Heavy Cream vs Whipping Cream: Difference and Comparison

Milk is a liquid superfood that is rich in nutrients. Milk is the source of several other dairy products like yogurt, cheese, butter, cream, and others.

The cream is divided into two major types – heavy and whipping. Though both varieties of cream seem similar, there are distinct differences.

Key Takeaways

  1. Heavy cream contains a higher fat content (at least 36%) than whipping cream (30-35%).
  2. Heavy cream whips more quickly and holds its shape longer than whipping cream.
  3. Whipping cream is lighter and more suitable for topping desserts, while heavy cream is better for sauces and soups.

Heavy Cream vs Whipping Cream

The difference between heavy cream and whipping cream is in the content of fat in both varieties. Heavy cream, also known as heavy whipped cream, has a fat content of 36%, whereas whipping cream has a less fat content and lies in the 30-36% range.

Heavy Cream vs Whipping Cream

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All consume heavy cream on a daily basis. Heavy cream refers to the thick heavy part of the milk, which sets on the top layer when cooled, containing a high amount of fat of about 36-40%.

It can be easily produced and commonly used. Whipping cream or whipped cream is light and fluffy in texture and can easily hold a shape or structure if done so.

It has comparatively less fat than heavy cream i.e., 30-36%. It can whip well as it has a certain amount of fat which can make fat globules and form air bubbles.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonHeavy CreamWhipping Cream
Fat ContentIt has minimum of 36% and maximum of 40% fat content. It has minimum of 30% and maximum of 36% fat content.
Calorie ContentIt has heavy calories i.e., has 5% more calories than per tablespoon of whipped creamIt has comparatively less calories than heavy cream
ConsistencyHeavy cream whips better as it has more fat contentWhipping cream also whips well but has a lighter cloud like texture
Fat (in grams) 5.4 grams or more 4.6 grams approx
ApplicationHeavy cream goes well with savory dishes due to its high fat content Whipping cream goes well with sweet dishes as it is fluffy and soft

What is Heavy Cream?

Heavy cream, also known as heavy whipped cream, has a minimum fat content of 36%, which ranks top regarding fat content in any dairy product. Due to the high amount of fat in heavy cream, it whips better than any other cream as it has a greater amount of globules of fat.

Heavy cream has the potential to make air bubbles comparatively more, which is widely used in ice creams, pasta sauces, pastry fillings & piping, and chowders, and has several other applications. Some other uses are crème fraiche, seafoods, chowder, scones, biscuits, frosting cakes, oats, salads, potatoes, and eggs.

The two main uses of heavy cream are as ice cream and sour cream. Ice cream is used to create round molds or lumps of heavy cream as it is rich in fat and makes ice cream a high-calorie food.

While sour cream has a salty taste or buttery texture, used in food items such as tacos and pasta, it can be a great topping for enhancing the taste of the soup. Heavy cream has a thick and sour texture.

There are several substitutes for heavy creams, like soy milk with olive milk for users who are vegan and want a quick substitute, coconut cream, which has a healthy and creamy constituency and is a dairy-free product, cream cheese, milk, or half-and-half butter, whole milk with cornstarch and others which have a similar texture.

heavy cream

What is Whipping Cream?

Whipped cream or whipping cream is a similar product to heavy cream, which has a comparatively less amount of fat, i.e., 30-36%, than heavy cream. Whipped cream is used in sweet dishes, making them more delicious.

It is most likely light and very fluffy and can be whisked well, as it also has a certain amount of fat which helps it hold a shape without melting. Whipped cream is produced using the following industrial ingredients: whole milk, unflavored Gelatin (to give it a thick consistency), and Confectioners’ sugar.

The product is prepared at a colder temperature which helps in the formation of ideal consistency. The procedure of making whipped cream is by taking a chilled bowl and mixing the vanilla extract and the chilled cream in the bowl. Adding some sweetener to it is mandatory.

The blending starts at a low speed initially, and slowly the speed is increased to medium-high. The last step is to blend or whisk it a little more till the amount of the cream appears to be double than the one taken initially.

Whipping cream is mostly used in cakes without any frosting, chocolates, coffee drinks, pies and tarts, and fruity crisps. Due to its cloud-like structure, whipping cream is used widely in sweet dishes and drinks.

whipping cream

Main Differences Between Heavy Cream and Whipping Cream

  1. Heavy cream has moderately more milk fat than whipping cream, whereas whipping cream has a fat tendency of less than 36% and a minimum of 30%.
  2. Heavy cream is high in calories, which is 800 calories or nearly 80 grams of fat, while whipping is low in calories comparatively and is standard for someone maintaining a keto diet.
  3. Heavy cream doubles in volume and can hold its shape when whipped thoroughly while whipping cream is rich enough to maintain a shape but produces a lighter, less sturdy whipped cream.
  4. Heavy cream is best for cream puffs and peas or zabaglione, trifles, ice cream sundaes, and pies while whipping cream enhances the food item as a light topping or filling and is best for desserts or sweet drinks and dishes
  5. Heavy cream is also great for recipes that call for piping cream or from a pastry bag, while whipping cream is not a good choice for piping or making ice creams for its fluffy tendency, as it cannot mold into a shape for a longer period of time.
Difference Between Heavy Cream and Whipping Cream
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Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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