Difference Between Cheese and Butter

Cheese and Butter are both the by-products of Milk. Both the items are used in our day-to-day life every day. Usually, it is taken in the breakfast as simple food because it is easy to consume and it light.

Butter is much creamier than the Cheese, while the Cheese has a rich protein content.

Cheese vs Butter

The main difference between Cheese and Butter is that Cheese is made by the amalgamation of milk protein which is usually called the “Casein enzyme.” On the other hand, Butter is prepared by separating the milk layer and which is called the buttermilk layer. This layer is generally formed by stirring the milk.

Cheese and Butter

Cheese is basically a dairy product that is produced in many varieties and flavors. It is rich in protein content as it is formed by the amalgamation of enzymes which is called the “Casein enzyme.”

Cheese can be manufactured from any animal milk like camel, goat, cow, or buffalo.

Butter is also a dairy product which is also referred to s the by-product of Milk. It is generally formed when the milk is stirred and separates the Butterlayer from the milk layer.

Usually, this milk is fermented, which contains the bacteria, and when it is stirred for a long time, a layer of buttermilk is formed.

Comparison Table Between Cheese and Butter

Parameters of Comparison Cheese Butter
Formation It is formed by the amalgamation of the “Casein enzyme”.It is usually formed by separating the Buttermilk layer formed above the Milk.
Protein High Less
Texture It can be hard as well as soft also.It is generally soft depending on the storage temperature
CaloriesIt has generally fewer caloriesThe number of calories is double that of Cheese.
Uses It is used as an additive in sauces and melted to form the toppings.It is used for cooking.

What is Cheese?

Cheese is generally rich in Vitamins and Minerals, which contrast the nutrition the fact that it is rich in protein content also.

It is usually formed by the amalgamation of the “Casein enzyme.” These enzymes are found in milk and are rich in amino acids and proteins.

Once this enzyme is added, it turns the sugar into acid, which is called Lactic acid. After a time, the milk, which is in liquid form, starts changing its state from Liquid to Solid-state.

After this, we have two parts one is solid, and the other one is liquid. The solid part is kept, and a small amount of salt is added to give a taste. Finally, the producer makes it into the desired shape so that it can be packed.

Cheese comes in a variety of flavors and additives that is added to them. In the production stage, various kinds of flavors can be added to give a flavor to the Cheese.

Apart from being rich in protein and vitamins, Cheese also has a high content of calcium which is helpful for the bones and teeth to make them strong. It has exceptionally good nutritional benefits when compared with Butter. 

Cheese is used in many food items to add flavor to the food. It is used in toppings when it is melted.

What is Butter?

The process of making Butter is completely different from that of Cheese. In this, the milk layer is separated from the Buttermilk layer, which is formed due to the fermented milk and stirring of milk.

Usually, in this, the milk is fermented first, and when it is totally fermented, the layer is separated from the milk layer and stored in a container where it is then mixed with milk protein to give a good nutritional value.

The milk layer which is separated is called the Buttermilk layer, which has a high content of fats. Due to this, the Butter has double the calories with respect to the Cheese.

Once the butter is made, a small amount of salt is added to it to give a flavor, sometimes salt is not added, and it is sold as an original taste. Butter comes in many varieties and flavors compared with Cheese.

The texture of the butter is generally soft. It can be hard when it is refrigerated. The main use of Butter is for household cooking, as it gives a touche taste to the food after cooking.

Main Differences Between Cheese and Butter

  1. Cheese has a higher percentage of protein content, while Butter has a lower percentage of protein content.
  2. Cheese is high in Sodium and Calcium content which is helpful for bones and teeth to make strong, whereas the amount of Sodium and Calcium is very low in Butter.
  3. Cheese has a low-calorie percentage as compared to Butter which has double the calorie content as Cheese, due to which it is easy to gain weight when consuming Butter. 
  4. Cheese is generally formed by the mixing of the Casein enzyme, while Butter is formed by separating the layer formed above the milk.
  5. Cheese generally comes in low varieties and flavors as compared to Butter which has many varieties and flavors.


Both Cheese and Butter are the most loved items when it comes to food. In almost every dish, these two items are used in some way or the other.

As both the Cheese and Butter are by-products of the Milk, they differ so much in the context of nutritional value.

Cheese which is highly rich in proteins and vitamins and low in calories, is a good choice for the ones who do want to gain weight.

Cheese has a good content of Calcium content which is very much helpful for the bones to make them strong.

Due to its high nutritional value, it is widely famous among athletes who look for protein and vitamins and not to gain weight.

When we come to the Butter, it is prepared by removing the Buttermilk layer, which is also called s the fat layer from the milk.

As it has a high amount of fat, it is thus high in calories. The amount of calories is double that of Cheese.

Butter is widely used in cooking food as it gives a nice smell and taste to the food. This is generally because Butter has many varieties and flavors, which makes it suitable for cooking.


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