Difference Between Chevrolet and Maruti Suzuki

The introduction of automobiles has made transportation and communication more accessible and has catered personal freedom to users.

There are numerous automakers in the automobile industry that caters to different segments of the audience. The two most popular automakers are Chevrolet and Maruti Suzuki. Both the companies have distinct differences in them.

Chevrolet vs Maruti Suzuki

The main difference between Chevrolet and Maruti Suzuki is that Chevrolet is an American automobile manufacturer. On the other hand, Maruti Suzuki is an Indian automobile manufacturer which was later acquired by Suzuki Motor Corporation, which is a Chinese automaker.

Chevrolet vs Maruti Suzuki

Chevrolet was established on 3rd November 1911. In the initial two years, Chevrolet did not launch any vehicle. The first model from the company was launched in the year 1913.

The current CEO of the company is Mary Barra. The other name for Chevrolet is Chevy and the formal name of the company is Chevrolet Division of General Motors Company.

While Maruti Suzuki was established on 24th February 1981. Maruti Suzuki launched its first model in the year 1983 which was Maruti 800. The current CEO of the company is Kenichi Ayukawa. The formal name of the company is Maruti Udyog Limited.

Comparison Table Between Chevrolet and Maruti Suzuki

Parameters of Comparison ChevroletMaruti Suzuki
Type PrivatePublic
Company basis American automobile company Indian automobile company
Year of launch 19111981
Area served WorldwideIndia
Popularity Highly popular companyComparatively less popular company

What is Chevrolet?

Chevrolet is an American automobile company known as the Chevrolet Division of General Motors Company. It is a private automotive company. It was founded by Arthur Chevrolet, William C. Durant, and Louis Chevrolet.

It was founded on 3rd November in the year 1911. The company is also known as Chevy. The company had later merged with General Motors in the year 1917.

Chevrolet not only caters to automobiles and vehicles but other services like vehicle financing, maintenance, insurance, and repairs.

Chevrolet was among the first automobile company to implement an overhead valve engine. This also became one of the technical advancements of the company. The development of the company was a junior model of Buick.

The Series C Classics Six models of Chevrolet were designed by Etienne Planche. The instructions were given by Louis. Though the company was founded in the year 1911, there were no production models in the first two years.

It was in the year 1913 when the first model from the C prototype was introduced in the New York auto show. The first logo used by the company in the year 1914 was the “bowtie emblem”.

The top sales market of Chevrolet is the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, China Canada, Russia, India, Uzbekistan, Columbia, and others.

The company not only has regular vehicle models but has a variety of sports model cars. It has also participated in sporting events like IndyCar NASCAR, the FIA World Touring Car Championship, and various others.

What is Maruti Suzuki?

Maruti Suzuki is an Indian automobile company which was also known as Maruti Udyog Limited. The company is based in New Delhi, India.

It is a public company that was initially owned by the Government of India and later sold to Suzuki motor corporation, which is a Chinese automaker. The company was founded on 24th February in the year 1981.

The Indian passenger car market is dominated by Maruti Suzuki as of September 2001 and had a market share of 49%. The company is traded as BSE: 532500 and NSE: MARUTI.

The ISIN number is INE585B01010. The company mainly serves the Indian market. It caters to automobiles, automotive parts, and commercial vehicles. It also provides vehicle services and automotive finance.

Maruti Suzuki has a total of three manufacturing facilities. Two are in Haryana that is Gurgaon and Manesar and the other one is in Gujarat which is wholly owned by Suzuki.

The current models of the company in the hatchback segment are Alto, Wagon R, Swift, Ignis, Celerio, S-Presso, and Baleno. From the sedan segment, the models are Dzire and Ciaz.

The SUV or crossover segment is dominated by Vitara, Brezza and S-Cross while the MPV is dominated by Ertiga, Eeco, and XL6. The company has over 3500 sales outlets in the Indian subcontinent.

The primary dealership network for premium cars of Maruti Suzuki is through NEXA. NEXA was launched in 2015.

The company has been indulged in various controversies like a compromise on automotive safety, anticompetitive dealer policies, and also the Manesar violence in 2012.

Main Differences Between Chevrolet and Maruti Suzuki

  1. The logo of Chevrolet is “bowtie” while the logo of Maruti Suzuki is the initials M and S in a stylized fashion.
  2. There are over 50 manufacturing facilities of Chevrolet while Maruti Suzuki has 3 manufacturing facilities.
  3. Chevrolet has sports car models while Maruti Suzuki does not have a sports car model.
  4. The founder of Chevrolet is the Chevrolet brothers – Arthur and Louis Chevrolet and William C. Durant while the founder of Maruti Suzuki is Michio Suzuki.
  5. The headquarters of Chevrolet is in Detroit, Michigan, United States while the headquarters of Maruti Suzuki is in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan.
Difference Between Chevrolet and Maruti Suzuki


The domain of automobiles has directly brought development in other sectors like construction, fuel, and demand of various parts like petroleum, plastic, and rubber.

The automobile industry has brought the convenience of traveling. Vehicles are often considered as an asset or property during investing by the users. Hence automakers provide a diverse range of models to choose from.

The two most popular manufacturers of vehicles are Chevrolet and Maruti Suzuki. Both companies have been established for quite a long time and are renowned automakers.

However, there are differences in both automakers as they cater to different types of audiences.

Both Chevrolet and Maruti Suzuki have various models and variants in every segment of vehicles. Every model offers different features and functionalities.

The users need to evaluate all the points of distinction before making a final choice of decision with the vehicle from any of the companies.


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