Difference Between Zebra and Horse

It is important to understand them to have a good general knowledge of animals. Following are all possible differences between horse and zebra.


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Zebra vs Horse

The difference between zebra and horse is in their body appearance and characteristics. Zebras are short and black-white animals their tails and other body features resemble the donkey, their hooves are much harder and can be different based on their environment, whereas horses due to long legs are taller than zebras, they can be of many colors, which also include brown and grey (they cannot be found in zebras) their hooves are comparatively less hard. Due to their different length of legs, their speeds is also different; horses are faster (due to long legs) whereas Zebras in comparison to the horse is less fast. Other than these differences, they also differ in terms of the sound they can make and the weight or size of the body.

Zebra vs Horse

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They can make several sounds, including barking, whining, etc., a group of them is known as zeal. Only three groups of them are left as living members on earth,

They can understand the words and emotions of others. They are also smart animals. They make neighing and whining sounds.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonZebra  Horse
ColorBlack and whiteMany colors
Height  ShorterTaller
FeetHarder hoovesLess hard
Bark  They doThey don’t
Size/weight  LighterHeavier

What is Zebra?

Zebras are animals that can be seen in zoos and some other places. Some interesting facts about them are:

  • They can run faster away from danger and can also kick if some animals come closer to them. They form a group around the injured animals or members of their group.

What is Horse?

Horses are animals that play an important part in society and have been part of it for ages. Some of the facts that are not commonly known by people about them include:

  • The age can be easily determined by looking at their teeth.
  • Earlier ancestors are believed to be lived 55 million years ago. 

Main Differences Between Zebra and Horse

  1. As mentioned above, zebras’ legs are the same as the length of the body, which also makes them weigh lighter in comparison to the horse.
  2. Lastly, some horses can be domesticated for several reasons. For example, they are used for riding, etc., whereas zebras are not domesticated for any reason.
Difference Between Zebra and Horse
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