Qantas vs Virgin Airlines: Difference and Comparison

Qantas Airways Limited and Virgin Airways Limited are Australia’s biggest airlines. Australia always has this fight for an Economy class between these airlines but these airlines operate as per their premium levels and offer the best security, check-ins, and boarding services. 

If you are in Australia and want to get around then you might use one of these airlines. And to choose the right one for your flying experience then read along.

Key Takeaways

  1. Qantas is Australia’s largest and oldest airline, while Virgin Australia is a younger and more recently established competitor.
  2. Qantas is part of the Oneworld airline alliance, whereas Virgin Australia is not a member of any major alliance.
  3. Virgin Australia positions itself as a more affordable and customer-centric airline, while Qantas is known for its premium services and extensive international route network.

Qantas vs Virgin Airlines

Qantas Airways is Australia’s national carrier and operates both domestic and international flights. It has a long and rich history, having been founded in 1920. Virgin Airlines is a brand name used by multiple airlines around the world, including Australia, owned by Virgin Group conglomerate.

Qantas vs Virgin Airlines

The national carrier of Australia is Qantas Airlines. And Qantas Airways Limited is the world’s third-largest airline that is still in operation. It has hubs at Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane airports, from where it operates. 

It is also the busiest airport in the world in terms of fleet size, foreign routes, and overseas destinations.

Virgin Atlantic Airways Limited or Virgin Atlantic International Limited, a British airline were the first-ever airlines to introduce personalized televisions. Members of the airline’s frequent flyer program, flying club, can get the greatest discounts when booking Virgin Atlantic online.

Many named this airline the best in Europe, and it has received praise for its unique and inventive sustainable onboard food and beverage menu.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonQantasVirgin Airlines
Baggage Allowance7kg carry allowance on Economy class and one 30kg checked bag is allowed.7kg allowance on Economy class and 23kg checked baggage allowance on economy domestic and long-haul international flights. 
HeadquartersMascot, AustraliaCrawley, United Kingdom
Company TypePrivately held companyPrivately held company
Classes of Service Business Class, First Class, Economy, and Premium Economy are the four classes available.Upper Class, Premium, and Economy are the available classes.
Specialized InAviation, Innovative product development, Information Technology, Digital, Pilots Financial Services, and Customer service. International Airline.

What is Qantas?

Qantas Airways Limited is the major company in the Qantas Group corporate structure and is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

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The principal business of the Qantas Group is passenger transportation under two major brands: Qantas and Jetstar. 

Qantas Frequent Flyer (Loyalty Programs) and Qantas Freight Enterprises are part of the Qantas Group’s diversified range of operations.

Qantas is a full-service premium airline with an extensive domestic and international network that offers world-class products and services. 

Qantas advantages include a global network, frequent flights and connectivity, the Frequent Flyer program, access to lounges, in-flight cuisine and entertainment, and First, Business, Premium Economy, and Economy cabins on many international flights, as well as Business and Economy on domestic flights. 

Jetconnect, a wholly-owned Qantas subsidiary company of Qantas airlines which is based in New Zealand, operates Qantas trans-Tasman services.

Privileges of Flying With Qantas Group:

  • There are 14 private suites with a fully flat extra-wide bed, a guest seat, a dining table for two, a 17-inch entertainment screen, designer toiletries, and robes.
  • A fully-flat skybed sleeper seat with a large in-arm screen, a private lounge, self-service food bar, designer toiletries, and pyjamas are all included in business class.
  • Premium Economy features an extra-wide reclining seat with more legroom, a huge entertainment screen, and a self-serve snack bar.
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What is Virgin Airlines?

Since its start in 1984, Virgin Atlantic Airways has evolved to become one of the world’s premier airlines, connecting all of the world’s largest major cities.

The Virgin Atlantic tale is the epitome of the Virgin brand. It has everything, a little newcomer taking on a huge and complacent establishment, a people’s champion bringing better service and reduced costs to travelers, and a reputation for quality and inventive product development. 

Virgin Atlantic was founded as a spin-off from Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, which at the time was well-known in the pop and rock music industry. In early 1984, Branson was approached by an Anglo-American lawyer named Randolph Fields with a proposal to join a new airline.

In November 2003, Virgin Atlantic introduced the upper-class suite, a product that has garnered some of the industry’s most prestigious design accolades and is available on all of the airline’s flights. 

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This was re-launched in April 2014, when the airline began receiving Boeing 787 Dreamliner planes. 

A bar is also available in each Upper-Class cabin. On its Boeing 787-9s, Premium passengers can enjoy the Wander Wall, a social place at the front of the aircraft where passengers can stretch their legs, socialize with fellow passengers, interact with the crew, and help themselves to complementary food.

Benefits of flying with Virgin Atlantic Aircraft:

  • Larger panorama windows.
  • Cleaner air thanks to a sophisticated filtering system. 
  • A lit dome ceiling design creates a spacious feel.
  • Quieter engines and air conditioning provide a quieter cabin.
  • A lower cabin altitude improves the cabin environment.
  • Larger overhead bins for better storage.
virgin airlines

Main Differences Between Qantas And Virgin Airlines

  1. Qantas Airlines charges nil for infants if they are under 2 on domestic flights and didn’t occupy a seat whereas Virgin Airlines charges 10% of the adult fare for infants under 2 when they are sitting on the adult’s lap.
  1. Qantas offers a wide body inflight product on the other hand Virgin airlines offers a marginal business class product.
  1. Qantas flies to 70 plus destinations whereas Virgin airlines fly to 55 plus destinations.
  1. Qantas airlines enlist more than 30 domestic lounges across Australia and other regional ports, while Virgin airlines enlist seven domestic lounges across Australia covering the capital cities and the Gold coast.
  1. In terms of entertainment, Qantas airlines have to offer movies, radio, TV entertainment apps, the Qantas magazine, and Virgin airlines have to offer iPads, inflight apps, movies, music, and games.
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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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