JavaScript vs AngularJS: Difference and Comparison

Developers describe JavaScript as an interpreted, lightweight, and object-oriented language with functions at first class. For web pages, it is known as the scripting language.

Meanwhile, angular JS is detailed as the superheroic framework of JavaScript MVW. It lets you write web applications on the client side.  

JavaScript can be grouped under languages. In contrast, angular JS can be described as a tool in the framework of JavaScript MVC. In this article, the main focus is on differentiating JavaScript and it is one of the integrating tools, namely angular JS. 

Key Takeaways

  1. JavaScript is a versatile scripting language used for web development, while AngularJS is a JavaScript-based framework specifically designed for creating single-page web applications.
  2. AngularJS extends HTML with additional features like two-way data binding and dependency injection, whereas JavaScript can be used independently or with other frameworks.
  3. AngularJS simplifies complex coding tasks, making it easier to develop and maintain web applications, while JavaScript provides more flexibility but may require more coding effort.

JavaScript vs AngularJS 

The difference between JavaScript and angular JS is that JavaScript is a language of interpreted programming used to create dynamic web applications. On the other hand, angular JS is a framework of front-end applications that is based on JavaScript and excels at building large and dynamic SPAs. 

JavaScript vs AngularJS

JavaScript is an object-oriented and lightweight scripting language that is used to create dynamic pages of HTML within a webpage with interactive effects.

Only in the web browser is its code run, and Node.js is used to run as well as execute code outside of the browser. 

Angular JS allows writing web applications on the client side if someone has a smarter browser.

It allows to use of good old HTML as the template language and extends the syntax of HTML to explain components of the application succinctly and clearly.

It also synchronizes data automatically UI with JavaScript objects through the binding of 2-way data. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonJavaScriptAngularJS
InterpretationIt is a language of interpreted programming that is used to create applications of dynamic web. It is a framework of front-end application that is based on JavaScript and excels at building large and dynamic SPAs.
ProgrammedIn C++ and CIn JavaScript
FiltersDoes not supportDoes support
SyntaxComplex as compared to AngularJSSimple
LearnabilityComplexEasy if one knows JavaScript

What is JavaScript?  

JavaScript is a programming language that follows the specification of the ECMA script. It is high level, multi-paradigm, and just in time compiled. It has first-class functions, prototype-based object orientation, and dynamic typing.

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Alongside CSS and HTML, it is one of the core technologies of the WWW.  

All major web browsers use a dedicated JavaScript engine for the execution of the code on the device of users. For web page behaviour, websites over 97% of users use their client side.

It supports imperative, functional, and event-driven programming styles because it is a language of multi-paradigm.

It has APIs or simply application programming interfaces to work with standard data structures, text, DOM or document object models, dates, and regular expressions.

ECMAScript’s standard fails to contain any output or input like networking, storage, or graphics facilities.

Originally, JavaScript engines were used only in web browsers, while they are now core components of several servers and a range of applications. Node.js Is the most popular system of runtime.

The usage of JavaScript has expanded beyond its roots for the web browser. 


What is AngularJS?  

Angular JS is JavaScript that is rooted in a web framework of open source front end for developing applications of a single page. Google and the community of corporations and individuals mainly maintain it.

Its goal is to simplify both the testing and the development of such applications. 

It provides client-side MVVM or module view ViewModel and MVC or model view controller architectures with commonly used components in web applications as well as progressive web applications.

Angular JS is used as the MEAN stack frontend comprising MongoDB database, angular JS itself, and express.JS web application server framework.  

The framework of angular JS works by first reading the HTML page and has attributes of additional custom HTML embedded into it.

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It interprets those attributes as directives for binding output or input parts of the page to a model and represents the standard variable of JavaScript.  

It is built on the belief that declarative programming should be used to create user interfaces and connected components of the software. Meanwhile, imperative programming is better suited for defining business logic applications.  

angularjs 1

Main Differences Between JavaScript and AngularJS 

  1. JavaScript is a client-side scripting language developed by Netscape Communications for web apps powering. Meanwhile, Angular JS is a JavaScript open-source tool maintained and developed by Google with directives of angular.  
  2. JavaScript is a full-featured language that can manipulate DOM or document object models. In contrast, angular JS extends HTML with all new attributes along with web technologies.  
  3. At the browser level, JavaScript validates the user input before this submission of the page to the server end. On the other hand, for any server technology, angular JS makes an ideal tool.  
  4. JavaScript is a web language that is used to make it more interactive the websites. Conversely, Angular JS is an architecture that is based on MVC that makes easy creation of web apps from scratch.  
  5. The concept of JavaScript is based on dynamic typing as a language of interpretation. On the flip side, the concept of angular JS is based on the model view controller for building apps. 
Difference Between JavaScript and AngularJS

Last Updated : 18 June, 2023

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