Catholic vs Jewish: Difference and Comparison

There is a large number of similarities and differences between different religions. Similarly, there are a large number of differences between Catholics and Jewish people.

Key Takeaways

  1. Catholicism is a branch of Christianity, while Judaism is a separate monotheistic religion.
  2. Catholics follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and believe in the Holy Trinity, while Jews adhere to the Torah and do not accept Jesus as the Messiah.
  3. Catholic worship includes the Mass and sacraments, while Jewish worship involves prayer services, Torah readings, and various religious rituals.

Catholic vs Jewish

The difference between Catholics and Jewish is that Catholics refer to the people who follow and practise Christianity as their religion and faith, whereas Jewish refer to the people who follow and practise Judaism as their religion and faith. The population of Catholics is very large, whereas only some people follow Judaism as their faith.

Catholic vs Jewish

The Holy book of the Christians is the Bible which the Catholics consider utmostly sacred. Christians believe that God has established a Covenant with the help of Jesus Christ.

Jewish are people who follow and practise Judaism as their faith and religion. Jewish people, also known as the Jews, do not consider Jesus Christ as the Messiah and believe that Messiah is yet to arrive and bring a change.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCatholicJewish
MeaningCatholic refers to the people who follow and practice Christianity as their religion and faith.Jewish refers to the people who follow and practice Judaism as their religion and faith.
Holy BookThe holy book of Catholics is the Bible which they consider very sacred.The holy book of the Jewish people is the Hebrew Bible.
Believe about ChristThe Catholics believe Jesus Christ to be the son of God and hence consider him the Messiah. They believe that Messiah has already been in the form of Jesus.The Jewish people believe that the Messiah is yet to arrive and do not consider Jesus as the Messiah.
Existence of GodThe Catholics believe that three gods are under one head.The Jews or the Jewish people believe in the existence of a single god.
HistoryCatholics have found their roots to be almost 2000 years back and have emerged by converting themselves from Jewish to Catholic.Jews are even more historic when compared to Catholics, as the Jewish people have found their roots to be almost 3500 years ago.
DemographicsPeople who believe in Christianity are found all around the world.The Jewish people are found in Israel and some parts of Northern America.

What is Catholic?

Catholics refer to the people who practice and follow Christianity as their religion. Catholics also worship the Bishop of Rome as an incarnation.

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Catholics also believe that the Messiah will return to judge and examine the world. Catholics are around 31% of the world’s total population and are close to 2.4 billion in number.

Catholics believe in doing good deeds so that they attain or achieve Salvation. Catholics also believe in the concept of different kinds of sins, like venial and mortal sins.

Christianity does not believe in capital punishment and death sentences, whereas Jewish people believe and support capital punishment as their holy books reference death sentences.


What is Jewish?

Jewish refers to the people who believe and practice the religion of Judaism as their faith. The holy book of the Jewish people in the Hebrew Bible tells about the origination of Jews and various struggles and stories of Jews.

Jews are one of the smallest populations of communities all around the world that are concentrated in some parts of America and Israel. Isreal is the only country that has a major part of the population of Jews.

One of the major beliefs of Jewish people is that they must do good deeds and be good people to achieve salvation, which is considered as the ultimate purpose of life.

The faith of Judaism is almost 3500 years old and is considered to be the root of Christianity. Christians can be said to be converted from Jews as they followed Judaism before the birth of Christ.

Main Differences Between Catholic and Jewish

  1. Catholics believe in the existence of three gods under one head. On the other hand, Jewish people believe in the existence of an individual God.
  2. Catholics form a major part of the population of the world and are present in every country, whereas the Jewish people are few in number.
Difference Between Catholic and Jewish
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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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