Difference Between Blunt and Joint

Smoking among men and women has been around for centuries, and smoking cigar or cigarettes are customary. It is a trend usually found on screens.

Smoking gets associated with the feeling it gives. Smoking has adverse health issues, and over the years, the number of smokers has reduced. Blunt and Joint are two ways of rolling and having a puff.

Blunt vs Joint

The main difference between a blunt and a joint is that blunts get made from thicker paper or tobacco leaf. It can hold onto more amount of cannabis and burn longer. The joint gets rolled from a flimsy rolling paper and is thin and long. It contains a lesser amount of weed and burns for a lesser duration.

Blunt vs Joint

The Blunt looks familiar to a cigar, and it appears blunt. Blunt is ground cannabis wrapped in thick tobacco paper. The paper is usually the same used for a cigar.

Generally, people buy a cheap cigar for the wrapping paper and empty the contents. Blunts are 100% cannabis and do not contain tobacco.

A Joint contains marijuana. It is typically ground added to the paper and rolled up. Then lit and enjoy the smoke to feel the pleasure. It gets most commonly used in the US.

The rolling paper comes in different flavors and colors, and there are variations like hemp, rice, or paper roll.

Comparison Table Between Blunt and Joint

Parameters Of ComparisonBluntJoint
AppearanceBlunt is available in different shapes, sizes, and colors.It is white and transparent.
Burn TimeBlunt burns longer as it is thick.Joint burns for a shorter duration as it is thinner.
FlavorBlunt has a flavor and it is a combination of tobacco and nicotine.It has no flavor.
LooksThe Blunt is smooth when the wrap is moist.The Joint is either smooth or ridged.
EffectsThe pleasure is high due to the longer burn effect.The pleasure is minimal due to a shorter burn time.

What is Blunt?

The name Blunt originated from the cigar brand Phillies Blunt. Blunt is a type of cigar in which tobacco gets replaced by cannabis.

Tobacco leaf wrappers get utilized in making blunts, as it adds to the excitement of smoking, and the wrapping generally contains nicotine. 

Blunt gets made with any cigars, generally an inexpensive brand. The crucial requirement is the leaf paper and not the contents. 

Steps to make a Blunt:

  • The cannabis is ground either by hand or grinder.
  • The cigar gets cut open to empty the contents.
  • Moisturize the cigar wrap as it becomes easy to roll.
  • Spread the cannabis in the wrap and then turn in the same. Seal the edges with saliva.
  • The Blunt is ready to consume.

It contains nicotine from the wrapper and cannabis. The Blunt will either be rough or smooth, depending on how it’s rolled. If not stored well, then it cracks.

Since the Blunt is thick, it burns longer and increases consumption. Blunts come in different flavors. It is generally a blend of tobacco and nicotine. 

Blunt has a potent smell that lasts longer and takes time to clear. If smoking indoors, the odor lingers for a long duration of time. Smokers tend to add more weed into a blunt, and hence it has a better effect than joint.

What is Joint?

Joint is a traditional way of consuming cannabis as it is small and portable. The joint gets rolled in a thin white paper. The paper is available in different flavors and colors.

There are many variations to this paper in size and even material utilized. They get made from rice, hemp, or paper roll. It is popular in the US, and cannabis gets commonly used. 

Steps in making a Joint:

  • Once you get a weed of your choice, grind or break it with a hand or grinder.
  • Fold the rolling paper about three millimeters.
  • Once you place the rolling paper, put the ground weed on top. 
  • Then you roll with the thumb and stick the edge with the salvia.
  • Placing a similarly shaped object on the top of the joint. Then tapping the substance ensures the weed gets distributed.
  • Voila, the Joint is ready for the puff!

The joint is usually white or transparent. There are color and material options available. It is thin, takes no effort to roll, and does not crack.

On average, there is a gram of weed in the joint, and since it gets rolled with rolling paper, it has a short burn time. 

A joint is flavorless if required flavored papers are available in a marijuana shop. The Joint tends to break as it is flimsy. For a beginner, a Joint is a better option.

Due to the lesser burn time, and it gives a blissful experience.

Main Differences Between Blunt and Joint

  1. Blunt gets rolled from a paper or tobacco paper and can hold more aggregate of weed. The joint gets curled from a thin rolling paper and is usually slim and long, and it contains less quantity of weed.
  2. As Blunt has extended burning capacity, it affects the user. The joint burns for a lesser time giving small pleasure to the user.
  3. Blunt gets available in various shapes, sizes, and colors. The joint is usually white or transparent.
  4. Blunt comes in different flavors due to the presence of tobacco and nicotine. The joint does not contain any flavor.
  5. A blunt is smooth as the wrap is moist. If exposed, it tends to break as it gets dry. A joint could be even or rugged based on the rolling. The joint paper tends to break as it is thin.
Difference Between Blunt and Joint


A joint or blunt is a different method to smoke cannabis. The way of rolling both are different. It has various choice paper and sizes.

A blunt gets generally recommended for a beginner, and there is a combination of cannabis and nicotine. The rolling wrapper and the content form the salient differences between a blunt and a joint.

The joint or blunt techniques are favorite among teenagers, upper and middle-class people. They enjoy trying new methods to smoke cannabis, despite being aware of the harmful effects of the substances.

The preference between a joint or blunt is a personal choice, and many people prefer switching between both for enhancing pleasure.


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