Ganon vs Ganondorf: Difference and Comparison

With the enhancement of the digital world, there are a lot of sources of entertainment for every age group, like videos, the internet, social media, online apps, games, video games, etc.

Video games emerged as a great source of entertainment for every age group; although they targeted children earlier now, it has reached out to every age group.

These characters are fictional and confined to the virtual world but have an immense impact on gamers, just like any cartoon character has an impact on children.

These characters can be positive or negative; they can be either human form or any animal or can be fictional, like demons.

Key Takeaways

  1. Ganon is the monstrous, beast-like form of the primary antagonist in The Legend of Zelda video game series, appearing as the final boss in many games.
  2. Ganondorf is the human form of the same antagonist, portrayed as a powerful sorcerer and the ruler of the Gerudo tribe, with a significant presence in the game’s narrative.
  3. The key distinction between Ganon and Ganondorf is their appearance and role within the game series, with Ganon representing the monstrous, powerful final boss and the human, strategic antagonist character.

Ganon vs. Ganondorf

Ganon is a powerful creature in the Zelda game series. It is considered monstrous and depicted as a large pig with dark magic powers. Ganondorf is a human-like creature considered a villain in the Zelda game series. He is power-oriented and clever. He can transform into Ganon.

Ganon vs Ganondorf

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Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonGanonGanondorf
AimPieces of the Triforce of wisdomSpiritual stone
SeriesThe Legend of Zelda, the adventure of Link, etc.The Ocarina of Time, the Hyrule Warriors, etc.
TitlesThe calamity, evil of the king, etc.The dark lord, Gerudo, king of thieves, etc.
First introduced seriesThe Legend of ZeldaThe ocarina of time


What is Ganon?

Ganon is the character name of the video game, “the legend of Zelda,” introduced by Nintendo. Ganon is the main boss of the series; he is the antagonist in the series.

Ganon resembles boar, although his exact form varies at different levels and varieties. Primarily Ganon was a human form but with different levels; he becomes a devil, known as Ganondorf.

The possessor of the Triforce of power has magical and physical powers, and he is said to be immortal as well. In series like Link, Ganon is also personified as a great evil.

The concept contains that Ganon imprisons the Princess of Zelda and keeps her in his lair of death mountain, but he is killed as soon as the protagonist (link) enters the game and kills him with a silver arrow.

In Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, When Link kills Ganon, then the minions of Ganon aim to reconstruct him by killing Link and mixing his blood with the ashes of Ganon.

Ganon has appeared with different titles in different series, for example, Demon King, Prince of Darkness, dark beast, King of Evil, the calamity, scourge of Hyrule Castle, dark ruler, etc..the different levels in which Ganon is seen are; the legend of Zelda, Adventure of Link, the breath of the wild, etc.


What is Ganondorf?

Ganondorf no one else but Ganon only, and he is the antagonist of the series of the Legend of Zelda. He was first introduced and appeared in Ocarina of Times in 1998.

Ganondorf was born as the first male member of Gerudo in hundred years; depending upon the game, Ganondorf is either made king of Gerudo or the guardian of deserts.

Ganondorf seeks triforce to grant his wish of conquering the whole world. He has an eye on Hyrule and thus cops against the royal family of Hyrule, for which he frequently wields the triforce of power. 

Ganondorf from Ocarina of Time had three different incarnations, and the interesting fact is that each of them is meeting Link for their end at some point in time.

Ganondorf is also given different titles in different series of the legend of Zelda, like the emperor of the dark realm, Gerudo, king of thieves, the great king of evil, the dark lord, Ganon, king of enchanted, etc.

His story starts from the ocarina of time wherein he seeks triforce and wishes to obtain the spiritual stone, which was the key to the sacred realms. The introduction of the link was given in this series, and how he was awakened to reduce Ganondorf to the ashes.

Main Differences Between Ganon and Ganondorf

  1. Ganon was first introduced in the legend of Zelda in 1986. On the contrary, Ganondorf was first introduced in the Ocarina of time 1998.
  2. Ganon was given titles like the scourge of Hyrule castle, the calamity, etc., whereas Ganondorf was given titles like Gerudo, king of thieves, the great king of evil, etc.

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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