Toyota Hilux vs Tacoma: Difference and Comparison

Customer profile for buying any specific product can be influenced by geography.

For example, a customer who wants to travel to rocky terrains won’t look for the same car as a customer who lives in an extremely wet and flood-prone area.

Toyota is a very successful automobile company that is manufacturing different kinds of models appropriate for different nations, Hilux and Tacoma are two of them.

Key Takeaways

  1. Toyota Hilux is a compact pickup truck sold in various countries worldwide, while Toyota Tacoma is a midsize pickup truck in North America.
  2. Hilux offers various engine options and configurations, while Tacoma has a standard V6 engine.
  3. Hilux is known for being durable and reliable in harsh conditions, while Tacoma offers more advanced safety features and a higher towing capacity.

Toyota Hilux vs Tacoma

The Toyota Hilux is available with both manual and automatic transmissions. Toyota Tacoma is only available with an automatic transmission. The Toyota Tacoma is available with a larger engine than the Toyota Hilux, with a V6 engine option that is not available in the Hilux.

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Toyota Hilux is a series of pickup trucks and it started its production line with a 1.5L inline-four engine in the late 1960s.

The models we see today in the market are eighth generations Hilux automobiles and it also introduced the new AN 120/130 series for the Asian, European, and South American market.

The Toyota Tacoma series features a product line of mid-size pickup trucks and they are one of the most popular choices in the American market.

It mainly has two engine choices that vary with the models and currently the third generation of the Tacoma series is existing in the market since 2016.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonToyota HiluxToyota Tacoma
LaunchThe first generation of Toyota Hilux started its production in 1968.Toyota Tacoma hit the US and the Canadian truck market in 1995.
SizeToyota Hilux is less wide than Toyota Tacoma.Toyota Tacoma is 2 inches wider than Toyota Hilux as this design is more suited for the American parking space.
DesignHilux has more pronounced body lines with a streamlined front and sleeker headlights.Tacoma has a relatively simple squared-off body shape with squinting headlights.
EngineThe engine in Hilux consists of a 2.8-liter turbodiesel inline-four engine.Drivers have two options for Tacoma. Either a 2.7-liter four-cylinder engine or a 3.5-liter V6 engine.
MarketHilux is a famous truck in several nations but North America.Tacoma is exclusively designed for the North American, Canadian, and a little bit of Mexican market.
EntertainmentHilux has an 8-inch multimedia screen and it is compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.Apart from Apple and Android, the 7-inch touchscreen in Tacoma also has Alexa integration.
SignificanceHilux can carry a heavier payload than Tacoma.Tacoma is better at towing than Hilux.

What is Toyota Hilux?

In 1968, the Hilux series rolled out under the brand name Toyota whereas it was developed and manufactured by Hino Motors.

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The first model had a passenger capacity of three, a 1,000 kg payload capacity, and a cargo bed of 1,850 mm long.

The second-generation Hilux rolled out in 1972 and as compared to the first generation, the wheelbase was extended by 10mm and 45mm.

To make the driving experience smoother, a 2-liter 105 hp engine was introduced.

The third-generation Hilux models were introduced in 1978 and the company offered four long-body models and three standard-length models.

The interiors of the car became more spacious and the coil springs were replaced by a torsion bar.

Five years later, the fourth-generation Hilux was released and both the interior and exterior design were changed.

The fifth-generation Hilux focused more on being a multipurpose vehicle and the features became more sedan-like.

The sixth-generation models of the series were divided into two lines, business-use, and personal-use.

These models had an adequately long cargo bed, and the cabin height was also extended.

The seventh-generation Hilux continued from 2004 to 2015 and it was sold across 140 countries.

Currently, the eighth-generation models are in the market and the company is working towards every goal from performance, safety, to fuel efficiency.


What is Toyota Tacoma?

The first generation of Toyota Tacoma came into the market in 1995 and continued till 2004.

Toyota decided to develop the Tacoma model as a replacement for the Tacoma model, but currently, both models are thriving in the market.

Tacoma models were designed to improve the towing capabilities of the Toyota trucks (mid-size) and that meets the need of the American and Canadian customers.

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The first Tacoma model was engineered in Calty Design Research, California and production started in three different plants.

There were three different engine choices with different capacities.

The second generation of Tacoma started in 2005 and lasted till 2015.

These models of Tacoma were much larger and offered several choices in terms of cab sizes, engines, transmissions, bed length.

With the Tacoma models, Toyota wanted to offer an option for every type of customer.

In the next generation, Tacoma models that are existing in the market currently from 2016 have many new features.

This includes projector beam headlights, a front air dam, and a rear spoiler.

The new Tacoma models give a luxury feel as compared to the predecessors.

The interiors have been renovated with a much larger display and a new instrument readout panel.

Toyota Tacoma can be an excellent choice when it comes to both comfort and high performance.

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Main Differences Between Toyota Hilux and Tacoma

  1. Toyota Hilux hit the market many years before Tacoma’s production was started.
  2. Toyota Hilux is two inches smaller than Tacoma because Tacoma’s more width is suitable for the American market.
  3. Toyota Hilux is marketed everywhere in the world but North America whereas Tacoma is exceptionally built for American and Canadian drivers.
  4. Toyota Hilux has a more streamlined body shape whereas Tacoma has a squared-off body.
  5. Toyota Hilux has sleeker headlights whereas Tacoma has squinting headlights.
  6. Toyota Hilux has one engine (2.8 liters) whereas Tacoma has two types of engines (2.7 or 3.5 liters).
  7. Toyota Hilux is appropriate for carrying heavier loads whereas Tacoma is more appropriate for towing.

Last Updated : 17 July, 2023

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