PayPal vs Quadpay: Difference and Comparison

After the world adopted digital payment, payment plans through online payment businesses such as PayPal, Quadpay, RazorPay, Klara, AfterPay, and Sezzle have become popular.

Many online eCommerce sites accept this payment method for both local and international transactions, and it is often regarded as the safest and most secure.

Many of these payment methods have become common, and they are all available within your shopping cart. PayPal and Quadpay are just two of the payment methods available.

Key Takeaways

  1. PayPal is a widely-used online payment platform that supports transactions between individuals and businesses globally.
  2. QuadPay is a buy now, pay later service that allows users to split purchases into four equal installments over six weeks.
  3. PayPal provides a broader range of services, while QuadPay focuses on installment-based payment solutions.

PayPal vs Quadpay

PayPal is a well-known online payment system that allows users to make payments and money transfers online. It is accepted by a large number of online retailers. QuadPay is a newer digital payment platform that offers a buy-now-pay-later service. It allows users to split their purchases into four equal payments.


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PayPal vs Quadpay

PayPal Holdings, Inc. is an American company that operates an online payment system in most countries and offers an online alternative to traditional paper ways, such as cheques or bank transfers.

PayPal Holdings, Inc. The Company charges a fee for paying merchants, online sellers and a number of other commercial client services as a payment gateway.

Established as Confinity in 1998, PayPal was first offered publicly in 2002.

Quadpay’s headquarters are in New York, USA. It was established in 2017. Brad Lindenberg and his colleague Adam Ezra established Quadpay.

To extend its US reach, Zip purchased Quadpay in 2020, a US-based “Buy Now, Pay Later” company (BNPL).

It now operates in Australia, the United States, New Zealand, South Africa, the Czech Republic and the UAE.

Quadpay allows purchasing costs to be split into four non-interest over the course of 6 weeks.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonPayPalQuadpay
HeadquartersSan Jose, California, United StatesNew York, New York, United States
Established Year1998 2017
FoundersPeter Thiel, Ken Howery, Max Levchin, Luke Nosek and Yu PanBrad Lindenberg
Parent companyeBayZip Co Limited
Total number of users377 million users6 million users and 40000 merchants
Repayment inSix WeeksSix Weeks
FeatureAn instalment payment, payment processing.Instalment payment only.

What is PayPal?

PayPal has been engaged with digital payments for more than a decade. It’s a digital banking service that lets you pay for things with a secure online account.

You just enter your bank account, credit card, or debit card information, and you may pick which of your cards or accounts PayPal will use when you make a payment.

You may also make one of them your default payment method, which will be utilized unless you change your mind.

You may use PayPal not just to pay for things but also to receive money.

Any money you get is deposited into your PayPal account and may be used to make purchases, with the amount being replenished using your designated cards or bank account.

You can also transfer the funds to one of your designated bank accounts or credit cards. When you receive money in your PayPal account, you may be charged a fee.

For instance, if you sell anything on eBay. PayPal recently joined the BNPL theme, and it is being used widely.


What is Quadpay?

QuadPay is a payment network that allows customers to pay for products in four easy payments using a credit or debit card.

QuadPay divides the purchase price into four equal instalments, which are made every two weeks. You may buy now and pay later with QuadPay.

Quadpay’s main goal is to give modern consumers clear, simple, and cost-effective payment options.

Their ultimate objective is to provide a space where everyone may find what they want, desire, and need in life.

With a yearly payment volume of $3 billion, it serves approximately 6 million users and 40,000 businesses throughout the world.

When using Quadpay, there is no minimum purchase amount, but their automatic system sets maximum spending restrictions based on different criteria and the amount a retailer is prepared to take.

The procedure is not the same as a debit plan. Items will be shipped in the same way as they would if you paid with any other method.

 Since the app can process in-store payments, Quadpay is widely accepted. A huge number of retailers have also partnered with the app to offer online purchasing straight through the app.

Amazon, Nike, Walmart, Target, Apple, and many other retailers are among them.


Main Differences Between PayPal and Quadpay

  1. PayPal was founded in 1998, and it is been in the digital payment business for a decade. In contrast, Quadpay was founded in 2017 and is popular only for its Buy Now Pay Later instalment theme.
  2. PayPal is headquartered in San Jose, California, in the United States, whereas Quadpay is headquartered in New York, New York, the United States.
  3. PayPal has a total of 377 million users worldwide, while Quadpay has 6 million users and 40000 merchants.
  4. PayPal is the parent company of eBay. On the other hand, Quadpay is the parent company of Zip Co Limited.
  5. PayPal provides payment processing and instalment payment options. Quadpay, on the other hand, only has instalment payment features.

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