Fishing vs Hunting: Difference and Comparison

Fishing and hunting have been a vital part of human beings’ lives from the point of their origin. They couldn’t have survived without fishing or hunting.

This is the main reason people like hunting and fishing as a sport as well. Both terms result in the removal of animals but provide many previous items for trading.

Key Takeaways

  1. Fishing involves capturing fish and other aquatic animals for food, sport, or other purposes.
  2. Hunting involves pursuing, capturing, or killing wild animals, for food or sport.
  3. Fishing requires knowledge of aquatic habitats and techniques, while hunting necessitates understanding land-based animals and tracking methods.

Fishing vs Hunting

Fishing refers to the technique, occupation, or activity of catching or trying to catch fish in the water for food, trade, or just for sport. Hunting refers to the activity of seeking, pursuing, capturing, or killing wildlife or feral animals or birds either for meat or for sport.

Fishing vs Hunting

Fishing is an activity adopted by human beings for mainly two reasons, as a job or a hobby. But fishing has a wide range of opportunities in trading.

Fishes are consumed in every country and coastal areas fish are a significant part of daily meals. Hence, people like fishing as a recreational activity as well as on a big scale for trading.

Hunting is an activity that involves the killing of wild animals sometimes for amusement and most of the time for eating. In modern times there are particular restrictions on hunting.

It was considered a royal act in older times when kings and warriors used to go hunting. Hunting is also attempted to kill wild animals harming the crops

Comparison Table

Parameters Of ComparisonFishingHunting
Animal involvedIn fishing, the main target is animals who live in water such as crustaceans, mollusks, echinoderms, fish, etc. In hunting, the main target is animals who live on land, for example, deer, reindeers, hyenas, wild boar, etc.
RideIn fishing, people use boats to travel across waters to catch fish and other water creatures. In hunting, people used horses and chariots in older times while vehicles in modern times.
LevelWhen it comes to fishing, it was associated with people who belonged to a lower level of society. When it comes to hunting, it was commonly associated with rulers and nobles, in other words, the upper level of society.
ApparatusFishhooks, fishing line, fishing reel, net, fish finder, fishing rod, fishing bait are the things used in fishing. Binoculars, bows, arrows, spears, crossbows, game calls, modern firearms are essential tools used in hunting.
TechniquesThe techniques used by people for fishing involve spearing, netting, hand gathering, trapping, angling, etc. The techniques used by people for hunting ‘stand’ and ‘still’ hunting, calling, baiting, with dogs, etc.

What is Fishing?

When people try to catch any aquatic critters for consumption, this activity is known as fishing. Fishing can be used for either to spend quality time or with friends and family on vacations.

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While another big reason for fishing is to catch different types of fish and sell them on market. The fish market is quite huge than one’s expectations.

Based on the different methods, fishing is divided into 5 parts that are trolling, bait fishing, bait casting, fly-fishing, and spinning. The place for fishing can be the ocean, rivers, ponds, and stocked water bodies.

Also, in different areas, people use different types of techniques to catch fish such as trapping, hand gathering, netting, angling, and spearing.

It all depends on what kind of water body they are fishing in. There are many regions where fishing tournaments are very trendy and the people like to keep the caught fish as living trophies that are also known as ‘preserved’.

Apart from eating Fishing is also attempted for extracting oils and bio blitzes.

Bioblitze is the procedure of identifying and examining different types of species. The fish caught for Bioblitze are released after performing the required examination. Fishing has been a very important part of human civilization since ancient times.

fishing 1

What is Hunting?

When a person or a group of persons go to the forest or some wild areas to seek or kill animals and birds for several reasons, this act is known as hunting.

In the primitive period, people used to hunt with spears, bows, and arrows, and in modern times hunting is executed with firearms.

In many regions of the United States, hunting is considered to be similar to a shooting where small birds are taken with various types of guns.

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The origin of hunting goes way back to the origin of human beings themselves. It was the prime necessity of human lives where they hunt animals and birds for meals.

Human beings aren’t the only ones hunting across forests, wild creatures are known as predator hunts as well. That is how they get their food.

The skin of some animals is also used in making shoes, bags, clothes, instruments, etc. Also, particular bones of animals, for example, teeth of elephants or horns of reindeers are used for ornaments and decoration.

Earlier, hunting was loved by nobles and rulers with lots of wealth and free time. So it can be said that hunting was a great pastime for wealthy people while poor or middle-class people hunted to get food.


Main Differences Between Fishing and Hunting

  1. Fishing involves catching fisheries for food, fun, and trading. On the other hand, hunting is taking down wild animals for getting meat, fun, and for trading as well.
  2. The fisheries obtained from fishing are used to extract oil which is very beneficial for health, while by hunting, animals are killed and their skin is acquired to make clothes.
  3. The term fishing is an act of catching aquatic creatures from water bodies. Hunting, on the other hand, is associated with the land.
  4. In ancient times, people who were from the lower class, belonged to fishing, for example, fishermen. While people who belonged to noble and wealthy families liked hunting.
  5. A famous technique about fishing and hunting is, when fishing, people pretend to be a prey, so the fish will attack them. While hunting, people attack the animals first.
Difference Between Fishing and Hunting

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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