Difference Between Firewall and Antivirus

A firewall is standard software that protects the device from the incoming network traffics and it works as a barrier between the internal network and the traffic and antivirus is software that prevents our computer from the virus.


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Firewall can be hardware or software but it is better to have it in both. 

Firewall vs Antivirus

The difference between firewall and antivirus is that firewall performs the operations on the monitors and filters the PC from the incoming traffic and makes our device secure while when we talk about antivirus it performs the operations on the device and scans the corrupt files and the software and prevents the virus.

Firewall vs Antivirus

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A firewall is standard software that protects our device from the local computer assets pr we can say the external threats which can cause our PC and work as a barrier the firewall

is mainly of three types they are network layer firewall, application level, and a circuit-level firewall.

An antivirus is software for cybersecurity and this is an application that provides security to our PC from the malicious software which come from the internet to our PC

and there are three methods for performing this action they are detection, identification, and removal.

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison FirewallAntivirus 
Implementation This is implemented on both software level and hardware levelThis is only implemented in the software level
Performing operationsIt monitors and filters the PC from the incoming internet trafficIt scans the corrupt files and the software and prevents the virus
Concerns It concerns all types of the external threatsIt concerns the external and internal threats
CounterattacksIt has IP spoofing and routing attacksThese are no counter-attacks are available after the malware is removed
Basis of attack inspectionOn the incoming packetsOn malicious software living on the computer.

What is Firewall?

A firewall is a security device that secures our network and monitors the incoming and the outgoing traffics so that then it will allow them or block them to enter all this all happens based on the set of security rules.

The main motive of this is to work as a barrier between the internal network and the incoming traffic which comes from external sources like the internet. So that it can block the virus or the hackers to enter the system.

A software firewall is a program that is installed in each computer so that it will regulate the traffic with the help of port numbers and the applications present while the physical firewall

or the hardware firewall is installed between your network and the gateway so that it works as a barrier for the traffic.

As when we talk about the types of firewall the most common type is Packet-filtering Firewalls and this is also divided into two-part which are namely called stateful and stateless.

As the stateless firewall examines the packets independently so that this may be less secure as others can access the information easily but statefully remembers the information of the

previous data so that this is considered more secure than a stateless firewall. 

What is Antivirus?

Antivirus is a kind of software which is invented and used to prevent our computer from the virus s it scan the virus and then delete it from our computer.

As we install antivirus in the PC there is some antivirus which works on the background of the PC so that they will prevent it from the real-time virus attacks and this antivirus we do not need to on then they are automatic.

As the comprehensive programs protect our program, files, and the hardware from the malware these programs are namely worms, trojan horses, spyware, and they are customized with the firewall and the website blocking features too. 

As the antivirus first begins which we operate by checking our computer and the programs files so that it can be aware of the malware.

Hence the new type of virus is also distributed by the hackers so that it is possible for any other type of malware threats.

Generally, we use three main devices for detection that are specific detection- which identifies the malware, generic detection- which search for the known parts or the types of malware

that are common and the third one is heuristic detection- which searches for the unknown virus by finding the suspicious file structure. 

Main Differences Between Firewall and Antivirus

  1. A firewall is implemented on both software level and hardware level whereas antivirus is implemented at the software level only.
  2. Firewall monitors and filters the PC from the incoming internet traffic whereas antivirus scan all the corrupt or virus-infected files and all the software and prevent the virus.
  3. Firewall concerns only the external threats whereas antivirus concerns external and internal threats.
  4. Firewalls have IP spoofing and routing counter-attacks whereas antivirus does not have any counter-attacks after the malware is removed
  5. Firewall attacks on the incoming packets whereas antivirus attacks on malicious software live on the computer.
Difference Between Firewall and Antivirus
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