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Difference Between Vitamin C Serum and Nicotinamide

Skincare is a gesture of self-love, self-care, and also a calm and refreshing practice for most of us. For a few people, it’s also considered as a form of therapy or a mindful window of meditation which really puts them in a good mood. For all those people who are obsessed with skincare products, vitamin c and niacinamide would not be a new term at all.


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Vitamin C Serum vs Nicotinamide

The difference between Vitamin C Serum and Nicotinamide is their composition as well as their effects. These differ in the type of skin on which they are best suited and come in different formulas and consistency based on each skin type and also on skin concerns. In general, serums are an elixir in the field of skincare and can do miracles when used consistently and appropriately.

Vitamin C Serum vs Nicotinamide

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Vitamin C Serum is the most appreciated, trusted, and effective ingredient in skincare that promotes collagen and reduces signs of aging. They also provide us with soft, supple, and glowy skin with a healthy radiance. Though we might consume a lot of vitamin C, we are not sure if the skin is getting enough. Thus it is always better to externally use a serum.

Nicotinamide is the name of vitamin B3, another essential vitamin for giving radiant, healthy, glowy, and youthful skin. Acne and eczema can be battled and also cured with guided and appropriate use of the ingredients. There are plenty of niacinamide serums available in the market that help you address your skincare concern.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonVitamin C SerumNicotinamide
DefinitionIt is a formula of vitamin c and a few other ingredients that promote the effectiveness of the vitamin, and it is formulated for topical use.It is the name for vitamin B3 that is formulated in combination with few products.
Skin TypeIt is suitable for all skin types except hyper-sensitive types.     It can be used with all skin types, including sensitive skin types.
Reaction on Sensitive SkinIt causes irritation and allergies at times with extremely sensitive skin types.    It is safe for people with sensitive as well as hypersensitive skin.
Main BenefitsIt is mainly aimed at reducing signs of ageing, giving a radiant glow, and removing wrinkles.  It mainly deals with the strength and firmness of the skin in addition to its property of minimizing the size of pores.
Anti-inflammatory PropertiesIt doesn’t help significantly with inflammation.   It is highly anti-inflammatory.

What is Vitamin C Serum?

The most popular reason for its well-sought nature is that it suits almost all skin types. People can utilize it for an eternity without noticing severe side effects if used properly. However, people with hyper-sensitive skin types should consider a dermatologist to decide the amount and frequency with which they can use it.

In addition to vitamin C serums, in addition also comprise SPF, retinol, and a few other components to promote healthy glowing skin. It is also best known for its nourishing, replenishing, and hydrating effect. It fights water loss from the skin and improves its ability to store moisture. Pigmentation is another stubborn skin issue that takes time and effort to get cured.

Vitamin C is excellent for fighting pigmentation and improve skin tone, reducing and curing pigmentation. People with sensitive skin are often concerned and troubles by irritation and redness in the skin. Vitamin c is one of the best ingredients to treat uneven skin tone and also reduce redness in the face. Other than pigmentation and scares, vitamin c is also the best to treat sunburns, dark spots, and also on acne scars. It provides you an even and match-on glow all over your face.

vitamin c serum

What is Nicotinamide?

Nicotinamide is such an essential ingredient in your skincare routine as it contains several benefits. It promotes the build-up of keratin on your skin so as to provide firmness and a healthy glow. It hydrates and nourishes your skin by promoting the growth of lipid barriers. Eczema and mature skins would love niacinamide.

Redness is another common issue with sensitive skin, and this can greatly help to cure it. It also is used to treat acne due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Large pores can be another annoying thing and will not let you wear a seamless and perfect manner. Prepping your skin with this serum helps in the reduction of the pore size and makes your skin appear more even.

It also reduces the pore size naturally and permanently over-usage. It regulates the oil flow in your skin, stimulating the natural oils so as to give you a dewy look, nourishment, and healthy skin. Sun damage can be shielded and healed with this serum. Just like vitamin C, this also has the immense ability to fade spots, scars and reduce severe pigmentation.

Fine lines and wrinkles can also be erased over periods of usage. Papules and pustules are problematic versions of acne, and niacinamide helps in healing and clearing them.


Main Differences Between Vitamin C Serum and Nicotinamide

  1. Vitamin C is the key ingredient in the Vitamin c serum, whereas, in niacinamide, vitamin B3 is the key ingredient.
  2. Vitamin C is not suitable for all skin types, whereas niacinamide is suitable for all skin types.
  3. Vitamin C might not be compatible with sensitive skin, but niacinamide is.
  4. Vitamin C doesn’t really help much with inflammation, whereas niacinamide does.
  5. Vitamin C is best for reducing aging, whereas niacinamide is for firmness.
Difference Between Vitamin C Serum and Nicotinamide
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