Difference Between Hulu and YouTube

Hulu TV and YouTube TV are live streaming TV connection networks that can act as a cable alternative. Cable TV networks pose so much trouble at times of weather interruptions like a flash of heavy lightning or thunder.

This is easily solved with the help of live streamers such as YouTube TV or Hulu TV which feature as many channels as any cable connection can offer.

Hulu vs YouTube

The main difference between Hulu and YouTube is that there are many differences in the number of channels and the nature of channels provided by the two. While both the live streamers provide more or less equivalent channels, there are few exceptions. Those provided by Hulu might not always be available on YouTube and those given by YouTube might not be streamed by Hulu TV.

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Hulu TV provides an easy access non-cable TV connection to any viewer or streamer online viewing opportunity provided they have an internet connection and a device that can be used for streaming. It could be used by like-minded peers to view movies or ESports events together by streaming. Many viewing screens are not provided by Hulu and hence the screen choice is limited for users.

YouTube TV is yet another online streaming platform that has come into use in recent times and is quite useful if the user needs to stream or view something but their cable TV connection has been interrupted due to weather issues. YouTube provides a lot more channels to stream than most other online streaming platforms.

Comparison Table Between Hulu and YouTube

Parameters of ComparisonHuluYouTube  
Free Trial Period7 days14 days
Number of Streams at A Single Time23
Number of Streaming Device1As many as possible
Ads FeatureHas to watch till the endCan be skipped or forwarded
Additional Features With Single PaymentHulu online libraryNone

What is Hulu? 

Hulu TV is an online platform that allows users to view or stream channels that are also available on cable TV networks.

It is paid after a trial-free period of about 7 days or a week given to users to feel the streamer.

This free trial period can allow the users to check if the platform is up to their expectations and is worth the money they are paying for it.

Local channels that are unique to each country or state depending on the geographic variations worldwide are also available.

A single account in Hulu can have a 6 user profile. This goes on to show the versatility of the platform.

Hulu provides 50 hours on Cloud DVD that is quite mediocre when compared to most streamers that come up nowadays.

At a single time, Hulu gives users 2 synchronous streaming options.

The basic channel count of Hulu is 76 which can be upgraded to get added on premium channels.

These premium channels need to be paid additionally per channel.

If the user finds themselves unsatisfied after purchasing the package provided to them, they can always cancel their package.

By canceling they might as well get a part of their payment back.

One can get an upgrade to increase the screen available.

Many channels included in Hulu requires the user to watch all the ads included in the recorded channel.

Users can’t skip or fast forward with the channels.

By paying for the Hulu TV package, a user is getting an additional advantage of all access to the Hulu online library.

What is YouTube? 

One of the most commonly used online live streamer platforms is YouTube.

This is recognized worldwide by almost all people.

Just as almost all online streaming platforms, YouTube also provides a free trial and it is for 14 days.

Local channels are provided with the regional languages and the regional form of acceptance to please the local audience.

A six-user profile is allowed that means YouTube allows a single created account to have a six-user viewing capability.

YouTube is one of the few online streaming platforms that provide unlimited Cloud DVD hours.

Three same-time streamer screens give a major advantage to the users for simultaneous viewing.

YouTube TV gives one of the most numbers channels compared to almost all other online platforms.

The basic number of channels is 109 that can be upgraded to more premium channels provided a user is willing to pay.

All the premium channels need to be paid additionally or the existing package can be upgraded.

If a user feels unsatisfied with the services provided by YouTube, then they can easily cancel the package taken by them.

Another helpful feature of YouTube is its non-device-specific factor. This means that an account can be accessed from any device.

YouTube TV also provides an option to skip or fast forward through ads.

Main Differences Between Hulu and YouTube

  1. Hulu has a free trial period of 7 days while YouTube gives its users double the period of Hulu that is 14 days or a week for the users to feel satisfied with the service. 
  2. While YouTube TV provides three single-time streaming capabilities, Hulu can only offer two which can be upgraded if the user prefers to use more. 
  3. By purchasing a package of Hulu TV the users are provided with an opportunity to use the Hulu online library while YouTube has no such added privileges. 
  4. Channels like BBC America and BBC World News are available on the YouTube channel list while they are not available with Hulu. 
  5. Hulu can’t be streamed from anywhere or from any device while YouTube can be streamed from any device on the same account and from any part of the world. 


Online streaming platforms are a great advantage in today’s technologically advanced world.

Hulu and YouTube are accepted with open hands by users as both are versatile and the features are as required by users.

The features provided by both are more or less the same with a later version provided by YouTube owing to it being a newer model.

Preference by most people seems to be edging towards YouTube as the days pass as it has a few advantages over Hulu.

YouTube can be streamed from anywhere as there are no location-specific criteria provided by YouTube.

As Hulu only provides two simultaneous streamers at one time, it can be guessed that they only show two screens at one time.


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