Difference Between Ethiopian Airlines and Emirates

Ethiopian Airlines and Emirates Airlines are two flying partners that host airplane fleets of both Airbus and Boeing. They provide all three types of traveling experiences to people that are economy class, business class, and first-class.

These class distinctions are keeping in mind the financial differences among people as well as the purpose of travel.

Ethiopian Airlines vs Emirates

The main difference between Ethiopian Airlines and Emirates is that while Ethiopian Airlines is a major African airway with all of its flight operations being a bit limited Emirates is an international airway with all the checkboxes checked off to qualify as a luxury airline. Emirates has destination points that go beyond that of Ethiopian Airlines.

Ethiopian Airlines vs Emirates

Ethiopian Airlines is Africa’s largest airline with its major operation points being within the African continent.

Without any doubt, Ethiopian Airlines has the favor of the people as they are providing the best possible flying experience to the people of the continent.

They have seats from an economy type to all the best of luxurious travel that could be offered by any other airline.

Emirates is one of the most luxurious air travel vehicles that the world has to offer.

Their packages vary depending upon the financial capabilities of the passengers and also depending on the purpose of travel, such as for business meets or vacations. They have major hubs all over the world with wide acceptance from people.

Comparison Table Between Ethiopian Airlines and Emirates

Parameters of ComparisonEthiopian AirlinesEmirates
Year of Introduction19451985
Flag Carrier forEthiopiaUAE
Larger AirlinesNot as big as EmiratesOne of the biggest ones in the world
HubsAdis Ababa, Togo and MalawiDubai
Flyer-ProgramShebaMilesEmirates SkyWard

What is Ethiopian Airlines?

Ethiopian Air Lines is the largest available airline that the African continent has to offer.

Before it has been named Ethiopian Air Lines(EAL), it was called Ethiopian Airlines. This name change was due to an ownership change that occurred a small period after its commencement.

As of now, Ethiopian Air Lines is owned by the Ethiopian government.

At the time of its introduction, it was completely and solely the property of the government. But later on, it became a share company in the year 1965.

The airways were introduced in the year 1945 on December 21.

But it started its commencement and the operations of flights only by the year 1946 on April 8.

This delay in beginning the operations was due to a few changes made after the rules and regulations were laid out by the company owners.

The first flights operated by Ethiopian Air Lines were all domestic and only, later on, did international flights begin operating.

International flights started operating in the year 1951.

Ethiopian Air Lines has been an imminent member of the International Air Transport Association almost 10 years after the introduction of the airways.

It became a part of the African Airline Association since the year 1968.

These memberships are part of the airway’s successful presence in the competitive flying world.

Ethiopian Air Lines became a member of the Star Alliance in December 2011.

The headquarters of the Ethiopian Air Lines is at the Bole International Airport located in Adis Ababa.

It is a generously small network of connection flights and international flights with over 125 destinations.

Of the 125 destinations that Ethiopian Air Lines travel to, 20 are domestic and 44 are the other cargo and international destinations.

There are secondary hubs of Ethiopian Air Lines is in Togo and Malawi.

What is Emirates?

Emirates is the primary airline that operates in the Middle East as well as all over the world.

They were introduced in the year 1985 on March 25. But they started their operations commenced in the year 1985 on October 25.

They are the main air traveling form in the Asian continent as Emirates is the most travel friendly as well as budget-friendly.

Emirates is one of the two only flag carriers that the United Arab Emirates has. The other air flag carrier is Etihad airways.

The prime headquarters of Emirates is in Garhoud, Dubai.

It is owned by the Emirates Group of companies. It is a major shareholding group of companies that reign over the Middle East.

The Emirates group is under the control of the Government of Dubai and their Investors agency.

The largest group of companies that the Middle East has seen in the last century, the Emirates Group has many holdings under them.

They operate flights all over the world with many world-class facilities that are grouped into different seats in a single flight.

Over 150 cities have services from Emirates Airlines. All these 150 cities are spread over 6 continents.

The services and flights operated by Emirates go to over 80 countries.

Emirates has a huge flight fleet of more than 300 flights that are all parked and mainly surrounded by the headquarters in Dubai.

The fleet of Emirates is a mix of both the major flight creators in the world. This means that they have flights from both Airbus and Boeing.

The cargo services for Emirates are done by Emirates SkyCargo. This is an easier method as it reduces the cost factor spent on cargo as another holding under the Emirates group is doing the cargo services too.

Main Differences Between Ethiopian Airlines and Emirates

  1. While the parent company of Emirates is the Emirates Group, that of Ethiopian Air Lines is the Ethiopian Government.
  2. While the operations and the commencement of the Emirates airlines started in the same year as its introduction but on the other hand, the commencement of Ethiopian Air Lines started after almost a year of the airline introduction.
  3. While the major hub and headquarters for Ethiopian Air Lines is in Adis Ababa the headquarters for Emirates is in Dubai.
  4. Ethiopian Air Lines has almost three secondary hubs around the world whereas Emirates has barely any secondary hubs.
  5. Since the commencement of Emirates, it had been operating international flights but on the other hand, Ethiopian Air Lines had started with domestic travel before starting international flights.


Both Emirates and Ethiopian Air Lines are considered to be the growing air travel companions for their pocket-friendly approach to air travel.

Ethiopian Air Lines is the fourth-largest airline in the world when considering the number of countries the flights operate to.

Emirates rank keeps changing between one and two in terms of the number of countries served along with the number of pit-stopping cities.

Both are always high in the number of people they carry to their destinations and have massive flights from both Airbus and Boeing.

Irrespective of everything else, people tend to choose Emirates as the services offered are top class and they don’t fail to satisfy their guests.


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