Difference Between Civil Rights and Human Rights (With Table)

Once if a human being makes any mistake, then that person has to suffer for the entire life. But there are some laws available which will protect them from this. Civil Rights and Human Rights will protect humans, and they will work differently and are available in all the countries to help people. 

Civil Rights vs Human Rights

The difference between Civil Rights and Human Rights is that Civil right’s main focus will be on protecting the citizen of that place. But human rights’ main motive is to protect the human and give them the freedom to live in this country without seeing his religion or other things. 

Civil rights are created for protecting people. The main aim of civil rights is to give personal rights to an individual. If he or she finds anything lacking in their life and which is the right for their life, then they can file a complaint to get their rights. But these all should be done legally and not in any form of shortcut by giving bribes to higher authorities or government staff.

Human Rights are some basic rights that should be given to every human being in all the country. There are still people in many countries suffering from other people because of the small mistakes made by them. Many government organizations are trying to help them. But they can’t reach everybody. Only a few can be helped. Others should fight for their torturous life and release them.

Comparison Table Between Civil Rights and Human Rights

Parameters of ComparisonCivil RightsHuman Rights
MotiveTo provide rights in citizenshipTo protect humans
RulesIt will differ depending upon the place.It is the same everywhere.
State DifferenceYesNo

What are Civil Rights?

Civil rights are used for giving freedom to a human. These are called which are created personally to protect citizens of their country. With the help of these rights, we can fight for what we want in this country, if it’s right or legal. If it’s not right or illegal, then your voice will lose its speak, and you won’t be given any freedom to do what you wanted to do. 

In the world, there are almost eight civil rights that are currently available and can be sued by people. It is very important only then we can raise our voice in front of others. Even in elections, we are given the opportunities to vote only because of these civil rights. The government gave rights to people to put votes in elections to select the correct candidate to serve our country. 

But there are some rules to be followed before you use them for your benefit. Even some worst things like going to jail could also happen in your life. There are still many issues in our country on civil rights are happening. And many people are not even aware of what is happening around them. We must create some basic awareness for uneducated people so that they will get some idea about civil rights and the rules and regulations. 

What are Human Rights?

Human rights are rights given to humans which will be incorporated the moment a mother gives birth to the child. It will be followed till the child dies. These are some basic rights that should be given to humans at times so that they can live their life peacefully. In many countries still, people are working as slaves to meet their daily requirements like food and shelter. All these will be changes once they are given the proper human rights.

With the help of these rights, humans can choose the way they want to live their life. They can live their life with complete freedom. They don’t have to work like slaves for somebody else. There are even articles that will provide all the five basic human rights which are available in society. Most people are still not given any details about them. Because of this, they are not at all speaking when they face any issue in their life.

There are many types of human rights available in this society. To learn more about human rights, you should take law as your subject in higher studies. It is very much needed when you take law as your main subject. Even students will get some basic knowledge about this in social studies subject. Social Science is the place where many schools will teach about the government and what are all the things that are happening in society.

Main Differences Between Civil Rights and Human Rights

  1. The rules of civil rights will depend on the type of country they live in. On the other hand, human rights will apply everywhere.
  2. Civil rights will protect a person from others’ mistakes so that they can live peacefully. On the other hand, human rights the government will help people in human rights.
  3. Civil rights are different in each country, and it is not the same everywhere. But human rights are the same for the entire country. 
  4. Civil rights will differ based on the law, state, and religion. On the other hand, human rights will see whether the person is a human or not.
  5. Civil rights are given more importance to the citizenship of that country. Human rights are given importance to a single person.


Both of them are in all the counties. If we don’t make any crime or any mistake, we don’t have to worry about others. We should be bold and wait for the right time so that we can be saved from punishment. These cases are handled by lawyers in the court. But some rules will differ depending on the place and the rights. 

It is one of the important subjects for law students. They cannot complete their education until they understand all the concepts that are covered in law. To pursue this, students should take the social science stream in their class 11. Even students without a social science background can also study law if they are interested in these topics that are related to society. 


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