Difference Between Eggshell and Satin Paint

There is a lot of variety available in the world of painting colours that one can easily get confused about. Different types of textures give different finishes and effects on the walls. And so, it becomes necessary to gain proper knowledge before choosing one. Eggshell and Satin are two very different kinds of paint that require to be understood nicely before selection.

Eggshell vs Satin Paint

The main difference between Eggshelland Satin Paint is that Eggshell paint appears a lot like the surface of an eggshell which means it is a kind of matte. On the other hand, Satin paint is a lustrous and glowing paint that is used to give depth to the walls and is also easy to clean.

Eggshell and Satin Paint

Eggshell paint is reality common and is widely used in homes for living room walls as well as dining halls. It gives a subtle and lowest type of satin finish making it look sophisticated. The appearance of the walls painted with eggshell paint can also be altered with a change of lighting.

Satin paint is a beautiful, smooth and glowing paint that is preferred in the kid’s room kitchen and also in bathrooms. The reason for this is its ability to be cleaned easily with just a swipe of a wet cloth. However, it should not be rubbed harshly as it might result in scrapping.

Comparison Table Between Eggshell and Satin Paint

Parameters of ComparisonEggshell Satin Paint
AboutIt has a dim lustre and a slight sheen.Satin paint has a fantastic lustre which is often compared to velvet.
AppearanceIts sheen is so subtle that it can be altered by lighting.It has a glow and gives depth to areas painted with it.
DurabilityEggshell is less durable.It is a lot durable.
PerformanceIts performance is better than matte and flat finishes.It can lose lustre if scrubbed roughly.
UseIt can be used in places with less traffic, dining rooms, living rooms, etc.Satin Paint is great for bathrooms, kitchens, etc.

What is Eggshell?

While talking about paints eggshell paint, it is the most used and widely popular type, which is unique in its own way. It has a very demolished finish and gives a shame, which is very subtle in nature. To understand clearly, one can imagine its finish to be exactly like an eggshell’s outer surface, which is matte but also reflect a little bit of light.

Even though it cannot be said that eggshell paint has a lot of lustre, but still it is capable of reflecting or bouncing light in an entire room. This property of eggshell paint remarkably creates a depth in the space and doesn’t even make the walls look extremely shining. In contrast, it provides a sheen that is very soft in nature, and it can also be made to a bright order with the change of lighting.

Eggshell is considered to be less durable when compared to a satin finish due to its less lustrous nature. But still, when compared to mat or flat finishes, eggshell is still better than them. It can also be cleaned easily, and therefore it is considered a lot for areas that face low or medium traffic. Surprisingly, eggshells can be used even to cover imperfections or bumps that might be present on a wall surface.

What is Satin Paint?

Satin paint is a very clean looking and rich category of colour. It has a lustre, which is so unique that it gives an appearance of velvet finish to the walls or surface. It can be considered a little less lustrous in comparison to semi-gloss and has a beautiful nature of looking glossy and flat at the same time.

Definitely, Satin paint has a more reflective and shiny finish in comparison to eggshell paint. The degree of shine which satin paints are satin finishes hold is so different that it makes it appear glowing rather than shining. It can give an area depth and make the colour that is chosen to look as lively as possible. Satin finishes are very durable and can be easily cleaned. Therefore it can be used for areas with high traffic.

A drawback of satin paints can be that even if they are cleanable, they can lose their shine after each wash. Also, if they are scrapped vigorously, then they can also leave scratches and get dim. Since Satin paint can be cleaned easily, they are an excellent choice for rooms such as the kitchen, bathroom or kid’s room. The best finishes and satin paints are given by bright and vibrant colours.

Main Differences Between Eggshell and Satin Paint

  1. Eggshell paint is a sheen and subtle paint, whereas satin paint is lustrous and glowing paint.
  2. Eggshell paint is a little above matte and can give different looks with the change of lighting. Satin paint appears to be glowing and can be used to provide depth to surfaces.
  3. While comparing durability, Eggshell is seen to be less durable while Satin paint tends to be more durable.
  4. The performance of Eggshell paint is better than matte and flat paints, whereas the durability of Satin paints depend upon their care.
  5. Eggshell paints can be used in living rooms, dining halls, etc., while Satin paints can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, etc.


Both Eggshell and Satin paint are excellent in their own ways. While Eggshell looks a lot similar to matte paint as well as flat paints, it is not. When observed closely, one can definitely see a bit of lustre in its finish, which ends up being the differentiation factor between the two.

On the other hand, Satin paint is a vibrant and smooth type of paint that appears to reflect light and look glowing. Its ease of cleaning makes it the best choice for rooms that get dirty easily, like the kitchen, bathroom, and kid’s playing room.


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