Cola vs Root Beer: Difference and Comparison

Beverages are extremely popular among people. It enhances the taste of any food when consumed together and has been in demand for a long time. Plenty of beverages are available, starting from many varieties in their flavours.


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The fizziness of the drinks and the popping colors are made in a way to attract people of any age. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Cola is a carbonated soft drink flavored with caffeine and vanilla, while root beer is flavored with extracts from roots and herbs such as sassafras, vanilla, and wintergreen.
  2. Cola is brown, while root beer can be brown or clear.
  3. Cola is more widely available and popular than root beer, which has a more niche following.

Cola vs Root Beer

Cola and root beer are distinct carbonated soft drinks loved by many. Cola owes its taste to the kola nut and often contains caffeine, giving it an energizing kick. In contrast, root beer derives its unique flavour from a blend of roots and herbs, such as sassafras or sarsaparilla, and is generally caffeine-free.

Cola vs Root Beer

Cola is a popular beverage with a significantly sweeter taste than any other beverage. Cola is a beverage that has the capability of deriving caffeine from its basic components.

Even though it may seem strange, Cola was sold off as a tonic as it had medicinal properties in its ingredients and later was accepted as a soft drink worldwide. 

Root Beer is another popular beverage that is gaining even more popularity. Root beer has the addition of artificial sweetening ingredients but still is less sweet than Cola.

It also does not have an intake of caffeine in its ingredients. Root beer is gaining popularity among the mass as an independent alcoholic beverage. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison  Cola Root Beer
ColorIt has a dark deep brown color. It is not as dark as cola and has a thick foamy layer.
TasteIt is much sweeter.It is less sweet.
Caffeine It has caffeine proportions in its ingredients. It does not contain caffeine.
MarketingIt is hugely marketed worldwide. It is not as such marketed. 
PopularityIt is more popular due to the marketing. It is less popular than that cola. 

What is Cola?

Cola was initially made to sell as medicine, and due to its property, it was used as a tonic earlier before being sold as a soft drink. Cola also claims to have a much broader base of customers due to the mass advertisement of Cola, which makes it even more reachable to the common people.

Cola is a sweetened drink that can extract sweetness from the ingredients already present in it. Cola tends to contain a large proportion of caffeine in itself which makes it even more addictive as a beverage. It is one of the reasons it is highly popular among everyone. 

Cola also has its limitations due to the harsh ingredients used to make the drink. Excessive intake of Cola can cause higher risks of damaging the tooth enamel, as it has ingredients that are extremely corrosive when it comes to tooth enamel which can be alarming to consume. 

Cola does have ingredients that may be addictive due to the added sweeteners and caffeine in the basic ingredients. But, Cola also possesses ingredients that can be highly detrimental to the health of a regular consumer of Cola as a soft drink that must be taken care of. 

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What is Root Beer?

Root Beer is another popular beverage worldwide that is popular due to its taste and consistency. It has a thick foamy texture being a beer. Root beer is made from the roots of the sassafras tree, which provides it with a much bitter taste. 

Root Beer also has sweetening additives such as honey, molasses, and other sweetening agents in its basic ingredients. Even though Cola has additional sweeteners, it still does not taste extremely sweet rather has a bitter taste to it, contrary to the taste of Cola, which is much sweeter.  

Root Beer can be made available as an independent alcoholic beverage that is accepted widely. Root beer is not that much marketed but is still popular among people who prefer alcoholic beverages. 

Root beer extracted from the roots has a bitter taste even after additional sweeteners, which still does not reduce its productivity or popularity and is less detrimental to health than soft drinks like Cola. 

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Main Differences Between Cola and Root Beer

  1. Cola has a much sweeter taste in itself, whereas root beer prepared from the roots of sassafras trees has a bitter taste even after added sweetening agents. 
  2. Cola has caffeine in the basic ingredients available in it, which provides it with an addictive quality, while root beer does not contain such huge proportions of caffeine in its basic ingredients that are available in itself. 
  3. Cola companies are hugely marketed and advertised worldwide and have a much larger number of consumers. On the other hand, root beers are not as much marketed. 
  4. Cola was initially prepared to serve as a medicinal purpose due to the ingredients in it that has the quality of a tonic whereas, root beer was made for its unique taste. 
  5. Cola is extremely harmful to the enamel of the tooth and decays if consumed in huge quantities. While root beer is not as much a threat to the health of consumers. 
Difference Between Cola and Root Beer

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