Toyota Wigo vs Honda Brio: Difference and Comparison

Every country’s technology is changing on a daily basis. Now, technology may truly be classified as “smart technology.”

Cars are one thing that has changed dramatically over time. Many changes are made, including the engine, interior design, and body design, among others.

Many new firms have emerged, offering a variety of models and features in order to provide the best product for the user. The Toyota Wigo and the Honda Brio are the two most well-known automobile models.

They come in a multitude of ways, including features, designs, and so forth.

Key Takeaways

  1. Toyota Wigo is more affordable and offers better fuel efficiency than the Honda Brio, making it suitable for budget-conscious buyers.
  2. Honda Brio has a more powerful engine and better acceleration than the Toyota Wigo, providing a more spirited driving experience.
  3. Both cars target the compact hatchback segment, but the Brio offers a more premium design and interior quality feel.

Toyota Wigo vs Honda Brio

Toyota Wigo is powered by a 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine. Honda Brio is powered by a 1.2-liter four-cylinder engine. The Brio’s engine is more powerful and has a higher torque output than the Wigo’s engine. The Toyota Wigo has a higher fuel economy than the Honda Brio.

In Indonesia, South Africa, Tunisia, Latin America, and the Caribbean, the Totoya Wigo is offered under the names Diahastu Alya and Toyota Agya.

As a consequence of the OME deal, the Toyota Wigo is only available in the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Brunei, and Vietnam.

Honda’s Brio is a little car that is sold in Southeast Asia, and other parts of the This vehicle was first introduced in 2011. It was positioned under “Fit and Jazz” in the entry-level automobile segment.

It is the smallest car, and it competes well with the “Kei car” in the Japanese market.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonToyota WigoHonda Brio
DimensionsThe length, width, and height of the Toyota Wigo are 3,700mm, 1,600mm, and 1,520mm respectively.The length, width, and height of the Honda Brio are 3,815mm, 1,680mm, and  1,485mm respectively.
HorsepowerIt has a maximum horsepower of 66.It has a maximum horsepower of 89.
Torque The Maximum torque offered by Toyota Wigo is 89Nm.The maximum torque offered by Honda Brio is 110Nm.
Fuel Tank Capacity (in Liters)Toyota Wigo has a fuel tank capacity of about 35 Liters.Honda Brio has a fuel capacity of about 33 Liters.
Ground ClearanceIt has a ground clearance of 2455mm.It has a ground clearance of 2405mm.

What is Toyota Wigo?

The Astra Daihatsu Motor produced the Daihatsu Ayla, which was sold by Ayla under the names Toyota Agya and Toyota Wigo. The name Ayla is a Sanskrit name that means “light,” while the term Agya means “quick.”.

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The government created this vehicle to promote the (LCGC) (Low-Cost Green Car) (low cost and energy-efficient car). The Indonesian government gave this name to a tax-exemption program.

In September of 2012, this car model made its debut and was revealed at the 20th Indonesia International Motor Show. This car eradicates the luxury goods tax for qualifying automobiles (a tax on non-essential commodities).

A three-cylinder engine with a displacement of 998 CC powered the original model.

This automobile is classified as a city car A. Toyota Motor Philippines introduced the Wigo, or “Toyota Wigo,” automobile in 2014.

The body style is a five-door hatchback. This car’s layout is appealing, with a front-engine and front-wheel-drive arrangement.

Gasoline is used to power it. On May 10th, 2017, the Wigo received its first facelift.

The second Wigo facelift was launched in the Philippines on the 15th of June in the year 2020.

toyota wigo

What is Honda Brio?

Thailand, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, and South Africa are among the countries where Honda offers the Brio. Brio is an Italian word that signifies “vivacity” or “verve.”.

Honda unveiled the Brio for the first time in 2011. The first two countries to develop this car were Thailand and India.

On March 17, 2011, the Honda Brio made its debut in Thailand. Thailand’s government has initiated a campaign to promote environmentally friendly automobiles.

Honda estimated that 40,000 Brios would be sold in Thailand each year at the time of its launch. Honda sold less than 32,000 Brios in the country.

Honda Cars India Ltd. manufactures the Honda Brio in India (HCIL). Brio was created in Greater Noida and is manufactured there.

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Only 80 percent of the parts used by the manufacturer were from Indian vendors. The Brio parts were shipped to Thailand from the Rajasthan manufacturer.

Due to low sales, Honda Brio manufacture halted in India in 2018, and it was completely phased out of the Indian market by February 2019.

The Honda Brio was first introduced in Indonesia on August 2, 2012. It was first brought in from Thailand.

The Brio was first shown in the Philippines in September 2014 at the Philippines International Motor Show. The Brio was released in December 2012 in South Africa.

It has some safety equipment like airbags, an anti-lock braking system, and many other types of equipment.

honda brio scaled

Main Differences Between Toyota Wigo and Honda Brio

  1. The Toyota Wigo is marketed by Toyota, whilst the Honda Brio is marketed by Honda.
  2. The Toyota Wigo has LED taillights, whereas the Honda Brio has halogen taillights.
  3. The Toyota Wigo rides on 14-inch alloy wheels. On the other hand, the Honda Brio comes with a set of 15-inch alloy wheels.
  4. The Toyota Wigo’s engine produces 66 horsepower and 89 Nm of torque, whereas the Honda Brio’s engine produces 89 horsepower and 110 Nm of torque.
  5. The Toyota Wigo comes with a 7-inch touchscreen with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. On the other hand, the Honda Brio comes equipped with a 7-inch interactive touchscreen, Bluetooth, USB, and an AUX port.

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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