Difference Between Modere and Vital Proteins

Modere and Vital Proteins both have products for a person’s welfare and maintaining a clean lifestyle. These products do not use any chemical or adulterated compounds.


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Their main motto is to give a person a good product that cleans their body. It is all about self-care. These products maintain a quality that maintains the dignity of the company.

Modere vs Vital Proteins

The difference between Modere and Vital Proteins is Modere works for wellness products for a person using clean ingredients in liquid form, but Vital Proteins works for collagen-based products powder for a person’s wellness. The taste of the collagen is different as it is found in a different form. The process to test the product is different in both brands.

Modere vs Vital Proteins

Modere researches about effective techniques in science and uses them in their products. It does not use any chemical or adulterated compounds. It commits to making an effective product that guarantees a clean lifestyle.

It flourishes through its eCommerce. It only makes clean health and wellness products. Its philosophy is to make clean products to make its brand omnichannel.

Vital Proteins has collagen-based wellness products. These products are available in powder form. There are no added flavors, and odorless. It is easier to mix with any liquid instantly. The liquid can be warm or cold.

Their products contain pure collagen fresh from farm cows. These products are clinically tested.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonModereVital Proteins
State of productsLiquidPowder
Type of OrganisationOmnichannelSocial Omnichannel
Founded in19922013

What is Modere?

It develops wellness products. The products are naturally researched and then it is supplied to the consumers. Its motto is to bring clean products which maintain a person’s regime.

It has products from personal care and household essentials. It makes its products in liquid form, which is very easy to use. The ingredients used are pure, and research is done.

It researches various formulas which can be effective to their consumers, and then the products are formed. It has amazing products which are used by people across the world.

They keep the taste of the fruits so that the person does not hesitate to consume the liquid.

The collagen in the product maintains the wellness of the person. The products are made safe for their customers.

They have our cleans label promise, which states that the products will always be safe and effective to your daily healthy lifestyle of you and your family.

The products are all science-based as the ingredients to be used tested under various technologies, proving the effectiveness and are then mixed with other ingredients and used by millions of customers.

They won many prestigious awards, which proved that the products are healthy and safe.


What is Vital Proteins?

The products are collagen-based and are available in powder form. This can be mixed with anything and can be consumed by the customers.

They take up the collagen from grass-fed pasture-raised cows so that the purity begins at the first step itself. The cows are taken care of by family farms.

These products are sustainable. The waste is minimum, and sustainability gets improved.

They use BPA/BPS-free canisters. These canisters can be used, and it is easily recyclable. These products are not flavored and odorless, which can be easily dissolved in any type of liquid.

The liquid can be hot or cold. Blue tub is a very famous effective product of them. It now has the addition of vitamin C, which takes care of the natural collagen in the body.

It also has hyaluronic acid, which is best for skin and joints. It helps the skin to keep hydrated, and the mobility of joints is effective. All their products are tested and are effectively proven.

It tests the collagen products for hormones and antibiotics. It also tests for glyphosate, ractopamine, and pesticides.

They do not use any chemicals in their product which makes the products chemical-free. Collagen is mixed with purified water and protein braking enzymes under hot pressurized air.

Main Differences Between Modere and Vital Proteins

  1. Modere makes liquid collagen products, but Vital Proteins makes solid collagen products.
  2. Modere is an omnichannel, but Vital Proteins is not an omnichannel.
  3. Modere is committed to products using research, but Vital Proteins does not do research and then makes its products.
  4. Modere does not send its products to a lab, but Vital Proteins sends its products to a lab.
  5. Modere products are manufactured in Australia, but Vital Proteins products are manufactured in Chicago.
  6. Modere was founded in 1992, but Vital Proteins was founded in 2013.


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