Percentage Change Word Problems

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    Understanding Percentage Change


    Percentage change measures how much a quantity has increased or decreased relative to its original value. It’s a common concept in mathematics, economics, and everyday life, helping to understand growth or decline in various contexts like prices, population, or scores.


    The formula for calculating percentage change is: Percentage Change=((New Value−Old Value)/Old Value)×100%


    • Old Value: The original quantity before change.
    • New Value: The quantity after change.

    Solving Percentage Change Word Problems

    Step-by-Step Approach

    1. Identify Values: Determine the old and new values from the problem.
    2. Calculate Change: Subtract the old value from the new value.
    3. Apply Formula: Divide the change by the old value, and multiply by 100 to convert to a percentage.
    4. Interpret Result: Understand if the result indicates an increase (positive value) or decrease (negative value).


    Consider practical examples like calculating the percentage increase in rent, change in stock prices, or decline in a car’s value over time.

    Benefits of Understanding Percentage Change

    Practical Applications

    • Finance: Assessing investment growth, interest rates, inflation.
    • Retail: Calculating discounts, price increases.
    • Statistics: Understanding data trends, population changes.

    Skills Development

    • Analytical Thinking: Enhances problem-solving and numerical analysis skills.
    • Decision Making: Informs better financial and business decisions.
    • Real-World Relevance: Applies to everyday situations like budgeting, shopping.

    Educational Importance

    • Foundation for more complex mathematical and statistical concepts.
    • Often included in school curricula to develop numerical literacy.


    Understanding percentage change and being able to solve related word problems is not only a key mathematical skill but also a practical tool in various aspects of life. Whether you’re calculating budget changes, comparing prices, or analyzing data trends, mastering percentage change calculations empowers you to make informed decisions and better understand the world around you.

    Last Updated : 13 February, 2024

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