Differences Between Microsoft Intune and MDM

Interacting with both systems can be difficult, mainly because they have different syntaxes. The difference between Microsoft Intune and MDM is that Intune is a managed service that allows you to manage all your users’ data, including collected stats.


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MDM is a managed care system that helps you manage your users’ data more efficiently. Intune and MDM allow you to control all your users’ data at once.

Microsoft Intune and MDM are important for two main reasons: first, they provide management options for your users’ data; and second, they help you easily manage your users’ data.

Key Takeaways

  1. Microsoft Intune provides comprehensive device management, whereas MDM focuses primarily on mobile devices.
  2. Intune integrates with other Microsoft services for seamless management, while MDM can work with various operating systems and platforms.
  3. Intune offers more advanced security features than MDM, including conditional access policies and data protection.

Microsoft Intune vs MDM

The difference between Intune and MDM is that Intune lets you control all of your users’ data at once. In contrast, MDM is a comprehensive guide that takes you through the steps to interact with both systems in a way that is learned and teaches you how to access all the features of each design from within Intune.

Microsoft Intune vs MDM

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Intune allows you to control the settings and data of your users’ devices with a single pane of glass. This will enable you to view all the data your users are using, whether on your desktop PC, mobile device, or cloud storage via EdgeCast.

Intune is a software management system that is meant to allow your business to manage its users’ data.MDM is a managed care system that large healthcare providers use.

MDM, on the other hand, is more of a console. MDM is meant for new users familiar with Windows 8.1 and want to get started with their Microsoft account across devices. MDM is a managed care system.

It provides you with a lot of control over your users’ data. With MDM, you can access information on your users’ health and medical history, medications, and insurance status.

This information is used to help tailor your business’ marketing campaigns to fit the needs of the specific user base.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMicrosoft IntuneMDM
MeaningIt’s a cloud-based administration tool that allows IT admins to manage the configuration of your device, apps, and settings.It is short for Mobile Device Management, which allows you to manage devices remotely and provide them with updates and software data.
Availability Only available on Windows and Macs–and iPhoneAvailable on Android devices
ServicesSelf-service mobile app installIt’s a cloud-based administration tool that allows IT admins to manage the configuration of your device, apps, and settings.
It takes time to set upTakes time to set upTypically faster to set up
ContentsMDM + MAM + moreMDM

What is Microsoft Intune?

Microsoft Intune also provides monitoring of data usage and security policies. With Microsoft Intune, you can remotely install apps on your phone or tablet. This can be done using the Microsoft Store for a Business app or the Azure Active Directory app.

With Intune, you can view and monitor real-time usage metrics for any mobile app installed on your phone or tablet. This gives you a better understanding of how your users use their devices.

It provides a secure connection to your mobile devices and lets you view and manage device content.

Intune is free, open-source security software that helps manage mobile devices. It provides a secure connection to your mobile devices, lets you view and manage device content, and more.

Intune offers a unified dashboard to monitor security settings and device status. With Intune, you can set privacy profiles for your mobile devices so that only certain people can access what’s on each device.

What is MDM?

Mobile Device Management is an application that provides IT admins with the ability to manage software and device settings, as well as remotely install apps on devices.

With Microsoft Intune, you can manage up to 100 devices per subscription. But remember that MDM is no longer a stand-alone tool. It is now integrated into Microsoft Azure AD and the Microsoft Store for Business app.

MDM was initially a stand-alone software and not a part of a small cloud or public cloud offering.

With MDM, IT admins can monitor and update remote devices. They can also provide users with the security policies they want to enforce.

This tool has many benefits, including policy-based management through profiles, device inventory tracking, remote wiping/wiping cache partition, and more.

MDM is a Microsoft Security Operating System (MSOS) that helps manage mobile devices. It lets you track your devices, security settings, user activities, and more.

Main Differences Between Microsoft Intune and MDM

  1. MDM is considered to be a service, whereas Intune is software. This is mainly because MDM is a management tool, which is why it was designed to manage IT infrastructure.
  2. MDM is more comprehensive and includes features not found in Intune, such as parking and access control.
  3. MDM was launched as part of the Office 365 suite, whereas Intune was found only as a separate product.
  4. MDM works best in managed environments, whereas Intune works across different platforms and devices. In contrast, MDM has no user interface, while with Intune, you can use its web-based interface.
  5. Intune also provides more reliable client management than MDM does, as it has built-in support for Windows 10 devices and also supports Android devices.
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