Turkish Airlines vs Qatar Airways: Difference and Comparison

Travelling from one country to another is now becoming more and more common. So the usage of airlines is also becoming popular.

There are various kinds of airlines available. All these airlines vary in the cost of facilities provided by them. Turkish and Qatar Airways are also providing airline services to people.

Key Takeaways

  1. Turkish Airlines and Qatar Airways are major international airlines based in Turkey and Qatar, respectively, and offer a broad range of flights and destinations worldwide.
  2. Turkish Airlines is a member of the Star Alliance, while Qatar Airways is a member of the Oneworld airline alliance, affecting their partnerships, codeshare agreements, and frequent flyer programs.
  3. Both airlines have earned a reputation for high-quality service and inflight experiences. Still, factors such as route networks, pricing, and loyalty programs may influence travelers’ preferences between the two carriers.

Turkish Airlines vs Qatar Airways

Turkish Airlines, initiated by Turkey, provide various airline services, including the best business class, relaxing environment, comfortable sitting, etc. It is the largest airline in the world, having destinations in 315 countries. Qatar Airways provide first-class with a destination in 173 countries.

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Turkish Airlines is a national airline service offered by Turkey. It is the largest airline service in the world, with over 315 destinations. This airline was established in 1993 as Turkish State Airlines.

Due to the good treat, comfortable seating arrangements, and modern fleet, Turkish Airlines is very popular. It offers the best business class products too.

Qatar Airways I an airline company in Qatar. It was established in 1993. It is one of the best airline services in the world. It was the first one to operate Airways A350.

Apart from this, Qatar Airways serve every continent. Qatar Airways has many divisions, for example, Qatar Duty-Free, Qatar Airways Holiday, etc.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonTurkish AirlinesQatar Airways
First ClassNot availableAvailable
Fleet Size373233
HeadquartersIstanbul Atatürk Airport,
Yeşilköy, Istanbul, Turkey  
Qatar Airways Towers,
Doha, Qatar  
HubsIstanbul AirportHamad International Airport

What is Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines has been awarded a 3-Star rating for the quality of its airport and onboard products and the service its employees provide.

The arrangement of seats is well-maintained. Also, proper care is taken for cleanliness, and washrooms are hygienic. Proper safety measures are also taken.

Many passengers would be shocked to hear that Turkish Airlines flies to more overseas locations than any other airline in the world, with flights departing from a dozen different cities across North America.

It also performs a fantastic job of getting them there.

Turkish Airlines boasts one of the best Business Class products in the world, is also excellent in the economy, travels almost everywhere, offers various unique services that other airlines don’t, and accomplishes all of this at a discount while being a member of the world’s largest and best global alliance.

That’s an extremely difficult combo to beat.

Premium-class customers, like any airline, get more opulent accoutrements, but Turkish also excels in the economy, with USB chargers at seats and amenities rarely seen in basic economy, including printed menus and free amenity kits containing sunglasses and accessories.

The value, as well as the quality of the cuisine and entertainment system, trickles down.

turkish airlines 1

What is Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways was rated the greatest airline on the planet, followed by Singapore Airlines, which came in third last year, and Cathay Pacific, which was awarded the top carrier in 2014.

The Qatar Airways base, also known as Hamad International Airport, was awarded “Best Airport” in the Middle East, beating out the two UAE airports in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. 

Qatar Airways employs about 50,000 people and serves 173 locations throughout the world. The airline has received numerous honours for its outstanding service and product quality.

Furthermore, the airline has its loyalty program, Privilege Club.

Qatar Airways is regarded as one of the top airlines in the world. According to our internal analysis, Qatar is ranked first among the world’s best airlines. Qatar is also ranked as one of the top airlines in the world by Skytrax.

In the list of Safeline Airways, this airline is ranked as 38 number. Qatar Airways employs around 45,000 people worldwide, with over 32,000 of them working as airline personnel.

Doha is home to one of the world’s largest business lounges. It has a fleet size of 233. We can conclude that it is the best airline service.

qatar airways

Main Differences Between Turkish Airlines and Qatar Airways

  1. The destinations covered by Turkish Airlines are 331. On the other hand, Qatar Airways cover 173 destinations.
  2. Turkish Airways provide Klarna financing support. But Qatar Airways do not provide this support.
  3. Turkish Airways also do not support PayPal or Google Pay. But Qatar Airways support these payment methods.
  4. Turkish Airways do not provide travel opportunities in .first class. On the other hand, Qatar Airways provides this opportunity of first class.
  5. Turkish Airways have less cooperation with their customers. But Qatar Airways have good cooperation.
Difference Between Turkish Airlines and Qatar Airways
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Last Updated : 26 July, 2023

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