The fancy bearded dragon is a peaceful creature who appreciates chin massages. It has a long life with few medical issues and enjoys being handled.

It is an excellent pet for any family, but it is particularly advantageous for youngsters, who will love its ancient look and sensitive attitude.

Fancy bearded dragons result from expert ranchers developing a one-of-a-kind animal with distinct hues and plates. 

While most Bearded Dragons are yellow or tan in appearance, the fancy version is red, with significantly finer scaling than conventional dragons.

A tank of no less than 20 gallons is required for an adult fancy bearded dragon, although most doctors suggest a 40-gallon tank. 

It prefers arid, desert environments, therefore giving plenty of pebbles and dry twigs to simulate that habitat.

Sands and stones are ideal for a fancy bearded dragon since they closely resemble its native environment and do not absorb moisture like wooden or paper-based foundations.

 In the outdoors, a fancy bearded dragon would consume a variety of invertebrates, and you will probably be giving them crickets.

Crickets are affordable and straightforward to acquire at any neighbourhood pet store, and they can offer a thrilling chase for your companion.

Main Differences Between Bearded Dragon and Fancy Bearded Dragon

  1. A Bearded dragon falls on the brown to yellow end of the colour range, but Fancy bearded dragons fall beyond this category and trend more into the red end.
  2. A bearded dragon has numerous coarse scaling, however, a fancy dragon may have softer scale items and structure.
  3. A bearded dragon is substantially less expensive than certain fancy bearded dragons.
  4. A Bearded dragon grows up to 1 inch in about three to four months, whereas fancy dragons grow up to 1.5 inches in about one month.
  5. A Bearded dragon is very common, while fancy bearded dragons are rare.
Difference Between Bearded Dragon and Fancy Bearded Dragon

Last Updated : 30 June, 2023

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