Difference Between Armani and Armani Exchange

Giorgio Armani, commonly known as Armani, is a world-famous Italian luxury brand that specialises in clothing. It holds a prestigious title in the fashion industry.


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Armani is especially known for his designer suits and red carpet gowns. They also make watches, glasses, jewellery, leather products and other accessories.

Armani vs Armani Exchange

The difference between Armani and Armani Exchange is that while Armani is the main brand of luxury clothing, Armani Exchange is a sub-brand under Armani that specialises in more accessible clothing.

Armani vs Armani

Armani doesn’t just have Armani Exchange as a sub-brand but also has several other sub-brands like Armani Private, Armani Collezioni, Emporium Armani and Armani Jeans.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonArmaniArmani Exchange
BrandThe main brand founded by Giorgio Armani.A sub-brand under the Armani umbrella.
Target AudienceIt targets people of different age groups who can afford luxury products.It targets a younger audience that cannot afford the high-end products but love fashion.
Fashion StyleArmani makes various styles of clothing from red carpet gowns and stylish suits to street fashion wear.Armani Exchange specializes in casual and trendy clothes that can be worn regularly.
PriceArmani is usually very expensive and cannot be afforded by many.Armani Exchange is made for everyone and tends to be less expensive.
Year of FoundationArmani was founded in the year 1975.Armani Exchange was founded in the year 1991.

What is Armani?

Armani is an Italian luxury clothing brand. It was founded by Giorgio Armani, a fashion designer.

Armani hasn’t limited itself to just manufacturing and retailing its clothing line but has also started Armani Hotels in 2005. They own at least seven luxury hotels and three vacation resorts.

A confectionery under the name Armani/Dolci was also founded in 2002. Their image of luxury products was not tainted in these lines too.

Since it has been in existence, Armani has kept expanding it’s brands and adding new businesses under its umbrella.


What is Armani Exchange?

Armani Exchange is a sub-brand in the Armani group. It was first started in the U.S., unlike Armani’s other labels that were started in Italy.

It was inspired by street-chic fashion and new trends. While the other sub-brands of Armani are more high-end, Armani Exchange is made for everyone. 

Armani Exchange was founded much later than Armani’s other prestigious sub-brands as they wanted to be known for their quality and luxury products.

While Armani was only worn by celebrities and rich people for a while, Armani Exchange removed the restrictions and designer fashion was made available to everyone.


Main Differences Between Armani and Armani Exchange

  1. Armani is the main brand, while Armani Exchange is a part of the Armani brand.
  2. Armani was started in the year 1975, while Armani Exchange was started in 1991.


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