EarPods vs AirPods: Difference and Comparison

Listening to music is becoming deeply entrancing nowadays. Earphones help in bringing the music closer to us.

Instead of filling a surrounding with sounds from loudspeakers or any other device, more and more people are using the latest gadgets like earphones and headphones, which have mini speakers fit in them and are being used directly into their ears for privatizing their music.

Among the latest gadgets which are more appealing to listeners, similar to earphones, are AirPods and EarPods.

Key Takeaways

  1. Earpods are wired earphones designed by Apple, featuring an ergonomic shape and connecting to devices via a cable with a 3.5mm headphone jack or a Lightning connector.
  2. AirPods are wireless earphones also designed by Apple, offering a similar shape to Earpods but utilizing Bluetooth technology for a cable-free listening experience.
  3. Earpods and Airpods are audio accessories produced by Apple, but they differ in connectivity, with Earpods being wired and Airpods providing a wireless experience.

EarPods vs AirPods

EarPods are standard wired earbuds with a cord that connects to the device. AirPods are Apple’s wireless earbuds that connect to devices via Bluetooth technology and come with a charging case. They also feature touch controls for easy access to features such as Siri, music playback, and call management.

Earpods vs Airpods

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Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonEarPodsAirPods
DefinitionEarPods are wired earphones with a remote and microphone module on the wire that controls the volume, play and pause of music, pick up of phone calls, etc.AirPods are wireless earphones produced by the Apple company which come in a charging case that acts as a portable charger that provides 24 hrs of music.
ConnectivityConnecting to a device requires a 3.5-millimetre headphone jack or lightning jack.It requires a Bluetooth feature to connect to a device.
CostEarPods are comparatively less costly than AirPods.AirPods are very costly compared to EarPods.
ChargeEarbuds never need to be charged.AirPods need to be charged. It lasts 5 to 6 hours.


What is EarPods?

Apple presented the EarPods in 2012. They started the shipping of EarPods with iPhone 5.

These EarPods are different from old earphones, which used to have rubber earbuds attached to them. Apple gave a new look to the earphones, which do not have rubber earbuds.

It has a new shape and material to provide comfortable listening to its users.

EarPods come in a box when we buy a new iPhone or iPad. It is a traditional wired earphone with a controller attached to the wire, giving additional functionality.

We can use this controller to: –

  1. Play or pause our music
  2. Control the volume of our device
  3. It can also fast-forward or rewind the songs.
  4. Pick up phone calls
  5. Skip the songs which we don’t like

EarPods do not require any charge to function. It has a 3.5-millimetre headphone jack or a lightning jack.

We need to plug them into our devices, and it is ready. 


What is AirPods?

Apple introduced the spectacular new creation of AirPods, which took over the wireless headphones world.

It comes in a charging case, and the AirPods are entirely wireless and come with an in-built microphone which cancels the unnecessary background noise.

It has proximity sensors on each side of the AirPods that detect when they are in our ears. When the AirPods are in our ears, sensors get blocked, and the AirPods know they are in our ears.

It connects with devices through Bluetooth. When connected, simply double-tapping on the top of the AirPods instantly activates the Apple assistance “Siri” at our service.

It also has a new H1 chip that allows its users to activate Siri through their voices. Simply by saying“Hey Siri”, it activates it.

The AirPods have a very good battery life, lasting 5 hours. The charging case gives up to 24 additional hours of listening time.


Main Differences Between EarPods and AirPods

  1. The main difference between the EarPods and AirPods is that the EarPods are wired earphones, whereas the AirPods are wireless earphones. People who have problems and get irritated while keeping the wired EarPods in their ears can go for the new wireless AirPods launched by Apple. 
  2. EarPods do not require any power to work. It needs not to be charged regularly to function. We need to plug them into our devices, and then we are ready. Whereas AirPods need to be charged to function. It comes in a white case that acts as a charging case for the AirPods. The AirPods last up to 5 hours and then must be charged again to continue listening. 
  3. The EarPods connect with devices with a 3.5-millimetre headphone jack or a lightning jack, whereas AirPods connect with devices through Bluetooth. It does not require any jack to connect with other devices.
Difference Between EarPods and AirPods

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Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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  1. The detailed descriptions of the EarPods and AirPods highlight the considerations of cost, charge, and connectivity, which are pivotal factors for consumers looking to invest in high-quality audio accessories.

    1. The breakdown of key differences accentuates the user-centric approach adopted by Apple, underscoring the emphasis on enhancing user experiences with EarPods and AirPods.

    2. Indeed, Ellie99. Such nuanced insights cater to the discerning needs of consumers, empowering them to make well-informed decisions based on their preferences.

  2. The innovative features such as voice-activated Siri and wireless connectivity in the AirPods represent a significant leap forward in the realm of personal audio technology.

    1. Absolutely, Dale! The incorporation of intelligent voice-assist technology amplifies the usability and functionality of AirPods, setting new industry benchmarks.

  3. The description of EarPods and AirPods provides a comprehensive understanding of their respective features and benefits, making it easier for consumers to make informed choices.

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  4. The technological innovations in earphones and headphones are truly remarkable, providing users with more options to enjoy music and audio content.

    1. Absolutely, David! The advancement from wired EarPods to wireless AirPods represents a significant shift in the industry.

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      It’s fascinating to see how Apple has revolutionized personal audio devices with their EarPods and AirPods. Their attention to user experience is commendable.

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    The explanations about EarPods and AirPods are informative and insightful, shedding light on the key differentiators between the two products and their respective technological capabilities.

  6. Apple’s design and functionality enhancements with the EarPods and AirPods are a testament to their commitment to improving user experiences in the digital age.

    1. Absolutely, Pjackson! The seamless integration of advanced features like touch controls and Siri activation is a game-changer for personal audio devices.

  7. The transition from wired to wireless personal audio devices signifies a paradigm shift in the industry, catering to the ever-evolving demands for seamless and immersive music experiences.

  8. Avatar of Morris Hannah
    Morris Hannah

    Listening to music is a wonderful experience and using earphones and AirPods certainly amplifies the quality of sound and makes the experience more personal and intimate.

  9. The evolution from traditional wired EarPods to innovative wireless AirPods reflects the growing demand for seamless and convenient user experiences in the realm of music and audio consumption.

    1. The emphasis on user comfort and device integration showcases Apple’s commitment to enhancing the overall listening experience with EarPods and AirPods.

    2. Indeed, Whunter. Apple’s emphasis on ergonomic design and wireless functionality aligns with the evolving preferences of modern consumers.

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    The EarPods and AirPods comparison table provides a clear and concise overview of the differences between the two products, aiding potential buyers in making informed decisions.

    1. Indeed, Alexandra. Such detailed comparisons are invaluable for consumers who want to understand the nuances of these products.

    2. The cost and connectivity differences highlighted in the table are particularly illuminating, offering insights into the practical aspects of EarPods versus AirPods.

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