Difference Between Maize and Corn

This might be interpreted as two words that are completely distinct from one another and are analogous to those found in British English and American English, but they could also mean much more. As a result, the primary distinction between Maize and Corn is that Corn is a North American cereal made from kernels that may be arranged in rows on a cob.

Maize vs Corn

The main difference between Maize and corn is that Corn is a North American grain made up of kernels that may be arranged in rows across a cob. Maize is a plant with large seeds which are just arranged on a cob and are usually eaten uncooked or in raw form.

Maize vs Corn

Maize is one of the most technical names for corn, and it comes from the Spanish language “Maiz”, which became part of the English language in the mid of 16th century. It is a plant with big grains that are placed on a cob that is primarily found in North American areas.

Corn flour, corn starch, cornmeal, and other culinary items manufactured from corn are termed corn rather than maize. Corn is simply maize and does not contain any other grains when we talk about commodities trade. Corn is commonly referred to as popcorn, flour corn, waxy corn, and flint corn in the culinary world.

Comparison Table Between Maize and Corn

Parameters of ComparisonMaizeCorn
DefinitionIt’s a corn-based North American cereal with kernels stacked in rows on a cob.large grain plant that grows on a cob and is prevalent in European regions.
LanguageEnglish as it is spoken in the United States.English of United Kingdom.
FameIn Australia, Canada, and New Zealand it is more well-known.More well-known in European countries.
OriginFrom the Taino language in the 14th century.was used throughout the 19th century.
UsageA tall cereal grass with big ears producing kernels.Any type of grain or even peppercorn can also be used as a little object.  

What is Maize?

This was probably the most practical historical period for the term corn, and it comes from the Spanish word maiz, which entered the English community in the 16th century. It is a plant with large grains that are placed on a cob that is commonly found in North American regions.

This plant has the potential to generate many products for both people and animals. When the grains of the cob are in their natural state and aren’t cooked or ready to eat, they’re referred to as maize, and when they’re cooked or ready to eat, they’re referred to as corn.

Because of its popularity and the vitamins, it contains, it may be the maximum eaten cereal on the planet. The majority of people like to eat it alone, but in rare cases, they will get it with fried or dry rooster or take it as a part of the salad.

This term was initially used to describe Zea Mays, a plant that may be found in most parts of the US. It is the earliest word used for these qualities, initially used maize in 1492 when Columbus discovered it in front of many Taino people and is the distinction of all the terms maize and corn.

What is Corn?

It is commonly assumed to be the other type of well-known maize; this is not always the case. This reasoning may be correct in certain cases, but it is mostly a North American cereal made from kernels that may be placed across the rows on a corn cob.

 It can be used in British English to refer to a single tiny item. Corn was a consequence of the Dutch words Korn and subsequently incorporated into the English language. Due to time, it set aside for one thing that is sentimental in a person’s life, rather than just the food we want to consume.

Corn is sometimes considered a synonym for the word maize or is used for the very same purpose in British English. It is often used to stage tiny items that may represent any type of even peppercorn or grain.

 It is classified as a variety of grains, but when utilized in a variety of things, it is treated as a single entity. This time is far less commonly used across the world, owing to the growth of American English, and it is undoubtedly one of many strange expressions that are not authentic. It can also be used to refer to a cereal crop grown in England and Scotland.

Main Differences Between Maize and Corn

  1. The word maize is used in the US. Corn is a term that is frequently utilized in UK English.
  2. Maize is a very long annual cereal grass with large ears producing kernels. Corn is termed as a term used to describe tiny items that might be any type of grain.
  3. Maize is widely planted in the US, but corn is grown across the United Kingdom.
  4. Maize is the common name for this crop, whereas Corn is a newer name.
  5. In the 14th century, maize came from the Taino language. Corn was utilized throughout the nineteenth century.


Cereal is a type of grass that is grown largely for mainly the starch components of its grain. This grain is a type of fruit known as a caryopsis in botany, and it has three parts: germ, endosperm, and bran. It is a member of the monocot family Poaceae and is cultivated in large quantities than any other crop, It gives the entire world more food, energy, and carbs. Maize is a commonly consumed grain that is grown all over the world as a staple crop.

They’re high in macronutrients (fats, carbohydrates, protein, and oils), and many micronutrients (minerals and vitamins), and bioactive phytochemicals (flavonoids, polyphenols, carotenoids, anthocyanin, etc.). In certain regions of the world, though, maize is also known as corn, and many people are confused by the two words.


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