Difference Between Ecobee and Nest

Smart homes are the future of today’s modern technical world. Ecobee and nest are renowned brands that manufacture smart products for home automation.


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Both companies are energy effective with tremendous design patterns. Although these two automation brands vary from one another in a few aspects.

Nest is good in the design, but Ecobee offers better usability and takes less time in the installation.

Key Takeaways

  1. Ecobee and Nest are two popular brands of smart thermostats used to regulate home temperature and reduce energy consumption.
  2. Ecobee offers more customization options and works with various voice assistants than Nest.
  3. Nest offers a simpler interface and easier installation process than Ecobee.

Ecobee vs Nest

Ecobee is a Canadian company that produces smart home products, including thermostats and remote temperature and occupancy sensors. Nest is a smart home product brand owned by Google that uses advanced algorithms and sensors to learn heating and cooling habits and optimize energy efficiency.

Ecobee vs Nest

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Ecobee is a renowned brand that manufactures smart devices like thermostats for automation purposes.

This brand first launched its product in the year 2009 and provided smart thermostats with a tremendous design structure.

It is operated on an inbuilt rechargeable battery and smartly manages the temperature preference.

Nest is one of the leading manufacturers of smart home automation devices.

Founded in the year 2010, this company has the vision to launch advanced or smart thermostats in the market that consequently change and operate the temperature by examining or analyzing the daily routine of the user.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonEcobeeNest
Design and looksIt is designed with a touchscreen that gives the appearance of programmable thermostats, the screen helps you to control and operate the settings easily.It is designed by considering the Honeywell round. The outer part or ring of this device emits blue light during the cooling system and orange when the system is heating.
Schedule LearningEcobee does not offer a schedule learning feature.Nest allows the users to record their preferred adjustments so that the device or thermostats can work accordingly.
GeofencingIt works on only one account that can be connected to the thermostats.It works on multiple accounts and can be connected with multiple phones.
C WireIt is not possible to install ecobee without using a C wire.Nest can be installed without using C wire.
Cheaper VersionEcobee 3 Lite is the cheaper version of Ecobee that does not have an inbuilt Alexa assistant.Nest Thermostat E is the cheaper version of Nest that has a comparatively less flashy design.
Remote SensorsEcobee has occupancy sensing capability along with the temperature.Nest only has temperature sensing capability.

What is Ecobee?

Ecobee is a Canada-based brand that is popular for the manufacturing of smart devices, especially smart thermostats.

This popular brand launched its first product in the market in the year 2009, and currently, apart from thermostats, it is dealing in various home automation devices like smart cameras and other accessories as well.

Ecobee’s products can be used for commercial and residential purposes.

Ecobee is known for its design. The thermostats manufactured by this company have a flat touchscreen with a blue LED strip fixed at the top that automatically turns in red when the user turns off the inbuilt microphone.

It has an inbuilt voice assistant known by the name of Alexa. The product if this company installed in few minutes by downloading the application of Ecobee.

It effectively provides a seamless experience to the users by providing smart home systems.

What is Nest?

Nest is one of the leading producers or manufacturers of smart devices that play a significant role in home automation.

It was founded by two engineers in the year 2010 with the motive of providing thermostats that must be operated on self-learning.

The concept of self-learning is creating a temperature-based cooling and heating system that should be operated automatically by analyzing the routine of the user.

Nest is currently in its third edition or generation. It has a metal dial and is compatible with multiple accounts. It can be operated by not only the Nest app but with Google home as well.

It has an amazing feature that determines if the user is located at home or outside. Nest can work on multiple accounts and can be operated on multiple phones, which is convenient for a big family.

Nest can be installed easily without necessarily required c wire. It also launches its cheaper version in the market with the name ‘ Nest Thermostat E’, but this product has a comparatively less flashy design.

Main Differences Between Ecobee and Nest

  1. Ecobee and Nest have a good appearance with the standard quality screens. Ecobee is designed with a touchscreen that gives the appearance of programmable thermostats. The screen helps you to control and operate the settings easily. On the contrary, Nest is designed by considering the Honeywell round. The outer part or ring of this device emits blue light during the cooling system and orange when the system is heating.
  2. Schedule learning is an enormous feature that allows the thermostats to learn about the temperature preference of the user, and this can be done by recording the suitable adjustment. Nest has this feature, and it also allows the user to turn this off if it is not required. But Ecobee, on the other side, is operated on inbuilt programmed settings.
  3. The geofencing feature helps to detect if the user is at home or not. Although Ecobee and Nest both have this feature, Ecobee can be operated on a single phone while Nest can work on multiple phones.
  4. In the installation procedure, Nest does not necessarily require a c wire, but Ecobee, on the other side, cannot be installed without a c wire. If the user is willing to install Ecobee devices without c wire, then they have to use power stealing that may affect the working of other systems.
  5. Ecobee and Nest launched their cheaper version in the market. These products work similarly to the parent model, but they have comparatively fewer features. Ecobee released its cheaper version with the name ‘Ecobee 3 lite’ that does not have inbuilt Alexa. On the contrary, Nest released its cheaper version with the name ‘Nest thermostat E’ that has a comparatively less flashy and attractive design.
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