Comcast vs Xfinity: Difference and Comparison

Although at present, Comcast and Xfinity are two widely popular organisations mainly due to offering their “being one of the best” telecommunication services around the globe.

Key Takeaways

  1. Comcast is a parent company, whereas Xfinity is a brand name.
  2. Comcast offers various services, while Xfinity is limited to the internet, TV, and phone.
  3. Comcast has a negative reputation for customer service, but Xfinity has improved in that area.

Comcast vs Xfinity

Comcast, or Comcast Corporation, is a multinational telecommunications company in America and the largest one, founded in 1963. Xfinity is a subsidiary of Comcast Corporation and a company that offers telecommunication services like cable television, internet and telephone in the United States.

Comcast vs Xfinity

Comcast is traded under several different names and by several different methods. Entertainment, mass media, and telecommunications are all included in Comcast’s industry.

As a separate company, Xfinity is only dedicated to telecommunications. Xfinity’s services are only available in the 50 states of the United States, as it is merely a subsidiary of another parent company.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonComcastXfinity
HeadquartersUS, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Website Address“”“”.
Previously known asAmerican Cable Systems, Comcast Holdings.Comcast Cable.
Type of Company Public Division
Traded as Nasdaq and S&P. “Xfinity.”
Type of IndustryEntertainment, mass media and telecommunications.Telecommunications.
Spread inWorldwide. Mainly in Europe and the United States.The United States only.

What is Comcast?

Comcast is a conglomeration of international telecommunications firms based in the United States. Comcast, as a company and as a whole, is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the United States.

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“” is the link to the website through which ordinary internet users can visit Comcast’s website. Comcast’s corporation and organization were previously known by a variety of names.

Comcast is a public corporation. Comcast is traded under a variety of names and methods. Nasdaq is traded as a 100 component as well as CMCSA (Class A), while S&P is traded as a 100 and 500 component.

Comcast is a sort of business that deals with entertainment, media, and telecommunications. Comcast is such a large corporation that it is well-known and serves people all around the world.


What is Xfinity?

Comcast is the parent company of Xfinity, which operates as a subsidiary of Comcast. As an expanded version of Comcast, Xfinity is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

“” is the address to use to log in. From 1981 through 2010, Xfinity’s subsidiary, Comcast Cable, was known as Comcast Cable.

Xfinity’s services are only available in the 50 states of the United States, as it is merely an extension of another parent company.

Main Differences Between Comcast and Xfinity

  1. Comcast is a type of industry that includes entertainment, mass media and telecommunications as well. O
  2. Comcast is such a big organization that it is highly popular globally and serves worldwide. However, its major influence remains in Europe and the United States.
Difference Between Comcast and Xfinity

Last Updated : 27 August, 2023

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  1. It’s understandable why Comcast has a negative reputation for customer service when it is involved in various industries and has global coverage.

  2. Interesting to learn about the differences between Comcast and Xfinity. It’s clear that Xfinity has improved in customer service.


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