Difference Between Outlook and Exchange

As the technology is getting ahead the Internet is also getting a step ahead. The Internet is a result of technology which is helping people in their day to day life.


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Earlier people used to talk to each other via sending letters which reached the receiver after a few months or weeks but due to the internet, this time gap and the distance has vanished as it has enabled people to contact each other in a few minutes or seconds.

An email client is a web application which enables the user to receive, send, type, or to keep the mails of their account.

Outlook vs Exchange

The difference between Outlook and exchange is that outlook is an email client whereas, the exchange is a mail server. Both of them help to receive and send emails of the user but the application they use is different one of them is installed on a web server and another uses the standard protocol of the computing system.

Outlook vs

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonOutlookExchange
DefinitionsAn email client which is a personal information manager available as a part of Microsoft Office Suite.Mail server which is a proprietary Software product of Microsoft.
PurposeKeeping records of emails and managing information about the system like calendar, messages,etc..Enables faster and efficient mailing.
AccessIt is directly accessible on the desktopIt is available on web browsers or servers.
Runs onStandard protocol IMAP or POP3Server
Requirement for installationDoes not require installationRequires installation

What is Outlook?

The outlook is a Microsoft software Which is a personal information manager available as a part of Microsoft Office Suite. Microsoft Outlook is an email client.

An initiative was taken by Microsoft which enabled combining  Hotmail and windows to live into email service which also enables the features like calendar note-taking, etc..

Outlook also has a free webpage known as outlook.com which is quite similar to the computer version or the already installed version of Outlook. Outlook works on android, windows, iOS types of processors.

It is a desktop email client which is already installed in the computer and does not need any installation, the only requirement is of making an account at Outlook after which it will automatically start managing the features which are there in the system.

Outlook and outlook.com both of them have similarity, and the user does not need to create different accounts for both of them.  


What is Exchange?

Exchange is an email server introduced by Microsoft, it is a personal information management server which runs on a server Operating system. 

Exchange Server enables its users to securely access communications like email messages, voicemails, instant messaging and text from the desktop, web page or mobile devices. 

Unlike Outlook, the exchange provides back end to an integrated system for email, calendaring, messaging, and tasks. Exchange is a product of Microsoft which has made messaging and mails faster and efficient.

Microsoft Exchange provides an integrated system for managing, recording, receiving, and sending the mails and maintaining daily tasks of the system that too in a more centralised database

Microsoft Exchange is a software that runs on a server which manages all the emails and tasks of the system more efficiently than Outlook. The other name of Microsoft Exchange is Windows messaging. 

Microsoft Exchange is a cloud-based service which gives its users access to emails and messages from all types of devices for example PCs, mobiles, laptop, tablets, etc.,  and provides access to all kinds of software like  Android, or iOS. 

exchange 2

Difference Between  Outlook and Exchange

  1. The outlook is a personal information manager which not only enables the exchange server but also provides management Tu personal contacts emails calendaring,eetc., on the other hand, the exchange has made emailing more faster and efficient.
  2. Outlook does not necessarily need a web browser as it already has a desktop version installed in PCs or mobiles, although Outlook has a web server version as well which is outlook.com, the exchange needs access through a web browser only.
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