Difference Between Assisted Living and Nursing Home

With the increase of modernization, human life became very busy. It becomes hard to take care of their loved ones. To solve this problem facilities like assisted living and nursing homes are introduced.

They provide skilled people to help old and disabled people in their normal life activities. Now, these services are available almost in every country.

Assisted Living vs Nursing Home

The main difference between assisted living and nursing homes is that assisted living offers the services that are necessary to complete a daily routine while nursing homes provide services for a person who needs 24 hours of medical monitoring. Both facilities are available for senior citizens and disabled people to help them live their life normally.

Assisted Living vs Nursing Home

Assisted living is specially designed for those who require various medical help and care. It is generally provided for older people who can not take care of themselves.

In assisted living, the settings are arranged in a home-like way. An individual in assisted living can get a room, a shared apartment, and quarters.

The nursing home can be described as a private hospital that is small in size. Nursing homes are founded to help old people.

When a person does not need to go to a hospital but can not be taken care of at home, in these circumstances nursing homes become the place he should visit. Skilled nurses work in nursing homes to provide medical help 24 hours.

Comparison Table Between Assisted Living and Nursing Home

Parameters Of ComparisonAssisted LivingNursing Home
Type of serviceAssisted living provides professional people to help old people in their daily routine such as bathing, eating, dressing, etc. Nursing homes provide skilled nurses to help old people in their daily routine such as bathing, eating, dressing, etc.
Other servicesAssisted living provides extensive entertainment and social activities including laundry, housekeeping, and food. Nursing homes provide limited comprehensive entertainment and social activities including laundry, housekeeping, and food.
ResidentsAssisted living facilities can provide space for almost 300 residents. The average of assisted living is 50 individuals. A nursing home can provide space for almost 100 residents at a time. Even smaller nursing homes exist.
Type of ResidenceAssisted living also facilitates private or shared rooms as well as apartments, quarters, and outside grounds for a walk. Nursing homes offer private rooms as well as shared rooms. The area of residence is usually small.
Additional namesOther names that are used for assisted living are Senior Living Communities and Adult Foster Care. Other names that are used for a nursing home are Skilled Nursing Facilities, Intermediate Care, and Nursing Facilities.

What is Assisted Living?

When a person reaches a certain age, he becomes weak and not able to do his daily stuff. He requires help from others. That’s when assisted living comes in handy.

Assisted living is referred to housing that came in effect to help people who can’t help themselves but need abundant medical care and help.

This facility is designed to help people with their daily life and physical health.

Assisted living communities to provide a wide range of offers that includes, monitoring of health, two to three meals a day, personal care, laundry, recreational activities, housekeeping, emergency services, etc.

A person is suggested to give enough thinking of the requirements he needs before contacting an Assisted Living community.

The services provided by assisted living help a person with eating, bathing, pooping, dressing, etc. In other words, this facility is available for people with disabilities and older people who found these normal activities hard to do.

The assisted living facility can be provided to a person by himself or his family.

There are skilled people in assisted living that help the person with his ongoing problems. Assisted living facilities have to follow laws and regulations that can differentiate from state to state.

The duration of assisted living is decided by the person who is getting it.

What is Nursing Home?

Nursing homes are known as health care facility that is here to offer various medical help to old people. Nursing homes are also widely known as SNF (skilled nursing facilities).

Nursing homes are established for people who require a lot of help in their daily routine. For example, mobility, cleaning, feeding, dressing, bathing, etc.

It also includes cleaning and doing laundry. The nurses are liable to provide help for these people. These nurses are skilled and expert in their job.

The average age of residents residing in nursing homes is 75 to 80. A person can stay in a nursing home for 5 months to years depending on his situation of health.

In case of some injury, surgery, or illness, a short-term stay is also offered by many nursing homes. There are many types of therapy provided by nursing homes to their residents such as language therapy, physical therapy, psychological therapy, etc.

A special facility called ‘memory care’ is offered by nursing homes that are also known as dementia care. It is included in the services because a large number of people suffer from dementia.

Nursing homes came into existence in the early 19th century and now they have become a significant part of society.

Main Differences Between Assisted Living and Nursing Home

  1. Nursing homes are for those individuals that require daily Medical examinations while assisted living can be helpful for those individuals who need personal care.
  2. In nursing homes, nurses provide necessary aid to the people while in assisted living, trained people are sent to help the person.
  3. Nursing homes offer private and shared rooms for people while Assisted Living can provide an apartment for the person in need.
  4. The space given in Nursing homes can accommodate around 100 people while the space of assisted living can have almost 300 people.
  5. The number of recreational activities organized by nursing homes is quite less. On the other hand, in assisted living, various recreational activities are organized.
Difference Between Assisted Living and Nursing Home


In older times, people used to take care of their elders at home. Even now many families do the same.

But in urban areas where both males and females work to earn their living, it becomes very difficult to give enough attention to their elders or a disabled member of the family.

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities to help both the person in need and his family by providing homelike settings. Due to their commendable services, nursing homes and assisted living has become the standard form of medical help and care.

People can live happily while being healthy and constant keeping. The best feature of these services is that they do not give the feeling of being at a hospital.


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