Hulu vs Crunchyroll: Difference and Comparison

Hulu and Crunchyroll are platforms that might provide similar services but are different from each other based on what they offer to the crowd. Both Huku and Crunchyroll provide shows for all age groups.

Hence it is very necessary to know the differences before choosing the one as per one’s preferences.

Key Takeaways

  1. Hulu is a streaming service offering a wide range of TV shows, movies, and originals, while Crunchyroll specializes in streaming anime and Asian dramas.
  2. Hulu provides a more extensive content library across various genres, while Crunchyroll focuses on niche programming for anime and manga enthusiasts.
  3. Crunchyroll offers a free, ad-supported tier, whereas Hulu requires a paid subscription for access.

Hulu vs Crunchyroll

Hulu is an American subscription streaming service majority owned by The Walt Disney that offers a broad selection of popular TV shows and movies. Crunchyroll is an American subscription video on-demand streaming service owned by Sony Group Corporation focused on anime, manga, and Asian dramas.

Hulu vs Crunchyroll

Hulu is an online streaming platform That can be accessed by the users through a Computer, Smart TV, or a set-top box. It provides a wide quantity of quality TV shows and movies.

The subscription allows users to enjoy ad-free streaming just as Crunchyroll. 

Crunchyroll is one of the leading streaming platforms which provides its Users to watch endless anime with a reasonable subscription price of $6.95 per month. It also has a provision of a free trial of 30 days for the ones who are new to the platform.

One can decide after that if she or he wants to enroll in the subscription service of Crunchyroll after that.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonHuluCrunchyroll
Foundation YearHulu was founded in the year 2007.Crunchyroll was founded in the year 2006.
Subscription RateThe subscription rate of Hulu is $6.99 per month.The subscription rate of Crunchyroll is $9.95 per month.
Content DistributionHulu has a comparatively wider content distribution.Crunchyroll has a comparatively smaller content distribution.
Quantity of AnimeHulu has comparatively lesser anime content.Crunchyroll has larger anime content.
Availability of International ShowsHulu provides its users with International Shows.Crunchyroll does not provide its users with International Shows. 
Primary RevenueThe primary revenue is generated from Subscription.The primary revenue is generated from Ad-supports.
Special FocusThe main focus is on TV shows and movies.The main focus is on Anime, Manga, and Dorama.
InterfaceIt has a simpler interface compared to Crunchyroll.It has a much more complicated interface compared to Hulu.

What is Hulu?

Hulu is an American online streaming platform. It offers a big library of TV shows and movies from various networks like ABC, FOX, or NBC.

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The platform was launched on October 29th, 2007. The Walt Disney Company is the majority owner of Hulu and a minority is also owned by Comcast‘s NBC Universal.

Hulu was the first streaming platform to add a “plus” after its name which mainly signified its subscription program in 2010.

The official launching of Hulu Plus took place on 17th November 2010. Hulu has more than 43.8 million subscribers so forth. The headquarters of the company is located in Los Angeles although many operations take place in countries like France, Italy, Germany, Canada, and Japan.

It is available in over 200 countries in the USA. Hulu has been successfully maintaining its industry for over two decades. Hulu is also the first of all digital platforms to be the receiver of multi-platform measurements at an individual level.

“The Handmaid’s Take”, which is the original series of Hulu won two very important awards in the 33rd Annual Television Critics Association Award for Program of the Year and the other was for Outstanding Achievement in Drama.


What is Crunchyroll?

Crunchyroll is also an American online streaming platform popular for streaming manga, anime, and dorama. It was founded by a group of graduates from the University of California, Berkeley, in the year 2006.

It has more than 160 million registered users all over the world. Crunchyroll offers shows in various languages like English, French, German, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Spanish and Italian. It has more than 1000 anime shows and around 200 doramas of East Asia.

Crunchyroll provides 80 original Manga to its users as well. Some of the anime titles are also selected for release on home video with the help of its distribution partners like the Sentai Filmworks, Funimation, Viz media, etc. 

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The platform was officially rebranded in the year 2015 after the great success of online streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu. It was initially known as Anime Network Online, Inc.

They have over 2000 series and more than 15,000 episodes. Crunchyroll is considered to be one of the World’s best streaming services for Anime. The premium subscription also allows the users to have ad-free streaming, mobile viewing.

They also hold the Anime Awards which is also known as the Crunchyroll Anime Awards each category of anime has 6 nominees and is then open to the people for voting to choose the winners.


Main Differences Between Hulu and Crunchyroll

  1. Hulu has lesser anime content compared to Crunchyroll.
  2. Hulu has a wider distribution of content than Crunchyroll.
  3. Hulu’s primary focus is on TV shows and movies whereas the main of Crunchyroll is anime.
  4. Hulu has more content than Crunchyroll.
  5. The primary source of revenue for Hulu comes from its subscription while that of Crunchyroll comes from Ad- supports.
  6. Hulu’s interface is simpler and less complicated than Crunchyroll which has a number of features.
  7. International shows are offered by Hulu but not Crunchyroll.
  8. Hulu releases their title right away whereas Crunchyroll releases after a delay of 3 days.
  9. The subscription rate of Hulu is $6.99 per month whereas that of Crunchyroll is $6.95 per month. 
Difference Between Hulu and Crunchyroll

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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