Shakespeare Fishing vs Microshift: Difference and Comparison

When it comes to recreational activities, it describes all those activities which are chosen by people to simply refresh their minds and bodies. Through this their leisure time become more enjoyable and interesting.

There is a range of recreational activities like hiking, rafting, swimming, camping, canoeing, etc.  

All these activities require some kinds of products to carry like a synthetic shirt while rafting, a tent while camping, navigation tools while hiking, etc. But the fishing rod and bicycle component manufacturing companies are highlighted below.

In this article, the chief aim is on differentiating Shakespeare Fishing and Microshift.

Key Takeaways

  1. Shakespeare Fishing focuses on fishing equipment and accessories, whereas Microshift specializes in bicycle components.
  2. Shakespeare Fishing offers a wide range of products, from fishing rods and reels to tackle boxes and apparel catering to various angling needs.
  3. Microshift provides a variety of gear shifters, derailleurs, and cassettes for different types of bicycles, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Shakespeare Fishing and Microshift 

Shakespeare fishing is a well-known brand that specializes in traditional fishing equipment. Microshift is a brand that produces innovative gear for cycling enthusiasts. Shakespeare fishing focuses on producing fishing equipment, while Microshift specializes in bicycle components.

Shakespeare Fishing and Microshift

Shakespeare Fishing has been the leader in affordability and quality since 1897. The inspiration of this company comes from several years of experience and passion.

From catching More Fish Kits to Ugly Stik, it gives the best in licensed kid’s class line. Among subsidiaries of Pure Fishing, the Shakespeare Fishing company manufacture fishing components. 

By a small group of seasonal bicycle industry veterans, the Microshift was founded. The cutting-edge technology is used by the factory to ensure precise and consistent production, GT, Cannondale, BT win, etc. are some of the bicycle brands that use Microshift’s components.

From every part of the world, it also sponsors UCI continental racing teams. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonShakespeare FishingMicroshift
IndustryFishing TackleTaiwan
FoundedIn 1897In 1999
HeadquarterColumbia, South Carolina, U.STaiwan
Product manufactureAs it is a subsidiary of pure fishing it manufacturers at various places like Spirit Lake, Columbia, Kansas City, Philadelphia, etc.In both Taiwan and mainland China
ExamplesShakespeare Wild Cat 7, Shakespeare Challenge Xt pole, and Shakespeare Wild Series Trolling ComboMicroshift Twist Ms29 Right Shifter 8s, Microshift Bar End Shifter 10 speed Alloy, and Microshift Arsis Cs G110 Cassette

What is Shakespeare Fishing? 

In 1897, the company was founded by William Shakespeare, Jr in Michigan. Further, in 1970, it was moved to Columbia, South Carolina. Its rods are toward the price range’s lower end but offer decent performance.

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They will not be sensitive in comparison to expensive ones.

Shakespeare Fishing has innovative designs that help to catch the most finicking of fish. Their selection is also endless to satisfy any angler with something for everyone and with whatever type of rod they need.

They specialize in baitcasting, fly fishing tackle, spinning, and more.

The line of Ugly Stik is mainly noted for its durability. If someone is the sort of person who fails to take great care of gear and also tends to bang it around then these line rods are ideal.

For people just beginning, they are a decent starting rod.  

Shakespeare Fishing rods are also known for greater sensitivity, graphite composite shafts resist tangles, ultra-light tips, and increased strength to reduce breakage or bending.

Some of its top collection consists of Shakespeare Ugly Stik USSP602M30CB, Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod, Shakespeare USYTHSP30CBO Youth, etc. 

What is Microshift? 

At Microshift, manufacturing and engineering teams put together with drivetrain experience’s decades. By pairing their expertise with patented technologies and state-of-the-art design.

Microshift can deliver components of increased consistent that in real-world conditions can be trusted.

Microshift never holds back innovative features from products based on whether level or price. They strive to pack in everything they make as many features as possible.

Whether a product is at the low end or high end of the line they deliver performance and quality to the highest possible standard.  

The engineers off Microshift are busy leveling up their expertise in the drivetrain. Since 1999, they have been importing material science, drivetrain designs, and manufacturing.

With an array of specialized facilities and machinery, the drivetrain manufacturing team makes quality control more consistent.  

According to groups, Microshift groups can be divided into acolyte, adventx, and advent. International distributors of Microshift are North America (US, Canada, Mexico), Asia (Israel, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines), South America (Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Argentina), Pacific (Australia, New Zealand), and Europe. 

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Main Differences Between Shakespeare Fishing and Microshift 

  1. To the original purchaser, Shakespeare Fishing warrants its rods are free from defects in workmanship or materials for a period of approx. one year from the purchase date. Meanwhile, from the original date of purchase Microshift warranties all its product in workmanship and material to be free from defect for four years.  
  2. When it comes to age limits, there is no such age limit in Shakespeare Fishing because it is made for all levels of experience and the whole family. On contrary, a person should be 18+ to fix the Microshift components on a bicycle, but the bicycle can be used by even five years old kid.  
  3. In terms of product features, they vary from one product to another, but the thing common in each Shakespeare Fishing product is light action rod, lightweight graphite composite, full cork handles, etc. On the flip side, reduced maintenance and improved durability are two of the common feature of Microshift products.  
  4. The target audience for Shakespeare Fishing is mainly those who want to do fishing with easy rods and not with complex ones. So, who just for fun do fishing its products are perfect. Meanwhile, Microshift’s audience is those who love adventure, especially bicycles on roads and mountains.  
  5. Shakespeare Fishing offers reels, tackle, fishing rods, and accessories. On the other hand, Microshift manufacturers cassettes like 10-speed, rear derailleurs like a mountain, shifters like drop bar, and front derailleurs like the road. 



Last Updated : 14 July, 2023

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