Difference Between iBook and MacBook

The seven-year production run of Apple’s iBook laptop computers came to an end on May 16, 2006. The MacBook took its place, signalling Apple’s decision to switch to a different semiconductor vendor for its central processor units.


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Although the transition was the focus of the press release announcing the computer’s arrival, processor technology was not the only distinction between the MacBook and the iBook.

iBook vs MacBook

The difference between ibook and MacBook lies basically in their hardware. The classic Power PC architecture, which has been the standard for all Apple computers, is used in iBooks. The x86 architecture, which is also used in PCs, is now employed in MacBooks, with Intel-based processors and components. Apple was able to keep up with the rapidly expanding technology and falling costs of the x86 architecture by switching to Intel technology while still keeping the distinctive qualities of Apple computers.

iBook vs MacBook

iBooks are a series of laptops and computers. They are manufactured, designed, marketed and then sold by Apple Computer, Inc. This was begun in 1999 and existed till 2006.

PowerBook is a type of laptop computers by Apple but on a higher end. Moreover, Powerbook took the initiative to provide Wi-Fi network connectivity. But later on, it was branded as AirPort by Apple.

MacBooks belong to the Macintosh brand of laptop computers. However, they are made, produced, designed, and sold by Apple Inc. Which uses the macOS operating system of Apple since 2006.

MacBook was so popular that it also replaced iBook and PowerBook brands as well. It was during the transition of Mac to Intel when the existing iBook and PowerBook got replaced. The same was announced in 2005.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisoniBookMacBook
Architecture differencePower PC architecture.x86 architecture.
Available ColorsDifferent variety of colours were available.Currently available in white colour. Previously, both black and white colour laptops were available.
ShapeSquare.Rectangle and wide.
Market Entry Older entry does not exist anymore.Recent entry replaced iBooks.

What is iBook?

iBook was a mass consumer product, which was developed for the first time. During its whole lifetime, iBooks had three different types of designs. Clamshell was the first such design.

The design of the Clamshell was very similar to that of iMac. At that time, iMac was very popular.

Inspiration to make Clamshell came from the design of iMac only. When this came up, it was kind of a departure from all the existing computer designs, which were very portable.

Their portability depends upon their shape, structure, colours, no closing latch in the display, no hinged cover and the wireless networking.

After two years, when the next or the second generation came up, it abandoned the real form. Rather they decided to switch to a wider, rectangular and more conventional design.

The third generation was introduced in 2003 October. The changes that were done are a PowerPC G4 chip, slot-loading drive, USB 2.0 were added to the last generation. These were also in the limelight among the students pursuing education.

Henrico County Public Schools became the first institution that distributed laptop computers to all the students in the United States. Later on, Apple decided to replace the iBook with MacBook. It was May 2006 when the transition happened to Intel processors.

white acer laptop computer on white table

What is MacBook?

Currently, MacBook Air exists. It’s been in use since 2008. MacBook Pro exists since 2006, till now. These two lineups were later names MacBook. Thus, MacBooks existed till 2012 from 2006 and till 2019 from 2015.

Apple announced about inculcating the new Apple M1 system of models of the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air on a chip. This announcement took place on 10 November 2020.

The firm Apple will sell the versions of the model MacBook Pro and Intel processors together. Initially, the MacBook family was housed in similar designs to the PowerBook and iBook lines.

These two models preceded them. However, now they are constructing with aluminium, which was introduced first with the MacBook Air.

The new construction also used a black plastic keyboard. This plastic keyboard of black colour was used in the MacBook Air for the first time. The main inspiration came from the original versions of polycarbonate MacBooks by the sunken keyboard.

However, the standardized keyboard in the present situation makes it and MacBook line congruent, having a metallic body made up of aluminium with black coloured keys.

Generally, the MacBook family lids are closely held by a magnet. They lack all kinds of mechanical latch. The mechanical latch is a type of design element which was introduced first with the polycarbonate MacBook.

In the older version of the MacBook lineup, drives, batteries and memory were accessible. In the present scenario, all the MacBooks are available with backlit keyboards.


Main Differences Between iBook and MacBook

  1. iBooks had been using Power PC architecture, which is the same for most of the Apple computers. Whereas MacBook uses the x86 architecture. This is generally used in hardware and processors that are intel based and PCs.
  2. iBooks came up with a different variety of colours. However, the MacBook is currently available in white colour only. But previously, it was available in both black and white shades.
  3. The shape of the iBook is square. On the other hand, the shape of the MacBook is rectangular and wide.
  4. iBooks came into the market much before the production and emergence of MacBooks. Later, MacBooks replaced iBooks.
  5. iBooks are thicker. However, MacBooks are thinner.


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