K7 Premium vs Total Security: Difference and Comparison

K7 Premium and K7 Total Security are two different antiviruses that have been developed by K7 Computing.

We all know, that antiviruses are used to protect the respective devices in which they are implemented, and K7 Premium and K7 Total Security are amongst them.

Both antiviruses not only protect you from viruses but also from the spammers that can easily hack your data. And choosing the right antivirus is such a task. But, don’t worry here you will be explained everything in detail.

Key Takeaways

  1. K7 Premium is basic antivirus software that protects against various malware threats. At the same time, K7 Total Security offers comprehensive security features, such as advanced firewall protection, parental controls, and data backup options.
  2. K7 Total Security includes additional layers of protection, like anti-phishing, secure online transactions, and identity theft prevention, which are not available in K7 Premium.
  3. Both products receive regular updates to maintain optimal performance, but K7 Total Security provides a higher level of security for users with more extensive digital protection needs.

K7 Premium vs K7 Total Security

K7 Premium is an antivirus that offers basic protection against malware and viruses, with features such as real-time scanning, USB protection, etc. K7 Total Security is a software antivirus which also offers a comprehensive set of features, in addition to basic antivirus protection.

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K7 Premium is the antivirus that was one of the initial antiviruses by K7 Computing. It protects laptops and computers at very reasonable requirements.

It is free and easy to download this software. It protects the devices by scanning them thoroughly from misleading sites. The K7 Premium lasts for about a 1 year period.

On the other hand, K7 Total Security is also an antivirus software by K7 Computing, but it charges a sum. It overall protects the whole family and possesses a lot of features.

It thoroughly scans the devices and presents a brand new virus-free device. It not only rescue the PC from spammers but also works as the Wi-Fi Advisor, Browser Protection, etc.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonK7 PremiumK7 Total Security
ControlThe K7 Premium version has overall control on email protection, Zero Impact Security, etc. Total Security offers a unique feature of parental control where parents can restrict their children from misleading the internet.
ProtectionThe K7 Premium Antivirus set the Real-Time Protection. Malware Protection is given to the users of Total Security.
UpdateBy simply downloading the application and adding the details, one can update the K7 Premium.Total Security can be easily upgraded without any hassle of CDs or pen drives.
Operating SystemK7 Premium can work on both Windows as well as in macOS. Therefore, the Windows operating systems are – Windows XP. SP3, Vista, 7,8,8.1, 10. And, the macOS operating system is – OS ×10.10 – 10.13.Windows 10, and Windows 7 are the operating systems for K7 Total Security.
Software TypeIt is for free. You need to pay its minimal charges.

What is K7 Premium?

K7 Premium is an antivirus by the K7 Computing itself. Its been over two decades since K7 Computing introduced K7 Premium and in the year 2001.

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It is free for downloading and easy to use. Even after the expiration of this antivirus, the upgrading process is also easy. You just need to follow certain steps and manage it with the help of the internet.

It protects emails, which means no one can hack their email if they are using K7 Premium. Also, it has an amazing feature called Zero Impact Security.

K7 Premium can be used in two systems which are Windows and macOS without any problem.

And the Windows operating system that supports this antivirus is XP. SP3, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and macOS systems are OS ×10.10 – 10.13. Therefore, it becomes convenient for both users.

And, for the installation of K7 Premium, the windows operators need 1GB Hard Disk Space, with an average RAM of 1GB for 32 bit or 2GB for 64 its, that is double. And for macOS, it requires 1GB Hard Disk with 2GB RAM.

Protective Defense Method, Spyware Removal, Anti-Spyware, Vulnerability Scan, Internet Security, etc are the main advanced features of K7.

And, even though such features make it unique and beneficial but there are advantages.

The advantage is that even though it protects the computers and laptops but at the same time it lacks URL filtering, Quick Scan is also limited, unreliable installation process, etc.

What is K7 Total Security?

Antiviruses are important for protecting devices and K7 Total Security is one of them. K7 Computing has developed it.

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It is useful for various services like spam, malware, hacking, etc. In 2012, it came into force. And can only be used by Windows operators.

Also, it uses Proprietary as its licensing service. It is easy and friendly to use. The basic operating systems are Windows 10 and Windows 7.

It comes with a special feature for parents. Parents can restrict or control some specific sites that can be misused by children.

Since it can only be used by Windows users, therefore the installation process is carried out by a 400 MB disk space free and 512 MB RAM.

It is easy to install without any hassle or extra burden. But, there are some minimal charges of it.

Some advantages are parental control, firewall, easy to upgrade, spam filtering, etc.

And on the other side, the disadvantages are like the parental feature is not up to the mark since it can be misled by the child without the prior knowledge of parents, the private data protection is also misleading, finishing of that product is not that great, etc.

Main Differences Between K7 Premium and Total Security

  1. Total email protection, also Zero Impact Security, etc is provided via K7 Premium. On the other hand, K7 Total Security can be set to a mode where children can be restricted from various sites.
  2. K7 Premium gives you the real Time Protection. On the other hand, K7 Total Security protects the devices from Malware.
  3. With the help of the internet, the users need to download the K7 Premium. On the other hand, K7 Total Security is upgraded by performing some steps.
  4. K7 Premium Windows operators are Windows XP. SP3, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and macOS operators are OS ×10.10 – 10.13. On the other hand, K7 Total Security is only run with the help of Windows 10 and Windows 7.
  5. K7 Premium is free from any extra charges while downloading. On the other hand, K7 Total Security is not free.
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Last Updated : 18 July, 2023

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