Difference Between Club Mahindra and Sterling Holidays

Holidays are an inevitable part of our lives. They provide us respite from our everyday workings and stress.

Over the years, with the rise in the importance of taking a holiday break, several holiday companies have been set up. Club Mahindra and Sterling Holidays are two such India Hospitality companies that offer their services both in India and abroad.

While the two may seem similar, they have comparable features. 

Club Mahindra vs Sterling Holidays

The main difference between Club Mahindra and Sterling Holidays is that the Club Mahindra Holidays still focus on timeshare vacation business. On the other hand, Sterling Holidays views an opportunity to enhance the business in the hotels segment. 

Club Mahindra vs Sterling Holidays

Club Mahindra Holidays is an Indian hospitality company that came into being in 1996. The company is involved in the business of selling vacation ownership.

In addition, the Club Mahindra Holidays aim to ensure that their customers can avail the most efficient holiday facilities. There are more than 250000 members signed up with a company that have access to over 100 resorts.

Sterling Holidays is a holiday lifestyle company founded by R. Subramanian. Just like any other holiday company, Sterling Holidays offers several packages and travel options to its customers.

They also have a 25-year membership plan that allows the members to choose from several resorts at amazing discounts. It allows users to enjoy future holidays at present prices. 

Comparison Table Between Club Mahindra and Sterling Holidays 

Parameters of ComparisonClub Mahindra Holidays Sterling Holidays 
Headquarters The headquarters of Club Mahindra Holidays are situated in Mumbai.The headquarters of Sterling Holidays is situated in Chennai. 
Customer Service The customer service of Club Mahindra Holidays is ranked higher than that of Sterling Holidays.The customer service of Sterling Holidays ranks lower than that of Club Mahindra Holidays.
Chairman The chairman of Club Mahindra Holidays is Arun Kumar Nanda.The chairman of Sterling Holidays is Ramesh Ramanathan. 
Employee Satisfaction The Club Mahindra Holidays has a higher employee satisfaction than Sterling Holidays. Sterling Holidays has a lower employee satisfaction than Club Mahindra Holidays. 
Founder The founder of Club Mahindra Holidays is the Mahindra Group.The founder of Sterling Holidays is R. Subramanian.

What is Club Mahindra Holidays?

Club Mahindra Holidays is a hotels and resorts enterprise that provides holidays on timeshare basis. The Club Mahindra Holidays was founded in 1996 as a part of the Mahindra Group.

Currently, there are more than 46 resorts operating across India and abroad. The headquarters of the Club Mahindra Holidays are situated in Mumbai. 

The Club Mahindra Holidays are affiliated with over 4500 RCI resorts. The Club Mahindra Holidays is recognised as the world’s largest vacation ownership brand outside the USA.

The company employs almost 2 lakh employees spread across 100 countries. Interested people can access more information at http://www.clubmahindra.com/

The chairman of Club Mahindra Holidays is Arun Kumar Nanda. 

The Club Mahindra Holidays membership allows customers to book a week’s holiday every year for 25 years. However, the confirmation of the holiday depends on availability and eligibility.

The membership allows the customers to stay at Holiday Club Oy Resorts, Club Mahindra Resorts, and RCI-affiliated resorts by the medium of exchange. Customers can also avail a 10 year option instead of 25 years. 

At the time of opting for the memberships, the members are required to choose a specific apartment and season. The Club Mahindra Holidays divides the holiday season into four types namely Red, Blue, White, and Purple.

The Club Mahindra Holidays keep on expanding their resort options to provide a wide variety of choices to its members. 

What is Sterling Holidays?

Sterling Holidays is a public holiday lifestyle company. It came into existence in 1986.

The headquarters of Sterling Holidays are located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. The services offered by the Sterling Holidays are leisure travel, adventure holidays, vacation ownership, timeshare,

Sterling Holidays has 35 resorts in 29 destinations. It also plans to add 17 more resorts.

The first resort opened by the Sterling Holidays was Lake View KodaiKanal. The initial name of Sterling Holidays was Sterling Resorts.

It was only in 2010 that the company switched to its present name. The founder of Sterling Holidays is R. Subramanian. 

Some of the resorts included with Sterling Holidays are Sterling Lake Palace, Sterling House Boat, Sterling Rudra Gir, Sterling Anaikatti, Sterling Dharamshala, Sterling Nainital, Sterling Kodai, and Sterling Munnar. Sterling Holidays offers membership plans to its users. Sterling Holidays had 11 resorts by 1988.

The parent company of Sterling Holidays is Sterling Holidays Resorts Limited. 

The members pay once and are eligible to avail a wide range of destinations, resorts, and curated experiences for 25 years. Sterling Holidays offers several accommodation choices to its members.

The plan offers points equivalent to the amount of purchase. The points can then be redeemed to avail certain apartment and holiday options from the company. 

Main Differences Between Club Mahindra and Sterling Holidays

  1. The quality of food is often ranked higher at Sterling Holidays than Club Mahindra Holidays. 
  2. Club Mahindra Puducherry resort is ranked as one of the best Club Mahindra sites. In contrast, Sterling Holiday Resort Mussoorie is the best ranked Sterling Holidays resort.
  3. While the main emphasis of the Mahindra Club Holidays is to provide timeshare vacations, Sterling Holidays have seeked opportunities in the hotel segment.
  4. Mahindra Club Holidays has 46 resorts whereas Sterling Holidays has 35 resorts.
  5. Mahindra Club Holidays offer a 10-year membership whereas Sterling Holidays doesnt. 


Therefore, Club mahindra and Sterling holidays vary on several grounds. The number of resorts covered by each company and consequently, the services provided by them show considerable variation.

While the Club Mahindra Holidays offers a 10-year membership option too, there is no such option provided by Sterling Holidays. 

In terms of employee satisfaction, Club Mahindra ranks higher than Sterling Holidays. However, the Sterling Holidays is usually chosen for its food quality and taste.

Each resort covered by both Club Mahindra and Sterling holidays has its own features and services to offer. Conclusively, Club Mahindra and Sterling holidays have their respective pros and cons. 


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