Difference Between Groundnut and Peanut

However, the terms peanuts and groundnuts are still used interchangeably by people as they have little difference to them. Peanuts and groundnuts have the same features, but they are difficult to separate and distinguish from each other.

Both Groundnuts and peanuts are consumed by people and animals. They both are rich in protein and calories.

Groundnut vs Peanut

The main difference between groundnut and a peanut is that the groundnut family is huge, the groundnuts are used in cooking oil, and the groundnut also have high nutritional benefits whereas the peanut is a subset of the groundnut family, the peanuts have a distinctive shape and also have high nutritional benefits just like groundnuts.

Groundnut vs Peanut

Groundnuts was first originated from Western Africa. They are rich in calories and protein, and as they have high protein, they are healthy for the human body. Groundnuts also have roots and tubers.

Peanuts are originated from South America; they are used in making peanut butter. They have calories and proteins, which then make them healthy for the human body. They are also a part of a subset of the groundnut family.

Comparison Table Between Groundnut and Peanut

Parameters of ComparisonGroundnutPeanut
OriginsGroundnuts are originated from Western Africa.  Peanuts are originated from South America.
Nutritional benefitsThey have high Nutritional benefits which make them healthy for the body.Peanuts also have high nutritional benefits.
ShapeThe shape of the groundnut depends on the groundnut itself.Peanuts are cylindrical in shape.
UseGroundnuts are used in cooking oil or even in health supplements.Peanuts are used to make peanut butter.
FamilyGroundnuts are a part of arachis villosulicarpo.Peanut is a part of the pea family.

What is Groundnut?

Groundnut comes from a big family called Arachis villosulicarpo. The groundnut can also be used for various agricultural purposes like intercropping or crop rotation for biological fuels for green manure production and also rhizobium biofertilizer.

Groundnuts are also used as food for animals. Apios Americana is capable of producing beans that are edible. The type of the plant determines the shape of the seed or the nut.

The groundnuts originated from western Africa. There are different types of groundnuts that have different tastes.

The groundnuts seeds are turned into groundnut oil and then are used for the cooking process. The groundnut oil has high nutrition content, which then makes it healthy for the body.

The groundnuts are high in protein and are also high in calories. Eating groundnuts every day may increase the life span of a person as they are a good source of protein.

Like peanuts, the ground nuts also have a high health risk to the people who are allergic to them.

What is Peanut?           

Peanut is a common name; the botanical name of peanut is Arachis Hypogae. Peanuts provide food, energy, fat, and protein. They are also used in chocolate, cake, biscuits, pudding, spreads, Cetera.

Peanuts are a source of nutrients like fats, oil, protein, vitamins, and minerals. They are cultivated by farmers and also contain bacteria known as rhizobium.

They help in fixing the nitrogen of the soil from the atmosphere. They are also used as fertilizers for the soil.

Peanuts are a part of the groundnut family. Peanuts are also used to make the peanut butter or the peanut butter spread. Peanut butter is used by people as a spread on a sandwich.

In the 1700s, peanuts were introduced to the northern part of the United States of America.

Peanuts usually have a nutty flavor. As the peanuts are processed differently, the flavor depends. The peanuts are also roasted, which then gives them a sweeter flavor.

Peanuts are more versatile than groundnuts because they can be used in savory and also in sweet dishes. Peanuts can be used as a portion of animal food.

They can also be used as a pigment for dyeing clothes, the peanut fiber can be turned into paper, and the peanut butter can also help to shine up the surfaces.

Peanuts are healthy for the body as they have a lot of calories. They can be eaten to improve the health of the heart; they can even lower cholesterol levels which can lower the risk of a stroke.

However, people with allergies to peanuts should stay away from them because they might hand themselves while having contact with them.

Main Differences Between Groundnut and Peanut

  1. Peanuts are a part of the pea family, while the groundnuts are a part of Arachis villosulicarpo.
  2. Peanuts are also called earthnut, monkey nut, while groundnut is called Bambara groundnut.
  3. Groundnuts have different shapes, while peanuts have cylindrical pods.
  4. Groundnuts are used for snack production, whereas peanuts are used for the production of nutritional supplements.
  5. Peanuts have a distinctive shape, whereas the shape of the groundnut depends on the groundnut itself.
  6. Peanuts are more popular than the ground nuts available.
  7. Peanuts have a nutty flavor, while the test of the ground depends on the groundnut itself.
  8. The peanuts are the subset of the groundnut family.
Difference Between Groundnut and Peanut


Groundnut and peanut are both different types of oilseeds. Oilseeds are small and drive which have a lot of oil in them. Peanut is an oilseed crop that is cultivated in many tropical and subtropical areas.

Peanuts are a leguminous crop that is eaten by both animals and human beings as they are rich in fat and protein. Groundnut across that is mature and riped underground.

Peanuts and groundnuts have the same features are they difficult to separate and distinguish from each other.


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