Difference Between Norton and Quick Heal

Both Norton and Quick Heal come under the category of software applications that are installed as protection against software viruses.  They focus mainly on digital security. 


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Norton vs Quick Heal

The difference between Norton and Quick Heal is in their deployment. Norton is a web-based anti-virus software whereas Quick Heal is mostly used for offline and desktop purposes. 

Norton vs Quick Heal

Norton originated from Symatec, an American company that was later divided into two.  Today, Norton Lifelock distributes the software.

CAT Computer Services introduced Quick Heal in the early 90s. It provides security software to many customers who vary in their field of need.

Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonNortonQuick Heal
UpdateAutomatic update and boot-time scan are present in the case of Norton.There is no feature such as automatic update and boot-time scan.
Salient featuresIt is a fully automated award-winning software.There are desirable features such as one-click scanning and personalized anti-virus scans.
RecognitionSince Norton is an international brand, it has worldwide recognition.Quick Heal lacks equal recognition as Norton.
User friendlyNorton does not offer schemes such as free returns.Quick Heal offers free returns and exchanges.
Card friendly paymentsNorton does not support debit/credit card payments.Quick Heal offers debit and credit card payments.

What is Norton?

Norton is one of the earliest computer security software introduced. It emerged from the Norton Life Lock family in 1991.

The signature and heuristics system is the key technology behind the identification of viruses. A signature system is a traditional method of identifying the type of malware present.

Heuristics is a method to identify whether the virus is a mutated form of any other virus. If this is found, then it is easier to classify the virus and also add it to the malware database.

Windows initially had its’ product activation in the year 2004. After this, there have been updated releases every year, which are compatible with every version of Windows.

norton 1

What is Quick Heal?

Quick Heal Technologies is an Indian company that deals with cybersecurity systems. The headquarters is located in Pune, India.  

Quick Heal blocks and identifies malware in real-time. They use a signature as well as signature-less technologies to find the family of the virus.

Quick Heal has a very detailed website. Here, services are offered to every operating system and have explanations regarding the prerequisites required in the device.

Quick Heal has a user-friendly payment system. They accept credit as well as debit cards.

Main Differences Between Norton and Quick Heal

  1. Norton provides services such as automatic updates and boot-time scans. This feature is not yet added to Quick Heal.
  2. Norton system is fully automated and Quick Heal has features such as personalized scans and one-click scans.
  3. While considering the brand recognition, Norton is much more international than Quick Heal. This is because of the international customers Norton has acquired over the years.
  4. Norton has a strict payment system with no exchange offers possible. Quick Heal has exchange offers in its’ scheme and hence their customer relations are better than Norton’s.
  5. Norton does not accept credit cards or debit cards for payment while Quick Heal accepts both of them. This is another reason for the better service of Quick Heal.


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