Difference Between T20 and Test Match

The two popular cricket matches with different formats are known as test and T20 matches. A test match is a long-duration cricket match.

The test match requires the strength and patience of the players to play the match for hours together without long breaks.

The T20 match is a short-duration cricket match. The two teams play 2 innings in a T20 match which would be 20 overs for a single team.

T20 match is good for players that could not play for long durations.

T20 vs Test Match                                             

The main difference between T20 and test match is that the T20 match has a total of 40 overs for two teams. On the other hand, the test match has to cover 450 overs and the players would be required to play for around 5 days. The T20 matches are more engrossing for cricket fans as compared to the test match due to their short duration.

T20 vs Test Match

The T20 match format came into the role in 2003. The main intention behind the introducing T20 match was to gather more spectators on the field.

The viewers on the television would find the T20 match more interesting as the format would allow the players to play the game in a fast-paced way.

The test match was introduced in 1877 and the first match was played in Melbourne. The main intention behind introducing test matches was to increase the match time between two teams so that all the team members would get time to show their sportsmanship.

Comparison Table Between T20 and Test Match

Parameters of ComparisonT20Test Match
Type                  Short duration cricket match.Long duration cricket match.
Overs or days covered40 overs for both teams.5 days or 450 overs.
GoalsEntertainment for a short period.Entertainment for a long period.
Introduced in20031877
ResultsThe possibility of a draw is not present.The possibility of a draw is present.

What is T20?

In 2003, England came up with a brilliant format for catching the attention of short-duration cricket lovers. In the T20 match, both of the teams are given 20 overs each for batting.

The main target both the teams in the T20 match is to win or lose. Each team mainly focuses either on making more scores or preventing the opposite team from scoring more.

The T20 players should not take more time for adding scores to the board as T20 is not a long-duration game. There is no chance that there would be a draw between two teams in T20 matches as the teams would either lose or win the game.

If both teams have scored a similar score, then power over may be granted to both teams.

The introduction of the T20 game has increased the popularity of cricket matches. The T20 match is the shortest match format in the history of cricket.

At professional levels, many countries are allowed to participate in the T20 matches. The rules and guidelines of the T20 match are almost equal to a one-day match which comes with 50 overs for each team.

The T20 match is more suitable for the fast cricketers that have less patience and more strength themselves. Some cricketers find it difficult to play for more than 2 to 3 hours.

These cricketers would find the T20 match a great format for scoring more in less time.

What is Test Match?

A Test match is a simple format in which the teams are given 5 days to cover 450 overs. The test match has four possible results depending on the scores of both teams.

The main focus of the players in the test match is to stand on the field for hours together without giving up.

The team should focus on saving their wickets to play the test match for a long time. For the spectators or viewers watching the same match for 5 days would be monotonous.

Therefore, the number of viewers for the test match would be less as compared to the T20 match. The players that have fast batting techniques may not be able to play the test match for a long time.

Test matches are mainly for slow or energetic players that can hold the patience for 1 to 3 days without losing their wickets.

The test match would require the huge strength of the players. It’s not possible to score many runs in a test match as the main motive would be to save the wickets.

Main Differences Between T20 and Test Match

  1. The T20 match has 40 overs for both teams. The test match has 450 over for both of the teams.
  2. T20 match is the shortest match in the history of cricket. Test match is the longest match in the cricket world.
  3. A T20 match would require the team to score more runs in very less time. Test matches would require players to save their wickets and maintain their scores to stay on the field for a long time.
  4. T20 match doesn’t have the concept of a match draw in any situation. Test match would allow match draw results.
  5. T20 match is the best option for experienced cricketers as the low-energetic players can also play the game. Test matches would require young cricketers as it requires more energetic players.
Difference Between T20 and Test Match


The huge difference between the T20 and test match is due to the number of overs provided to both teams. Playing T20 matches are easier than compared to test match.

For every cricketer, a test match would be tough as it requires good skills and patience. T20 matches are favorable for the cricketers that are about to take retirement from the cricket world.

The T20 matches would not go beyond 3 to 3.5 hours in any situation. The lasting time of the test match is around 120 hours.

Both of these matches have their pros and cons. The test match format is older than the T20 format. The T20 match is gaining more popularity due to its time and fast-paced performance of the cricketers.


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