Canon XL1S vs XL2: Difference and Comparison

A Japanese company is known as Canon Inc. It is a well-known name in the field of products such as optical, scanners, imaging, and medical equipment.

Canon has been around for 7 decades and gave a remarkable contribution. XL1S and XL2 are video cameras manufactured by Canon.

They launched around 2 decades ago.

Key Takeaways

  1. The Canon XL1S is an older model digital camcorder, while the XL2 is its successor with updated features and improved performance.
  2. The XL2 offers higher resolution and better image quality due to its native 16:9 aspect ratio and advanced image processing.
  3. Both camcorders are part of Canon’s professional line, but the XL2 has more manual controls and customizability, appealing to professional videographers.

Canon XL1S vs XL2

The Canon XL1S is a professional-grade digital camcorder that was released in 2001, designed for use in television production, filmmaking, and other professional video applications. The Canon XL2 is a professional-grade digital camcorder that was first introduced in 2004 by Canon Inc.

Canon XL1S vs XL2

XL1S is a video camera launched by the Japanese company Canon Inc, in February 1998.

It was marketed in July 2001, after 3 years of its launch. XL1S was a video camera that succeeded XL1, a previously launched model by Canon.

XL1 was highly praised when it landed in the markets worldwide.

XL2 is a video camera that was also launched by the Japanese company Canon Inc. But In July 2001.

It was the year when XL1S was marketed. XL2 was marketed in August 2004, after 3 years of its launch.

The XL2 is the video camera that succeeded the XL1S.

Comparison Table

Parameters Of ComparisonCanon XL1SCanon XL2
WeightXL1S weighs 2.86 kg that is almost 6.30 pounds.XL2 weighs 3.54 kg that is almost 7.80 pounds.
ModesIt has 3 modes; frame movie mode, Normal movie mode, and digital photo mode. The modes in XL2 are low light, spotlight, manual, easy recording mode, auto, etc.
DimensionDimension in XL1S is 223*214*415mm.Dimension in XL1 is 225*220*496mm.
FocusThe Focus system in XL1S is TTL autofocus.The Focus system in XL2 is autofocus and also manual focus is possible.
Video recorderVideo recording system in XL1S includes DV system, 2 rotating heads. There are also digital recording components.The Video recording system in XL2 includes two heads that rotate, a DV system, a helical scanner, etc.

What is Canon XL1S?

XL1S, which was launched almost two decades ago, is a very remarkable model manufactured by Canon.

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The weight of XL1S, when fully loaded, is 2.86 kg, and when the equipment has been removed, the weight of XL1S becomes 1.7 kg.

It comes with video lenses that are easily changed. XL1S feature of interchangeable lens mount system.

When the camera is outfitted without an EF Mount adapter, it can be possible to use the EF lens as a model for EOS ranging from 35mm.

XL1S can handle every shooting situation because xl1 allows users to select appropriate lenses.

When XL1 was launched, and people used it, they came across many issues and made their suggestions to the developers.

Hence the new XL series considered those suggestions and corporate new features in the upcoming model XL1S.

XL1S has special features: low light, time-lapse, anti-shake, and night vision. There are 3 shooting modes given in XL1S, frame movie, normal movie, and digital photo.

The battery provided in XL1S can last for 90 minutes straight.

There are also two Auto modes given in XL1S, the first allows its user to adjust settings manually, and the second mode adjusts every setting automatically.


What is Canon XL2?

Canon launched the model XL1, and it was a groundbreaking product in the market, after some years of its launch, a new updated version was launched by Canon, known as XL2.

It was attached with many modern features, even now, it is the only camcorder camera to provide an interchangeable-lens system.

XL2 has CCD technology called horizontal pixel shift that uses a wide area of CCD to capture images.

Xl2 has 2 additional video recording features that are azimuth recording and helical scan XL1S. Uses a video cassette with the mini DV marked on it as tape format.

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The interchangeable lens system in Lens Mount makes it unique.

The ratio in which XL2 records images is 4:3, while the size of the image captured by it is in the ratio of 16:9. The range of shooting modes provided by XL2 is wide.

The original price of the XL 2 when it was launched was 450.000 yen.

The video mode 60i is used to record news, documentaries, and sports, while the video mode that is 24p and 30p is used to record television dramas and movies.

The frame rate used by XL2 is the same as that of movie films. XL2 is very comfortable to use and responds much better to needs.


Main Differences Between Canon XL1S and XL2

  1. XL1S was launched in February 1998 and marketed in July 2001, while XL2 was launched in July 2001 and marketed in August 2004.
  2. The resolution in XL1S is sensor resolution that is 0.25 MP. On the other hand, the resolution provided by XL2 is 0.8 MP.
  3. The XL1S is the model that succeeded the former model that was XL1, while a newly updated camcorder, XL2, succeeded XL1S itself.
  4. The system of video recording in XL1S is a DV system, and two rotating heads in XL2 the system of video recording includes helical scan and components of digital recording.

Last Updated : 14 June, 2023

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