Difference Between Real Diamonds and Fake Diamonds

It’s difficult to tell if a diamond is real or fake since they both shine and are sharp. However, different methods have been employed to determine the difference between a real diamond and a fake diamond.

Fake diamonds are man-made objects that contain synthetic ingredients, whereas real diamonds are formed of natural minerals and pure carbon atoms.

Real Diamonds vs Fake Diamonds

The main difference between Real Diamonds and Fake Diamonds is that Real Diamonds are naturally occurring minerals that are formed within the Earth’s surface over several years. On the other hand, Fake Diamonds are artificial that are made by humans in laboratories by combining other materials in order to make them look like real ones. 

Real Diamonds vs Fake Diamonds

Real diamonds are light, hard with high thermal conductivity and electrical resistivity. Due to high tensile strength, they are apt for various applications.

From cutting tools to managing thermal-related components, a component in semiconductor, and optical devices. They are naturally occurring hardest minerals that are deposited on the earth’s mantle surface. 

Fake diamonds are man-made gems that are generated in the labs in order to be tantamount to the quality of real diamonds but at a quite cheap price.

Fake diamonds are also known as Synthetic diamonds and lab-grown diamonds. Nowadays, Fake diamonds are popular as well as common due to their cost-effectiveness. 

Comparison Table Between Real Diamonds and Fake Diamonds

Parameters of Comparison Real DiamondsFake Diamonds
Meaning Real diamonds are the world’s hardest naturally occurring minerals that are very strong and durable, found near the earth’s surface.Fake Diamonds are man-made diamonds that are non-durable and synthetic. 
Light & HeatReal diamonds show the reflection of bright white light in various directions that sparkles effectively & disperses heat forthwith.Fake Diamonds sparkle linearly with less light reflectively and disperse heat very slowly. 
Materials Real diamonds are made up of natural minerals and pure carbon.Fake Diamonds are largely made up of synthetic materials. 
Appearance Because of their strong components, real diamonds resemble a cube form with sharp edges that are denser & sink in water.Fake Diamonds have rounded edges with crystal structures and are less dense that could float in water. 
Thermal conductivity Real Diamonds have resistance to high temperatures, therefore, conduct electricity.Fake Diamonds don’t have the resistance to high heat and could break into pieces and don’t conduct electricity.

What is Real Diamonds?

Real Diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring minerals that are found at the bottom of the earth’s surface. Or scientifically speaking, it is a solid form of carbon atoms that are arranged in a cube shape.

The first indication of real diamonds dates back to the 4th century BC in India. Short enough, they have become a great commodity to trade between countries.

They are extracted from diamond mining areas, which are commonly found in Australia, Brazil, China, Russia, South Africa. It takes high pressure and temperature for real diamonds to form beneath the Earth’s surface.

There are several methods to determine whether a diamond is real or fake, however, determining by the look of it is the easiest and most authentic method. A diamond is said to be real if, under black light, it reveals a strong beam of blue color.

Speaking of which, water test, fog test, heating test, UV light test, X-ray examination, high-profile weighing, diamond tester, loupe test, and many more are some of the common tests that help in identifying the quality of a diamond.

Real diamonds are classified into 4 categories of Cs, namely, Carat, Cut, Clarity, and Color. Real diamonds are so expensive because of their rarity and attractiveness. 

What is Fake Diamonds?

Meanwhile, Fake Diamonds are the exact opposite of real diamonds where they are man-made, require merely a lab to produce a bulk of fake diamonds, and are heavy.

They were first invented by researchers at the Allmänna Svenska Elektriska Aktiebolaget Laboratory in Stockholm, Sweden in the early 1950s.

Due to the scarcity of real diamonds, fake ones are introduced to meet the supply and demands of people. Synthetic or Artificial Diamonds and Imitation Diamonds are the methods of manufacturing fake diamonds.

Spinel and Cubic Zirconia are the most popular and ‘real-like’ stones that make fake diamonds look exactly like the real ones. In the same way, a natural diamond forms, fake diamonds are formed in the labs at high temperatures and pressure.

In labs, a diamond seed is plotted, and following weeks, it turns into a full-fledged rough diamond.

Subsequently, it is cut and polished in an eye to make it look similar to real diamonds with the same chemical, physical, and optical properties.

One of the simplest ways to tell whether the diamond is fake or not is by water test. When you drop the gem into the glass of water, if it floats, that means it is a fake one, since real diamonds have high density. 

Main Differences Between Real Diamonds and Fake Diamonds

  1. Real Diamonds are made up of natural minerals, whereas Fake diamonds are man-made ones.
  2. Real Diamonds originated from Madhya Pradesh, India in the 4th Century BC. On the other hand, Fake Diamonds have been invented by researchers at the Allmänna Svenska Elektriska Aktiebolaget Laboratory in Stockholm, Sweden in the 1950s. 
  3. Real Diamonds conduct electricity because of their heat-resistance. While Fake Diamonds don’t conduct electricity.
  4. Speaking of the edges, Real Diamonds look like a cube with sharp edges, but Fake diamonds have rounded edges with shining structures. 
  5. Real Diamonds are heavier, thus sinking the water. Nevertheless, Fake Diamonds are less dense and float in water. 
Difference Between Real Diamonds and Fake Diamonds


Identifying real diamonds from fake diamonds takes a lot of effort and requires a variety of approaches to verify them. Real diamonds are very robust and heavy, and they sink in water due to the toughest minerals they are formed of.

Furthermore, genuine diamonds have a bright and gleaming edge that can be discovered in Australia, Brazil, China, Russia, and South Africa. For actual diamonds to emerge from under the Earth’s surface, great pressure and temperature are required.

Fake diamonds are those that have been created artificially by humans. Because of their reduced weight, fake diamonds float in the water and have rounded edges that appear to be crystal.

Furthermore, fake diamonds are created in laboratories at high temperatures and pressures to fulfill the demand and supply of individuals in the diamond industry.


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