Difference Between Marketing and PR

When a person establishes a company or starts a small business, marketing and PR become an essential part of the business infrastructure by themselves. Marketing and PR are very important for the long-term development of the company.


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Without having marketing strategies and better PRs, one can not have a successful business.

Marketing vs PR

The difference between marketing and PR is that marketing is a process or term that involves creative dynamic strategies for sales and advertising, while, PR is more like a process of achieving the trust of the public towards the brand. It is also used to maintain relationships with investors and other authorities. Both terms are a significant part of a company.

Marketing vs PR

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Marketing is a procedure of displaying the product of a particular company with its notable specifications to the consumers.

Marketing is an essential part of any organization and company that manufactures and provides multiple types of goods and services. Without proper marketing planning, one can not obtain enough engagement from the customers.

PR is the short-term for public relations which are generally used to distribute and collect information from the public and to the public. PR is significant in constructing a better perception from different aspects.

PR contains such strategies that are required to determine what information about a company or an individual should circulate.

Comparison Table

Parameters Of ComparisonMarketingPR
FocusThe things that come in the range of focus by marketing are advertising, improving revenue, sales, etc. The things that come in the range of focus by PR are reputation building, knowing interest, circulating information, etc.
CustomersMarketing is very beneficial to target and find customers and lure them with the product.PR or public relationships are very important to make a lucrative and long-lasting connection with customers.
TargetThe main goal of marketing is to make appropriate arrangements or strategies to sell the products and services. The main goal of PR is to present the true image of the company and keep the relationship with customers strong.
TypeMarketing involves advertising by paying money, that’s the reason it is also known as paid media. PR is based on observations and uses free tools for creating content, which is also known as free media.
BenefitsMarketing is there to obtain direct revenue from sales and promotions to the company from customers. PR is beneficial to acquire media coverage, the interest of the public, to present the company’s image.

What is Marketing?

Marketing is a major factor that is responsible for the ups and downs of a company’s revenue. Companies and organizations assemble a team entirely dedicated to marketing.

Marketing needs several mediums to confirm the reach of associated products or services to the person who requires them.

The marketing team is liable to make required strategies and supervise sales to the team to generate enough traffic. It is always suggested that a marketing strategy should have a clear target.

Marketing can include both online and offline methods. In the current time, digital marketing is a very familiar word to everyone.

Several ways such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, even YouTube, are used for digital marketing. Online methods are best for marketing since they have higher reach and engagement.

People tend to spend most of their time on these platforms and by targeting these platforms one can get a larger audience than any offline method.

There are several diplomas and marketing courses available to understand this term descriptively.

The terms that should be understood by a person about the marketing are customer MQL (marketing qualified lead), acquisition cost, CPL (cost per lead), ROI (return of investment), the revenue of sales, SQL (sales qualified lead), etc.

What is PR?

Big organizations can affect the user of their products or services by making new modifications or strategies. That’s when PR comes into existence.

It is a term that is responsible for managing and distributing various types of information about organizations to the public or especially the media.

PR is something that helps the company to make decisions about publishing information on their homepage and other mediums. PR facilitates the company to know about ongoing trends, public interest to develop required strategies for marketing purposes.

Many people might mistake PR (public relations) with publicity but both terms are very different from each other based on the control.

An internal team of the company is responsible for handling PR which is not the case with publicity.

The information, news and public interest utilized by the PR team to make necessary changes do not require payment, they are considered to be the pure observation of current affairs related to the product or service.

For this reason, PR is also designated as earned media.

The term PR has been used since the 20th century. Hence, it is quite significant to maintain relationships among, the company, investors, clients, etc.

Through PR, an organization can present the true structure before the customers and other authorities associated with it.

Main Differences Between Marketing and PR

  1. Marketing revolves around developing advertising campaigns for the company while PR involves writing positive stories for the product of the company.
  2. Marketing is useful to get profit by selling large amounts of goods. On the other hand, PR is beneficial to attract customers to the product.
  3. Marketing collects the data related to sales and expenses of the company. On the other hand, PR collects data about public opinions.
  4. Marketing is a technique or procedure that directly aims at the customers’ needs. While PR is focused on making a strong connection to the customers.
  5. The advantage a company archive from better marketing is generally for the short term. While PR generates long-term benefits for the company.
Difference Between Marketing and PR
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