Difference Between Microsoft Unified Support and Premier Support

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From simple document-making to PowerPoints to extensive and on hands support to people managing businesses and in the information technology sectors.

Microsoft Unified Support and Microsoft Premier Support are two such apps for these purposes.

Key Takeaways

  1. Microsoft Unified Support provides comprehensive support services with a simplified, unified approach, allowing more flexibility and scalability.
  2. Premier Support offers a traditional, customized support plan that focuses on specific needs, often used by large enterprises and government organizations.
  3. Unified Support aims to streamline support experiences, while Premier Support delivers tailored solutions to address unique requirements.

Microsoft Unified Support vs Premier Support

Microsoft Unified Support is a support system designed by Microsoft to provide customers with service that helps them with Microsoft products. It comes in three variants. Microsoft Premier Support is a single support incident that you can buy to get help with Office or Windows questions through chat or phone.

Microsoft Unified Support vs Premier Support

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Microsoft Unified Support is an app launched by Microsoft with three variants to provide support plans and customer service to people handling cloud businesses and for people in the IT sector to help manage their domain as well as to prevent any mishaps before it happens with all-around security.

Premier Support was an app launched by Microsoft as well to help in similar circumstances.

Today, however, the services of Microsoft Premier Support are no longer available, and hence all the features of this app have been integrated into the three versions of the Microsoft Unified Support variants.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMicrosoft Unified SupportPremier Support
VariantsMicrosoft Unified Support has three variants.Premier Support was a standalone app however, it is no longer functional.
Account Manager,Various people are allocated to manage your Microsoft account in the three variants.A technical manager is shared or dedicated for your Microsoft Premier account.
Proactive SupportUnlimited proactive support is found in Microsoft Unified Support.Proactive support is found only during assistance hours in Unified Support.
PriceDifferent rates are fixed in the different versions of the app.Price is based on the amount of usage.
Response Timeis lower in Microsoft Unified Support.Response time is higher in Premier Support.

What is Microsoft Unified Support?

Microsoft unified support is a great support system that is designed to make it easier for customers to get help for Microsoft products.

Microsoft unified support combines a variety of different resources to make it easy for customers to get help for their needs.

This includes, but is not limited to, online support forums, community-based help, and a knowledge base.

Customers can get help from a variety of people, from other customers to Microsoft employees. All of this combined makes Microsoft unified support a great way for customers to get the help they need.

Microsoft Unified Support means that support is available on a 24 x 7 basis from a single point of contact.

 The advantages of this are that there is the chance of faster response from the advanced team of technicians and being able to have a complete overview of the customer’s IT environment.

You can also have a single point of contact that will be responsible for all of the issues that occur – whether it be a product issue or a hardware issue – and there is a high level of integration between the teams of the various products.

Microsoft Unified has the Core, Advanced, and Performance variants, each of which has different pricing and account manager, with Core being the cheapest and Performance being the costliest.

Also, the minimum contract for these apps increases accordingly.

What is Premier Support?

Microsoft premier support is the best way to get help from Microsoft for all kinds of issues that you might be facing with your Windows or Microsoft office.

So, if you are facing problems with installing, activating, downloading, installing, connecting, printing, installing updates, etc., then you can directly contact the Microsoft premier support team without wasting your time.

Now, suppose you are looking for remote or personal assistance that can be attained anytime, anywhere. In that case, you can make use of the Microsoft premier support number, which is available 24 × 7 for your assistance.

Microsoft premier support is a good way for you to get help with your Microsoft products.

 It offers access to a professional team of experts that are dedicated to helping customers with technical issues.

They are familiar with all the latest features of Microsoft Office, Windows, Internet Explorer, Exchange, Exchange Online, SQL Server, Green IT, SharePoint, Lync, Office 365, Windows Server, System Center, Windows Azure, etc.

The advantages of this application are that it has usage-based pricing and had fairly good response time, and proactive and reactive support as well.

The only downfall was that the support was available only during their assigned assistance hours.

Main Differences Between Microsoft Unified Support and Premier Support

  1. The price of using Microsoft Unified Support is stated as 6% of Office 365 usage in the core, 8% in advanced, and 10% in performance, while in premier support, it was based on the consumption entirely.
  2. The account manager in Microsoft Unified Support is a delivery team or technical advocate, while in Premier Support, it is a technical manager.
  3. Microsoft Unified Support has unlimited proactive support, while in Premier Support, it is limited to assistance hours. Also, in Microsoft Unified Support, this proactive support can be used for advanced options and extra charges that were not applicable in Premier Support.
  4. The minimum contract is fixed in Microsoft Unified Support for each of its variants, while it is not applicable in Premier Support.
  5. Microsoft Unified Support also provides unlimited reactive support to its clients, while Premier Support assists their customers only during PRS hours.
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