Draft Beer vs Bottle Beer: Difference and Comparison

The consumption and brewing of alcohol have become one of the main sources of income for many places across the world. This has become the main business magnet such that various methods for brewing and storing these alcohols have come up in the past few years.

The most common alcoholic beverage is beer. Beer is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages and the third most consumed liquid after water and tea.

There are many types of beer depending on the storage; two are draft beer and bottled beer.

Key Takeaways

  1. Draft beer is served on tap, fresh from the keg, and is generally considered to have a fresher taste.
  2. Bottle beer is bottled at the brewery and can be stored for long periods but may lose some flavor over time.
  3. Draft beer is served colder than bottled beer, which can affect its taste and texture.

Draft Beer vs Bottle Beer

The difference between Draft Beer and Bottle Beer is that draft beers can store their aroma and enhance their flavour since sunlight cannot penetrate the kegs, whereas bottle beers lose their aroma since sunlight can easily penetrate through these bottles.


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Draft Beer vs Bottle Beer

Draft beer or draught beer is beer that is unpasteurized and unfiltered. They are stored in kegs and barrels and do not allow sunlight to penetrate.

This is the reason for their aroma.

Bottle beer, as the name suggests, is stored in bottles and need not be brewed in only breweries. They are stored in dark-coloured bottles to prevent the sunlight from penetrating to store their fragrance.

The bottles use crown caps.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonDraft BeerBottle Beer
StorageThey are stored in kegs or barrels and served through a tapThey are stored in bottles and normally served from the bottle
SunlightIt does not allow light to penetrate through the barrels.They are prone to light penetration
FlavourAre rich in flavour and aromatic since it is stored in kegsThey are not very aromatic and not rich in flavour like draft beer
PortableThey are not portableThey are easily portable
SterilitySince the taps are open, they can be contaminated easilyThey are more sterile.
CarbonationThrough taps, the carbon dioxide is also poured out along with the beerThe carbon dioxide is released when the bottle is opened

What is Draft Beer?

Draft beer is also known as draught beer. The beers stored in kegs and barrels within a bar or brewery are called draft beer and are served through tap openings.

They are aromatic and have a smooth texture.

Draft beers are also unfiltered and unpasteurized. The kegs do not allow sunlight to pass through.

They do not allow air to penetrate either. If stored for long, the top layer of the beer forms a biofilm layer that enhances the taste and flavour of the beer.

Since they do not allow sunlight to penetrate, they store the aromatic essence of the beer and the gases. But the carbon level of these beers can be changed and managed when poured into glasses.

Sometimes, to further enhance the aroma and flavour of these beers, beer gas is also added. They must be consumed within the premises because the kegs where the draft beers are stored are not easily portable.

draft beer

What is Bottle Beer?

Bottle beers are beer that is stored in bottles. They do not need to be consumed within the bar or brewery and can be made in factories, unlike draft beers that have to be made within the breweries and bars.

They are easily portable and are available in groceries as well. They are stored in different bottles and packed within containers to prevent sunlight from penetrating the bottles.

But, it is relatively easier for sunlight to penetrate these beer bottles. This is why they are not as aromatic or rich in flavour as draft beers.

Especially if the bottles are light-coloured.

Bottled beers are sold with different bottle caps, but the crown cap is the most common and often used one. This cap is also called the crown seal.

These caps cannot be opened normally, requiring a bottle cap opener.

bottle beer

Main Differences Between Draft Beer and Bottle Beer

  1. Draft beers are stored in kegs or barrels and served through tap openings, whereas bottled beers, as the name suggests, are stored in bottles. Usually in dark-coloured bottles.
  2. Since draft beers are stored in barrels, they do not allow sunlight or external gas to penetrate. On the other hand, bottles used for bottle beer, especially light-coloured bottles, are very much prone to sunlight.
  3. Draft beers do not allow sunlight to penetrate; therefore, they store their flavour and are very aromatic. Whereas, due to the penetration of sunlight, bottled beers tend to be less aromatic and flavour-rich when compared to draft beers.
  4. The kegs used for draft beers are not portable and must be consumed from where they are brewed. But portable bottles can be brought from local groceries and bars and consumed at home.
  5. The taps used for pouring draft beers are left open. Therefore, they can be easily contaminated. But bottled beer is always constantly sterilized to maintain the hygiene of the alcohol.
  6. When the taps are opened for pouring draft beers, carbon dioxide also pours out. This carbonation of these bottles can be maintained and changed. But this cannot be controlled in bottled beer since the carbon dioxide stored inside the bottle is released as soon as the bottle is opened.
Difference Between Draft Beer and Bottle Beer
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