Difference Between Scrum Master and Project Manager

There are lots of new projects that are blooming in the IT industry. For that, they need developers, managers, programmers, and everything that is needed for that new project.


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Scrum Master vs Project Manager

The difference between Scrum Master and Product Manager is that a scrum master is a person who will be responsible for handling projects based on the agile model, and their work will be stressful and challenging depending on the situation. A product manager is a person who will handle the project and will respond right from the beginning till the end.

Scrum Master vs Project Manager

Scrum master is a very in-demand job, and one should be very good at agile model projects. There are also five steps in scrum master. There are some six principles available in scrum master as well. 

A project manager is responsible for everything right from the beginning of the project. But it is also a stressful as well as a challenging career.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonScrum MasterProject Manager
DefinitionIt is a person who will handle the agile model projectsA project manager is a person who is responsible for handling a project
ReportingProduct OwnerClients or stakeholder
LeadershipServant LeaderLeader
Main focusThey should focus on the team membersThey should focus on the project
RiskThey don’t hold any risk in the projectThey should hold risk for the project and is responsible for whatever happens.

What is Scrum Master?

It is a person who will lead the team in the agile model project. A scrum master should be very professional in handling agile projects.

This is an important job that every company is looking for. If you have an interest in software engineering and would like to work on software development projects, then this is the right fit for you.

But the name itself would have made you realize that this is not an easy job or an easy task. It involves lots of work as work. And sometimes it will make your day very stressful because you have a team to handle and also have to solve their queries.

scrum master

What is Project Manager?

A Project manager is a person who will plan the project, execute it, and will work on the project till the project gets over. They are the head of a new project.

To become a good and successful project manager, you should have a good portfolio and some good experience in that field. Because people mostly don’t hire freshers as project managers.

These five stages are important till they complete the project. A project manager is considered to be one of the good carriers, and it also has the highest salary in the tech field.

project manager

Main Differences Between Scrum Master and Project Manager

  1. The leadership role of the scrum master is a servant leader. But the leadership role of a product manager is a leader.
  2. The scrum master’s main focus will be on the team members. On the other hand, the product manager’s main focus will be on the team and as well as the team members.
Difference Between Scrum Master and Project Manager


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