Microsoft Computers vs Apple Computers: Difference and Comparison

Buying a computer is part of the essentials in our day-to-day living. The needs and specifications are personal to our needs, and it is a deciding factor for either Microsoft or Apple Computers.

Both Microsoft and Apple are computer giants. Each of these brands has its benefits and weaknesses. Along with the pricing factor, many benefits decide the brands to choose.

Key Takeaways

  1. Microsoft computers run on the Windows operating system, while Apple computers run on the macOS operating system.
  2. Various manufacturers produce Microsoft computers, while Apple computers are produced solely by Apple.
  3. Microsoft computers are more affordable and offer a wider range of customization options. In contrast, Apple computers are known for their high-quality hardware, user-friendly interface, and integration with other Apple products.

Microsoft Computers vs Apple Computers

Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975. Microsoft computers use a Windows-based operating system like Windows XP. They are priced at affordable rates but require external security to protect the system from viruses. Apple Inc is a technology giant founded by Steve Jobs. Apple computers run on a Unix-based operating system with built-in security protection. They are costly options.

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Microsoft Computers run on the Windows operating system. It is IBM compatible computer as the microprocessor is from IBM. Several companies like HP and Dell partner in the manufacture.

The computer parts get manufactured by several companies. The Microsoft computer is reasonably priced but needs external virus protection, and the Anti-virus needs to get upgraded regularly.

Apple Computer is the creator of the Macintosh or Mac. The Apple computer can function on major operating systems like Mac OS, Windows XP, or Vista.

The manufacturing, development, and distribution get exclusively done by Apple. Since the computer has a built-in virus setup, it gets tough to hack the system.

Comparison Table

Parameters Of ComparisonMicrosoftApple
ManufactureHP, Toshiba, Dell, Acer, and many more manufactures.Exclusively by Apple Inc.
PriceIt is reasonably priced and affordable.It is highly-priced.
VirusExternal anti-virus to be bought.It has an inbuilt security system.
Operating SystemWindows-based Operating System.Unix-based Operating System.
SoftwareCompatible software.Less software is written.

What are Microsoft Computers?

Microsoft is an American Multinational Company formed by Bill Gates and Paul Allen on 4th April 1975. It is one of the largest software companies worldwide and develops numerous software products and services.

Graphical User Interface (GUI):

Windows trademark design is the start menu, the globe with the Windows logo. All the files, folders, and applications get stored. The Start bar is at the bottom, but you can move the top or either side.

The close, minimize, and maximize button is on the top right and reversed. Windows are best for office use.

Software Availability and Operating System:

Windows claims many software are compatible as the usage of Windows is high. There is much software that is either adaptable to Windows or Mac. A few software do create versions to support both operating systems.

These programs are considered stable with Windows operating system. Windows cannot run the latest software. You need to upgrade the hardware or buy the latest PC. Windows-based computers operate on the system created by Microsoft. 

Design and Hardware:

A Windows PC has hardware components built by multiple agencies and then assembled. It ensures a replacement is available in various stores.

The Windows product easily adapts to a hardware change. Hence it becomes easy to upgrade the system or create a computer.

Security and Price:

Windows gets widely utilized, it gets easy to create a virus, and there is more antivirus available for Windows. Windows don’t have their security, and you have to purchase antivirus software.

These have to be updated regularly. Windows computers are more reasonable than Mac computers. They are drastically cheap if built self.

microsoft computers

What are Apple Computers?

Apple Inc. is an American-based multinational technology giant. It specializes in electronics and computer software. On 1st April 1976, the company got formed. 

Graphical User Interface (GUI):

Mac OS has a Finder and a small strip of application icons at the bottom of the screen, accessing the most utilized items. The close, minimize, and maximize button is on the top left.

Since the Mac computer gets designed around GUI, the GUI usage of graphics and multimedia services like photo editing for photoshopping got utilized first in the Apple computer. Apple computer is best for educational purposes due to their ease of use.

Software Availability and Operating System:

Many companies create software for the Mac OS. Some versions get created for both Mac and Windows. Apple Computer utilizes a UNIX-based operating system exclusively designed by the Apple Company.

Design and Hardware:

Apple company produces all the components in-house. It assists in the effortless working of the structure. The only disadvantage being is when a replacement gets required, you can only get it done through an Apple replacement. 

Apple computers are reluctant to change, leaving no room to replace them with external hardware. The Apple products ensure to have all the contents in the custom-designed product.

Security and Price:

Apple computers are comparatively safer from the virus, and safety is the prime motto. The Mac computer has a built-in security system. 

Apple’s computer is sleek and functions well. The built-in security and many more add one are the reason for the steep price. As compared to any other product, it is highly priced.

apple computer

Main Differences Between Microsoft Computer and Apple Computer

  1. Microsoft makes Windows. Apple Inc. produces Mac.
  2.  Microsoft needs external security for virus protection. Apple Computers have inbuilt security.
  3. Microsoft PCs are reasonably priced. Apple Computers are expensive.
  4. In Microsoft PC, it is not easy to detect troubleshooting. In Apple, troubleshooting is easy to discover and repair.
  5. Microfot Pc gets utilized for business. Graphics and Multimedia get employed in Apple computers.
Difference Between Microsoft Computers and Apple Computers

Last Updated : 14 October, 2023

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