Difference Between Seltzer and Club Soda

Seltzer and Club soda refer to water that has been carbonated. Both the beverages serve as a preferred mixer option for drinks and cocktails.


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Seltzer vs Club Soda

The difference between seltzer and club soda is that seltzer tastes more or less similar to plain water. In contrast, club soda tastes a little salty or tangy. Furthermore, the seltzer contains no additives or minerals. On the other hand, club soda contains minerals such as sodium citrate, potassium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate, or potassium citrate. 

Seltzer vs Club Soda

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Seltzer refers to a bubbly beverage with no added minerals. Over the past five years, seltzer sales have soared to as high as 42 per cent.

Apart from quenching thirst, it provides a tiny proportion of nutrients such as calcium, iron, and zinc. With added minerals, club soda has a salty taste. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonSeltzerClub Soda
DefinitionSeltzer refers to carbonated water with no added minerals. Club soda refers to carbonated water added minerals. 
Other NamesSeltzer is popularly known as sparkling water.Other names of club soda are carbonated water, fizzy water, soda water, and water with gas.  
TasteThe taste of seltzer is similar to that of plain water. The taste of club soda is a bit salty and tangy due to the added minerals. 
CompositionSeltzer is devoid of any additives. Club soda mostly consists of mineral salts. 
Flavours AvailableSeltzer is available in fruity flavours.Club soda is available in simple flavours like citrus. 
Famous BrandsTruly Punch Hard Seltzer, Golden Road Fruit Cart Hard Seltzer, Michelob Ultra Organic Seltzer, and Good Company Hard Seltzer.Q Mixers Club Soda, Seagrams, Fever Tree Premium, and Canada Dry Club Soda. 

What is Seltzer?

Seltzer refers to water that has been carbonated. It is devoid of any added minerals. This, in turn, gives the drink a more water-like taste.

Seltzer usually comes with natural flavours. Usually tasting like plain water, the seltzer contains no additives at all.

In areas where an individual is unsure about the water quality, seltzer may serve as a viable option to kill the bacteria in the mouth. 

Seltzer may increase the gas in an individual’s GI tract. The gas, in turn, may cause discomfort due to stomach cramps.


What is Club Soda?

Club Soda refers to water containing dissolved CO2. Other names of club soda include carbonated water, fizzy water, soda water, and water with gas.

Club soda is sold in bottles and cans. William Brownrigg is thought to be the first person to aerate the water. However, it was Joseph Priestley who invented Club soda in 1767 by accident.

Club soda has a salty taste due to the added minerals. The number of minerals added to club soda are subject to the brand or manufacturer of the carbonated drink.

Some best-known club soda brands are Fever-Tree, Schweppes, Polar, Topo Chico, Q Spectacular, and Canada Dry. Conclusively, club soda is a widely popular carbonated drink.

club soda

Main Differences Between Seltzer and Club Soda

  1. Seltzer tastes like plain water due to the absence of additives. On the other hand, club soda gives a slightly salty taste owing to its mineral composition. 
  2. Famous brands of seltzer are Truly Punch Hard Seltzer, Golden Road Fruit Cart Hard Seltzer, Michelob Ultra Organic Seltzer, and Good Company Hard Seltzer.
Difference Between Seltzer and Club Soda
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