Difference Between Fishing and Fisheries

Marine Aquaculture consists of various activities which are interrelated and interconnected to each other. Fishing and Fisheries are the terms that are a part of marine aquaculture.


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The two terms are connected to each other as one being a part of another. Fishing basically is a process and fisheries are the paths through which fishing is done.

Fishing vs Fisheries

The difference between fishing and fisheries is that fishing is the process of capturing the fishes whereas fisheries are referred to as an occupation that is involved in the activities related to aquatic animals. Fishing is the term that is basically a process whereas fisheries are the industry that is involved in doing so.

Fishing vs Fisheries

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Fishing is an activity of catching fish from the water bodies. The water bodies can either be wild or stocked water bodies.

Fishing is not related to aquatic mammals or farmed fish such as whales. Fishing is done for various purposes ranging from recreation to tournaments. Fishing is basically done using a rod, hook, and a line.

Fisheries can be defined as an occupation that is involved in the activities related to aquatic animals such as catching, processing, and selling of aquatic animals.

It basically includes raising and harvesting aquatic animals. Fisheries being a vast term include various aspects such as manpower involved, types of fish to be captured, area of the water body to be covered, methods of fishing, etc.

Comparison Table

Parameter of Comparison Fishing Fisheries 
Meaning Fishing can be defined as capturing aquatic species for a purpose. Fisheries can be defined as an industry that is concerned with the activities related to aquatic animals.  
Major concern The major concern is to catch aquatic animals. The major concerns are capturing, selling , and processing aquatic animals. 
Scope Fishing is a narrow term dealing with only one aspect. Fisheries is a broader term than fishing covering more than one aspect. 
Entertainment Fishing is done for entertainment also. Fisheries are not for entertainment purposes. 
Employment Fewer people are required compared to fisheries. More people are required compared to fishing. 
Work type Fieldwork Management work 

What is Fishing?

Fishing can be defined as the diversion or occupation of catching fish or aquatic species. Fishing also includes other animals such as mollusks or crustaceans etc.

Fishing is done for either sustenance as a business or as a sport for recreation.

Fishing as a business is basically done for the purpose of sale whereas fishing as a recreational sport is done either for eating or for leisure. Fishing tournaments are also organized in some countries as a sport.

Fishing also provides employment to a lot of people in the world. Some people have their occupation as a fisherman.

Fishing is done using various techniques and tactics such as hand gathering, spearfishing, netting, angling, and trapping.

There is various equipment that is used by fishers during fishing such as hooks, lines, rods, spears, net, lures, etc.

The equipment which is used by fishers during fishing is called fishing tackle. Different fishers use different techniques according to themselves.

The fishing industry consists of three sectors- the commercial sector, traditional sector, and recreational sector.

The commercial sector is concerned with the transformation of captured aquatic resources into sales for commercial purposes.

The traditional sector is concerned with converting fisheries resources into products. The recreational sector is concerned with using fisheries resources for the purpose of recreation or sport.

What are Fisheries?

Fisheries can be defined as an industry that is concerned with the management of aquatic animals. The management work includes capturing, processing, and selling aquatic animals.

Fisheries provide employment to a lot of people of the world. Many people are economically dependent on fisheries for their livelihood.

Fisheries are managed by fisheries management because of their social and economic value. Fisheries management and regimes vary across different countries.

Many laws have been regulated for the fisheries due to the threats by human overfishing and various environmental issues.

There are various problems that are faced by the fisheries such as the decline in fish and marine population, destruction of coastal system, climate change, etc.

The two kinds of fisheries are Inland fishery and Marine fishery. The rearing of fish in freshwater is termed an Inland fishery. Freshwater includes canals, ponds rivers, etc.

Examples of inland fisheries are Rohus, Callas, Mrigals, etc. The rearing of fish in seawater or saltwater is termed a Marine fishery. Examples of the marine fishery are Catfish, Sardines, Tunas, etc.

Fisheries management plays a very important role in aquatic resources. The role of fisheries management is to produce benefits from the aquatic resources.

Fisheries management work according to a certain set of rules and laws in order to preserve resources and produce benefits from them.

Main Differences Between Fishing and Fisheries

  1. The term Fishing is explained as the capturing of aquatic animals for various purposes such as recreation, food, and commercial purposes whereas Fisheries is explained as the occupation which is devoted to capturing, processing, and selling aquatic animals.
  2. Fishing is also done for entertainment whereas fisheries are not concerned with entertainment.
  3. The type of work fishing is concerned with is fieldwork whereas fisheries are concerned with the management work.
  4. Fishing is a narrow concept that is concerned with capturing aquatic animals whereas fisheries is a vast concept concerned with catching, processing, and selling aquatic animals.
  5. Fishing being concerned with only capturing aquatic animals provide employment to fewer people as compared to fisheries whereas fisheries are concerned with management to provide employment to a large number of people.
Difference Between Fishing and Fisheries
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