Difference Between Qantas and Air New Zealand

Qantas is more polished and typically a chunk more excessive-end in terms of gentle product/service. However, Air New Zealand remains very good, pleasant, and personable.


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Qantas is more professional/buttoned down while Air New Zealand feels a bit more pleasant and warm. Air New Zealand has much more comfortable seats than Qantas.

Qantas vs Air New Zealand

The difference between Qantas and Air New Zealand is that Qantas is known as the longest distance airline while Air New Zealand is known as the most secure airline. Another thing is that Qantas is owned by Oneworld Airline Alliance but Air New Zealand is owned by the New Zealand government.

Qantas vs Air New Zealand

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As the world’s largest long-distance airline and one of Australia’s most powerful manufacturers, Qantas is often recognized as the best in the world.

Regional, domestic, and international services are provided by airline manufacturers.

Operated as a subsidiary of the publicly traded Qantas Group, it has a fleet of aircraft. It has primary centers in Sydney and Melbourne, as well as auxiliary centers in Perth and Brisbane, among other cities.

Air New Zealand is one of the few airways withinside the international to have an investment-grade credit score rating, is a staunch supporter of its domestic country, and has been taking part in healthy growth in each of its home and global markets.

It has been on the top as the most secure airways withinside the international for 2022

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonQantasAir New Zealand
Fleet Size The fleet includes Airbus A330, Airbus A380, Boeing 737, and Boeing 787 The jet fleet includes 52 planes: 11 Airbus A320 and A321 neo airplanes for short-haul flights, twenty Airbus A320, fourteen Boeing 787-nine Dreamliner jet planes for long-haul flights.
CompetitorsSpirit Airlines, Air China, Southwest Airlines, and Cathay Pacific AirwaysCopa Airlines, Emirates Group,Transavia, Royal Air Maroc.
Annual Revenue Collection Around 5.9 billion dollars.Around 2 billion dollars.
Ranking    It is at 4th position among the top airlines.It is at the top position.
Number of FlightsQantas operates domestic flights to 60 destinations and international flights to 27 destinations.These airways operate 20 domestic flights and international flights to 31 locations.

What is Qantas?

Qantas Airways Limited is the national airline of Australia and the country’s largest airline when we consider the fleet size, the number of international destinations, the number of international flights.

It is the world’s third-oldest airline in existence, having begun operations in November 1920 and launching global passenger flights in May 1935.

The acronym Q.A.N.T.A.S stands for Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Ltd. It was founded at Winton Queensland with an airplane on sixteen November.

For instance, if you are traveling on the Qantas B787 economic system class, which has an above-average 32-inch seat pitch and a recline of six inches. The economy-level seats are reasonably comfortable.

In addition, the international Qantas A330-200 economy magnificence seat has a large 2-4-2 arrangement, an adjustable backrest for further comfort, and a netting footrest.

When the Airbus A330-200 arrived in New Delhi at four o’clock in the afternoon, it was the first flight between Sydney and the Indian capital in almost a decade.

Qantas was prominently featured because it is the world’s largest long-distance airline and one of Australia’s most significant manufacturing companies.

The essential consciousness of Qantas Airlines is Comfort and carrier quality. It gives its purchaser the high-quality in magnificence consolation at some stage in the journey. 

What is Air New Zealand?

New Zealand’s national airline is Air New Zealand. The airline.

It is based in Auckland. Scheduled passenger flights are available from the airport to 20 domestic and 31 foreign destinations in 20 different countries.

Most of which are in the Pacific Rim. Since 1999, the airline has been a member of the Star Alliance.

Air New Zealand started as Tasman Empire Airways Limited. It was started in 1939 through a global settlement among New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

It is one of the few airways withinside the globe to have an investment-grade credit score rating, is a staunch supporter of its home country.

Its average product is superb, and its commercial enterprise magnificence bed is outstanding.

The cause for the airline being unique from others is probably due to Air New Zealand’s cleverly designed cabins, first-rate food, extra low-priced prices, their flavor of Kiwi culture, and now no longer forgetting the hilarious in-flight protection videos.

The most secure airline in the world for 2022 is Air New Zealand, according to AirlineRatings.com.

Other top-tier providers on the list include TAP Air Portugal, Etihad Airways, Qantas Airways, Qatar Airways, Lufthansa, and Finnair, among others.

Main Differences Between Qantas and Air New Zealand

  1. Qantas and its subsidiaries operated 297 aircraft whereas Air New Zealand operated 103 aircraft.
  2. Qantas operates Australia’s biggest top-class full-provider domestic airline with flights to over 60 locations around Australia whilst Air New Zealand is the main airline of New Zealand and flies to 20 New Zealand locations.
  3. Qantas has around 22000 employees comparatively greater than Air New Zealand which has around 10000 employees.
  4. Qantas is more professional/buttoned-down whereas Air NZ feels a bit more friendly and warm.
  5. Qantas has around 16 million passengers traveling every year whereas Air New Zealand has slightly more around 17 million passengers traveling each year.
Difference Between Qantas and Air New Zealand
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