Hulu vs YouTube: Difference and Comparison

Hulu TV and YouTube TV are live-streaming TV connection networks that can act as a cable alternatives.

This is easily solved with the help of live streamers such as YouTube TV or Hulu TV, which feature as many channels as any cable connection can offer.

Key Takeaways

  1. Hulu is a streaming platform for TV shows and movies, while YouTube is a video-sharing platform for user-generated content.
  2. Hulu offers ad-supported and ad-free subscription plans, while YouTube is free with ads or available ad-free with YouTube Premium.
  3. Hulu focuses on professionally produced content, while YouTube hosts professional and amateur videos.

Hulu vs YouTube

The difference between Hulu and YouTube is that there are many differences in the number of channels and the nature of channels provided by the two. While both the live streamers provide more or less equivalent channels, there are a few exceptions. Those provided by Hulu might not always be available on YouTube, and Hulu TV might not stream those given by YouTube.

Hulu vs YouTube

Hulu TV provides easy access to non-cable TV connection to any viewer or streamer online viewing opportunity, provided they have an internet connection and a device that can be used for streaming. Like-minded peers could use it to view movies or ESports events together by streaming.

YouTube provides a lot more channels to stream than most other online streaming platforms.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonHuluYouTube  
Free Trial Period7 days14 days
Number of Streams at A Single Time23
Number of Streaming Device1As many as possible
Ads FeatureHas to watch till the endCan be skipped or forwarded
Additional Features With Single PaymentHulu online libraryNone

What is Hulu? 

Hulu TV is an online platform allowing users to view or stream channels also available on cable TV networks.

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It is paid after a trial-free period of about 7 days or a week given to users to feel the streamer.

This free trial period can allow the users to check if the platform is up to their expectations and is worth the money they are paying for it.

A single account on Hulu can have a 6-user profile. This goes on to show the versatility of the platform.

Hulu provides 50 hours on Cloud DVD, which is quite mediocre when compared to most streamers that come up nowadays.


What is YouTube? 

One of the most commonly used online live streamer platforms is YouTube.

Just like almost all online streaming platforms, YouTube also provides a free trial, which is for 14 days.

Local channels are provided with the regional languages and the regional form of acceptance to please the local audience.

YouTube TV has one of the most numbers channels compared to almost all other online platforms.

The basic number of channels is 109, which can be upgraded to more premium channels provided a user is willing to pay.

YouTube TV also provides an option to skip or fast-forward through ads.


Main Differences Between Hulu and YouTube

  1. Channels like BBC America and BBC World News are available on the YouTube channel list, while they are not available with Hulu. 
  2. Hulu can’t be streamed from anywhere or from any device, while YouTube can be streamed from any device on the same account and from any part of the world. 
Difference Between Hulu and YouTube

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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